9781780221243I hope you’re all enjoying Where’d You Go Bernadette so far! I certainly am. When I announced this book, I suggested that everyone read to the end of part one, called “Mom Versus the Gnats.” I completely understand if some of you read ahead—it gets pretty gripping! I’m guilty of reading ahead a few pages myself. But, as promised, today I have some questions for those of you who have read to the end of part one…


  1. Why do you think the author chose to tell the story from Bee’s perspective? How does it help you understand the mother/daughter relationship between Bee and Bernadette?
  2. Why do you think the author is trying to show Bernadette starting to lose her mind? What do you predict is going to happen as the book goes on?
  3. What do you think is at the root of the ongoing tension between Bernadette and the gnats? Who do you sympathize for?
  4. Do you think Bernadette is justified in her hatred for the gnats and Seattle in general?
  5. What do you think about Elgin’s character? Do you think he’s a good father to Bee and husband to Bernadette?

My Answers

  1. In the process of the whole story unfolding, Bee learns so much about her mother in the very beginning. It shows how her eyes are opening to her mother’s life. Bee comes from an unbiased perspective, and she is the only one experiencing all of the events at once. This story had to be told from Bee’s perspective in order for the reader to understand what’s happening. Because of her age and the point she’s in at life, she is learning so much about herself and her mother in the process.
  2. The author shows Bernadette starting to lose her mind in order to convey that she is at a breaking point. It also makes the reader want to know more about Bernadette’s past and find out why she is the way she is. I would predict a full-blown breakdown from Bernadette, especially since the title predicts that Bernadette gets lost…perhaps physically or mentally.
  3. Bernadette seems to be more of a free spirit who hates conformity. After reading part one, it is clear that something from Bernadette’s past is haunting her and has made her resent this lifestyle. The gnats hate her because she’s the wife of a successful Microsoft exec living in this crazy rundown mansion and not joining in on the things that are important to them. They seem to think that she should be more like them.
  4. While I respect Bernadette’s individuality, she’s only making things harder on herself by hating everyone she interacts with and hating everything about where she lives. There are less extreme ways to deal with the feelings Bernadette has, and life would be easier on her if she were a little more flexible.
  5. Elgin seems to mean well, but overall he is absent a lot of the time. It seem like he puts work before family, especially at a time when Bee and Bernadette need him. This could be contributing to why Bernadette is becoming so unhinged.

Now it’s your turn! What are your answers to the questions above?

Leave your responses below and keep an eye out for my announcement about when our Live Book Club chat will take place. In the meantime, keep reading!

UPDATE: We are so excited to set up our Book Club Live Chat! We will announce the date of our live chat on Monday, March 17th. But until then, make sure you have read to the end of the book by March 17th!

XO Lauren

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