Odds & Ends: My Best Flower Arranging Trick
February is a very celebratory month for me since it marks my birthday and Valentine’s Day. Receiving flowers for both of these special days is a favorite gift of mine. By the end of the month, I often find my condo overflowing with beautiful blooms from family and friends. That said, this February was a great opportunity for me to master putting together the perfect flower bouquet (and master it, I did!).

A few weeks ago, I got together with Team LC, my friend Hannah from The Little Market, our photographer Yoni Goldberg, and my friend and florist, Caitlyn Rylander. We spent the morning at the downtown Los Angeles flower market and brought our findings back to my apartment, where I learned how to arrange a beautiful bouquet using a few handy tricks. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite tips for flower arranging…

Step 1:

Start with an empty bowl or vase. For this arrangement, I used a pretty shallow bowl and I cut the flower stems very short. Using unusual bowls will make your arrangement more unique, so don’t be afraid to experiment. I even used a teacup for one of my arrangements!
Odds & Ends: My Best Flower Arranging Trick

Step 2:

Using clear tape, make a grid across the mouth of your vase or bowl. Cut the tape so that you can’t see the edges when looking straight-on at your arrangement.

Odds & Ends: My Best Flower Arranging Trick
Step 3:

Then, place your flowers in each square of your taped off grid. I recommend putting the shorter-stemmed flowers and long flowers near the outside of the arrangement. Put the longer-stemmed flowers near in the middle squares.

Odds & Ends: My Best Flower Arranging Trick
Step 4:

Continue to evenly disperse your stems throughout the bowl until it’s completely full and the tape grid is no longer visible.
Odds & Ends: My Best Flower Arranging Trick

And there you have it! These basic steps will guide you to arrange your very own flower arrangement like a pro.
Odds & Ends: My Best Flower Arranging Trick

What flowers will you add to your DIY flower arrangement?

List off your favorites in the comments.

And a big thanks to Caitlyn for her expert flower arranging tips!

XO Lauren

Photos: Yoni Goldberg for LaurenConrad.com