Odds & Ends: How to Fight Static

I noticed a lot of comments in my November Letter from Lauren asking for tips on how to fight static in your clothes and hair. When the winter rolls around, the heaters turn on, the sweaters come out, and sure enough, the flyaways go haywire. Static can singlehandedly ruin a good hair day. I recently learned that static happens when the dry winter air gives your hair a positive electric charge, causing hair strands to stand on end. Luckily, I also researched some ways to deal with this pesky little electric charge.

Without further ado, here are five ways to fight static:

  1. Oil Up.

    Rubbing a bit of your favorite hair oil into your tresses will help to weigh down your hair and counteract the electricity. In desperate times, lotion also works in the same way. Just rub a bit on your hands as though you’re using it to moisturize, then smooth it on your hair. Just don’t use too much—you don’t want your hair to look greasy.
  2. Go Every Other Day.

    Just as hair oil will help weigh down your strands, going a day in between washes will allow the natural oils from your scalp to battle the static. Read more about how often I choose to shampoo by clicking here.
  3. Use a Dryer Sheet.

    According to Yahoo Shine, dryer sheets you use for your laundry can actually reduce static buildup in hair and clothes. You will almost always have one of these at your home and they are easy to carry with you in your purse.
  4. Brush It Out.

    Use a natural fiber brush with a wood handle. Natural fibers like boar bristles help distribute natural oils from your scalp to coat and protect hair.
  5. Add In the Moisture.

    Using a humidifier to add moisture back into the air while you sleep will leave you with calm, tame strands the next morning. And it will keep your skin dewy and hydrated in the dry winter months too!

I hope you all learned a thing or two about how to fight static during this time of year. I sure did!

What tips and tricks would you like me to share in my next beauty post?

Leave your requests in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Sources: Yahoo Shine, Good Housekeeping