Tuesday Ten: Date Ideas in a Jar

Date Ideas in a Jar

Some years, I begin looking forward to Valentine’s Day the minute New Year’s Eve festivities have ended. Other years, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me last minute. No matter when I start to think about this February holiday, I always find myself racking my brain for date ideas. In the past, I’ve had friend dates on Valentine’s Day and romantic dates as well. What I’ve found is that as long as you have something fun planned for the holiday, it will be a success.

Date Ideas in a Jar

Today I’ll be showing you how to guarantee that you won’t be without a plan on this holiday and for many date nights to come. This DIY also makes a great gift for your someone special. Just come up with a handful of date ideas, write them on popsicle sticks, and place them in a Mason jar. You can decorate your sticks and the jar however you see fit. The best part is that you can gear the ideas for friend dates or romantic dates. Here are 10 date ideas you might want to include:

1. Indoor Picnic
Whether you cook dinner together or order take out, anything will taste delicious when you’re eating indoors on a blanket with candlelight (or while watching a chick flick with your girlfriends). 

2. Hiking Date
Pick a trail, any trail! This one is perfect if you have an active besite or beau.

3. Dinner Date
Choose a restaurant the two of you have never been to and be adventurous. You might even make a mini date jar with restaurant names on the popsicle sticks. You can use it any time you’re stumped on where to dine out. Click here to see some of my team’s favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. 

4. Beach Date or Snow Date
Beach dates are one of my favorite activities to do here in Southern California, but snow dates are just as fun. Sunscreen or snowball fights are a must (depending on where you are, of course).

5. Date’s Choice
It’s up to your date on this one. You’re just along for the ride!

6. Your Choice
The options are endless… and you get to choose.

7. Cook-Off
You and your date each choose a recipe and see who makes it better. Bonus points if you do a dessert too! Browse the Dine section of my website for my favorite recipe recommendations.  

8. Game Night
Whether you love Life or whether Monopoly is your cup of tea, bring out all of your favorite games and get cozy for a fun night in.

9. Breakfast in Bed
There’s nothing better than eating breakfast in bed with your special someone. If you’re hanging with your bestie, save this idea for the morning after a fun girls night out when everyone can share stories over breakfast the next day. 

10. Dessert Only Date
Sugar fanatics, rejoice. This idea is a sweets-only date!

What activities will you include in your jar?

Leave your list in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photos: LaurenConrad.com