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It’s Lauren, Valorie, and Jackie from the Skinny Fat Girl Diary and we’re back with another fun guest post. It’s the start of a New Year, and the three of us are committed to making our weight loss resolutions a permanent lifestyle… no more excuses! Last year we rationalized, skipping both the gym and salad bars more than we’d like to admit, with our abs suffering collateral damage. But this year is going to be different. We are taking each and every reason for why we couldn’t make time for our health, and finding a solution. The first excuses on our list: not having equipment and not enough time for the gym.

SFG Diary - Towl Workout Series

Well, we put our ponytails together and came up with the “Dishcloth Workout.” Yes, you heard me. It’s 15 minutes of abs and all you need is a hand towel. Yes, the towel is necessary! It helps ensure you are using the correct form during your workout; which is so important when it comes to getting results. We know you have 10 minutes to spare, so grab your dishtowel and let’s get started…

Lauren - SFG Diary - Towel Workout Series - 1

Carb Cutter

We call this the “Carb Cutter.” It’s the best way to tighten up your love handles. To start, take the towel behind your head and tug on both sides. Then take a grand plié position, like pictured above. You’ll want to touch your elbow to the inside of your thigh (you must touch it!), switching from the right to the left. Keep your back as flat as possible as you touch each side 10 times.

Jackie - Towel Workout - Fitness - SFG Diary

Balancing Act

Next, it’s the “Balancing Act,” it might take a little time to reach a perfect standing “T” like Jackie, but you will! Take the towel in both hands, make a flat back, extend your arms and left leg until they are perfectly parallel to the ground. After you gain your balance, pull your arms in towards the center of your body while bending your extended leg to meet them. Then, extend your leg and arms back to the “T” position without touching the floor. Do this six times with each leg. Take your time. The slower you do this, the harder your little muscles have to work. And remember: Planks flatten your stomach, while crunches define it.

SFG Diary - Towel Workout - Fitness - Split

Scissor Stretch

Last in the series is the “Scissor Stretch.” This is such a great workout for your upper abs. Lay on the ground and kick your leg up, making a scissor shape. Take the towel behind your extended legs and grab from both sides. Pull your shoulder blades off the floor and do 25 tiny isolated crunches or pulses. Switch legs and repeat. For a more challenging workout, lift your lower leg a couple inches off the ground.

Repeat ALL these exercises two more times and feel your resolution coming to fruition. At SFG we live by the rule of threes: Do these exercises at least three times a week. Check out our blog for more tips!

Are you going to give this workout a try?

Skinny-Fat Girl Diary

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