Here & There: 11 Questions With The Chalkboard Magazine

I am so excited to share that my bestie Hannah and I are this month’s guest editors of the online magazine The Chalkboard! As you probably know by now, Hannah and I co-founded the fair trade online shop The Little Market earlier this year. As December guest editors of The Chalkboard, we were able to chat about The Little Market, the holidays, and much, much more. Below is a fun Q&A we did with The Chalkboard about our favorite holiday traditions…

I’ve been looking for the perfect…
Hannah: Nail polish.

Lauren: Holiday sweater.

In my stocking I hope to find…
Hannah: Something from my granddad.
Lauren: Sweets.

The gift I’m giving everyone:
Hannah: Haylie Duff’s cookbook: The Real Girl’s Kitchen.
Lauren: Something they wouldn’t get themselves.

Person I splurge on:
Hannah: Ryan, my husband.
Lauren: Do my dogs count?

Tradition I love the most:
Hannah: Lighting the Chanukah candles.
Lauren: Mistletoe.

On my list every year:
Hannah: A fun trip.

Lauren: Candles and coffee table books.

It’s not the holidays without:
Hannah: Latkes.
Lauren: Spiced apple cider.

I always look forward to a gift from…
Hannah: My grandparents.

Lauren: My mother, she always puts a lot of thought into my gifts.

Wrap it up:
Hannah & Lauren: Handmade block-printed wrapping paper from The Little Market.

Favorite gift as a child:
Hannah: An elephant sweater my nana knit for me.
Lauren: One year my father gave me a rose bush and he planted it in the garden for me.

How I’m giving back:
Hannah & Lauren: Most of our holiday shopping will be done on The Little Market. Not only are we gifting people some of our favorite things, but the gifts are also helping artisans support their families so they can have a lovely holiday as well.

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What are your favorite holiday rituals and traditions?

Share them in the comments below!

XO Lauren

Photo: Yoni Goldberg