We’ve been hard at work on something special here at LC.com HQ, and we’re so excited to finally share it with you! Over the last few years LaurenConrad.com has become such an important part of our lives, of Lauren’s life, and hopefully in the lives of our amazing readers. We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve the site, in an effort to make LC.com a real online home for all things lovely, chic, stylish and inspiring. With that said, we’re thrilled to let you know that LaurenConrad.com will be undergoing some changes in the next month to make it easier to comment, chat, and share your stories with us.

The biggest difference in the new site is that profile pages will be going away. We wanted to make it easier for everyone to comment on blog posts, so we’ll be removing the current (and sometimes clunky) log-in system, and swapping it out for a much quicker and easier commenting system. What this means for all of our lovely readers is that, over the next few weeks, you’ll want to make sure you save and download all of the photos, recipes, videos and blogs that you’ve uploaded to your LC.com profile over the years. On the new site, you won’t have to log into an account to comment on blog posts, which should make the experience of coming to the site, perusing blog posts, and chatting with fellow readers a whole lot easier, faster and hopefully more fun!

The photo and recipe galleries will also be going away, but there will be an easy and fast way to submit your recipes, photos, and ideas to us, and we’ll be featuring a lot more of them right here on the blog.

On another note— as you may have noticed, we’ve also been experiencing a few bugs on the site lately—mainly having to do with photos disappearing from posts. We wanted to let you know that we’re working hard to fix this issue, and that no matter what, we’ll never have this problem once the new LC.com is up and running! In the meantime, we’re working on ways to restore images that have mysteriously been disappearing from blogs. If you’re reading a blog post and you can’t see the image, for right now the easiest way to get around this is to Pin the image. You’ll be able to view the image on Pinterest—and we promise, this issue won’t last too long! All of us here at LC.com are working night and day to get the new site up and running, and to figure out this annoying little issue in the meantime.

You can expect the new and improved LC.com to be live within the next three to four weeks. We can’t wait!

If you have any questions or need help downloading your photos, recipes, blogs or videos, feel free to email us at [email protected].

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the new and improved LaurenConrad.com.

Team LC