Letter From Lauren: March Spring Fashion

Ever since I was a little girl, fashion has been a passion of mine. My tastes have changed over the years (no more neon bike shorts and oversized scrunchies), but my love of fashion has remained. Nowadays fashion is also my work. As the designer of LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown and editor-in-chief of LaurenConrad.com, it is literally my job to stay ahead of trends and know what will look good. I feel so lucky to have been able to turn one of my biggest passions into a way of life.

As you probably know, spring is one of the busiest and most important times of the year for the fashion industry. Which is why March’s official theme is Spring Fashion here on LaurenConrad.com. You can look forward to plenty of style posts, from my annual sunnies and sandals guides to my tips for pulling off the crop top. I’ll also be answering one of the toughest style questions I get—how I describe my signature style in three words. And because spring is also the time to tidy up, I’ll be tackling dust bunnies with a chore chart to keep your space sparkling. So stay tuned, everyone!

Do you have any burning fashion questions you’d like me to answer?

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XO Lauren

Letter From Lauren: March Spring Fashion