Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! In proper Friday fashion, I’ve rounded up my current favorites for all of you. Today’s picks include some adorable pups, the tiniest fashion designer you’ve ever seen and, of course, Paris! Enjoy…

Favorite Daydream: 


Favorite Smile: 


Favorite Mini Fashionista (this adorable little girl makes the most amazing dresses out of paper…you can follow her mom on instagram and check out her blog, Fashion by Mayhem, for more of her gorgeous paper gowns): 

Fashion by Mayhem

Fashion by Mayhem

Fashion by Mayhem

Favorite Mood Brightener (the “Happy” music video by Pharrell Williams):

Favorite Before & Afters (how cute are these photos of pups growing up?):

Before & After

Before & After

Click HERE to see the rest of the adorable before-and-afters.

What’s your favorite this week?

XO Lauren


Photo Credits: Fashion By Mayhem, Pinterest,,, Pharrell Williams via YouTube