Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

t’s pretty much a given that guys are hard to shop for. They either have everything they need or don’t have any ideas on their wish list (sigh). To help you navigate the issue of gift giving for the men in your life, I’ve put together 10 foolproof guy gifts that are sure to please. Take a peek and if you have any other ideas to add to the list, leave them in the comments! Be sure to shop for your favorite items by clicking the links below…


Here’s where to shop…

  1. Mulholland Captive Top Flask, $80
  2. Timex Linear Chronograph Watch, $195
  3. J.Crew Brushed Twill Shirt, $75
  4. Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable, $160
  5. Pendleton “Midnight Eyes” Blanket, $228
  6. iPhone Holga Lens, $30
  7. The History of Surfing book, $34.23
  8. Forage Striped Bow Tie, $68
  9. Concert Tickets, $25-$100
  10. Fossil Framed Shaving Kit, $80

Do you know what you’re going to get the men in your life this year?

I’d love to see more ideas, so feel free to share yours below.

XO Lauren

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  • Elpie

    My husband and brothers always appreciate a new basketball or football. A new pair of golfing gloves is always a good bet as well. Keep it simple and practical is always my motto when shopping for the men in my life.

  • Carly annette

    I got my boyfriend a vintage sweater with his favourite team’s logo on it. He doesn’t think I pay attention when he talks about sports, but I do!

  • Jackelin

    My boyfriend appreciates a nice dress to impress sweater or even a cute little plaque with a nice saying…I got him that for his birthday and he keeps the plaque on top of his dresser

  • omis

    a good gift would be something sporty depending on which sport he likes

  • omis

    Hi I just saw your blog and it is very interesting, congratulations for your enthusiasm and dedication in chloe + isabel like my second name.
    Consider me one more of your readers.

  • Casey

    Urban Outfitters has a ton of fun gifts for the guy in your life whether it’s vintage video games, a portable tabletop pool table or air hockey table, or tons of fun electronics. Definitely worth checking out this Christmas!

  • Lottie
  • ristmarie

    More expensive and tasty speciality and craft beers are also great gifts for guys I have found out.

  • ristmarie

    Speciality/craft beers are also great gifts for guys.

  • Kad2013

    Great ideas. I also think that a great gift is a Straight Razor kit. Something like this for special occasions and great opportunity for you to help that special man in your life!!

  • Kate Noto

    I am going to get my man some work gloves that he can wear at his place and a hard hat just in case something else decides to fall and hit him on the head.

  • samm k

    great ideas!

    check out my blog

  • Ashley

    Guys can be so hard to shop for; this is helpful!

  • Ceci Naranjo



    What a thoughtful gift :)

  • Raven Locks

    These are all really great gift ideas! Watches always make such great gifts. The shaving kit is a classic :)

    xo Azu

  • sleekbeautyspot

    A men’s gift guide is a great idea! Another amazing gift set for men is a nice bath and body set. Check out the the great set reviewed here:

  • Cassidy Short

    LOVE this gift guide! Men can be so hard to shop for sometimes! Great post :)


  • Emzgousmett

    I really want one of those iphone filters for myself!

    Check out my post for gift ideas for travel addicts like myself for some more ideas :)

  • pita

    Lots of his favorite food!!!! <3

  • pita


  • nicole Smith

    The Mulholland Captive Top Flask, J.Crew Brushed Twill Shirt, Pendleton “Midnight Eyes” Blanket, and Forage Striped Bow Tie are awesome!

  • Jeannine Guadamuz

    I’m paying for a day at Disneyland for the two of us. He did it for my birthday and we’ve never been for the Christmas decorations. Especially because it’s such a romantic time to go.

  • Liz de anda

    This Christmas I shopped early and got my boyfriend a neat flask from j.crew and a monogrammed weekender duffel bag. I also have two brothers and I want to get them monogrammed leather money clips from Jon Hart and then some cute Tervis water bottles with logos of something they love!

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    You can’t go wrong with a shaving kit and a watch!! Great ideas :)

    Instagram @sincerelymissash

  • oceangirl25

    These are all good gift ideas for guys! Other gifts ideas could be a cool calender (like a sports car calender for example, if he likes cars), an awesome poster from (of his favorite movie, cars, music stuff), and ask him if he wants any cds, movies, or video games that are coming out lol! :) I would recommend that you okay with him any poster before you buy it, since it goes on his wall, or look for a poster together, but if you’re sure he’ll like it, then surprising him is also fun! :)


    Thanks!!the shaving kit and the watch are great!A satchel and his favorite artist’s CD will also do.

  • Caitlin Marie Kerrigan

    If your man is into a sport maybe but them something related to that sport! For example running, you could buy them the Nike count watch that let’s you know how far you’ve walked/run. My boyfriend is really into skate boarding, so I’m surprising him with a new deck and wheels :)

  • Mary

    I am planning on getting my guy speakers for his new computer. He actually built it himself an he is pretty proud of it. Last year I bought him the mouse and keyboard and he was so excited! So this year, to complete the set, I’ll get him the speakers. I know he will be please. I’ll also throw in some work out clothes and a cd he likes. It’s not my best idea, but it will have to work. I originally wanted to get him the Playstation 4 console- which he really wants!- but ladies, do you know how impossible those are to get right now?! What I came up with will have to do! What do you think?

  • Jacqueline Joyce

    I absolutely love this bow tie! Such a sweet idea, a good old sporting classic book will be going on my guys gift list this year


  • Susie

    Love the ideas–thinking of using one for this holiday!

    Some other ideas that I have used are:

    (1) Personalized M&M’s with their photo or funny saying;
    (2) Autographed throwback jersey from a favorite football player;
    (3) Sweet auto-cancelling headphones;
    (4) Cashmere scarf;
    (5) Framed artwork from

  • Susie

    Love the ideas–thinking of using one for this holiday!

    Some other ideas that I have used are:

    (1) Personalized M&M’s with their photo or funny saying;
    (2) Autographed throwback jersey from a favorite football player;
    (3) Sweet auto-cancelling headphones;
    (4) Cashmere scarf;
    (5) Framed artwork from

  • Susie

    Have you checked out the beer of the month? You can customize them to their favorite type of brew!

  • Teresita

    I love this ideas! I like to build gift baskets of goodies. I usually have one big item and then little things. For example, for my finace’s birthday I got him a Saints beer bucket with his favorite snacks and a 6-pack of Saint Arnold’s root beer(that’s his favorite drink and last time he bought some I accidentally dropped them and broke them all, oops!) at the bottom of all the goodies was a new watch :)

    I’m going to do a similar thing for Christmas.

  • Deanne Castro

    Great picks! Thanks for in the inspiration!

    For more on fashion and beauty, check out my blog:

    Follow me on Twitter:, Pinterest: and Instagram:

    Deanne Castro

  • Deanne Castro

    These are great picks! Thanks for the inspiration.

    For more on fashion and beauty, check out my blog:

    Follow me on Twitter:, Pinterest: and Instagram:

    Deanne Castro

  • Leanne

    Such lovely ideas. I was just talking to my man about gifts for Christmas today.

    Love from South Africa

  • geysecofferri

    I absolutely love this bow tie!

    Love from Brazil xoxo

  • Laura

    This is a great quilt/picnic blanket for a guy – GNTLMN’s collab with Haptic Lab: Brooklyn Picnic Quilt. The top of the quilt has a hand-stitched map of Brooklyn and the bottom is a a red, white and blue plaid. Limited quantity available, though.

  • nato

    My guy is getting this GORGEOUS leather laptop bag from Amazig Leathers. It’s handmade from Morocco.

  • jess Mags

    my guy LOVES sports so i’m getting him a signed Notre Dame football by my old neighbor Rudy :) He’s gonna cry!

  • Sam

    Could you suggest more budget minded items?

  • Junemvc

    My favorites are number 1 and number 4!! They’re on my list :-)!!

    Also, if you’re feeling romantic and have lovely emails you want to cherish then turn them into a book by checking out this app:

  • katie at Miss enchanting

    These ideas are great! My Hubster is so difficult to buy for…each year seems to be the same- clothes and golf stuff…ZZZ…!

    Katie x

  • Marie Fournier
  • Maureen Feltz

    Love the shaving kit! I just got my husband one for his birthday (a Coach for men toiletry bag) and he loves it. Also 2 other gifts that were a big hit with him: gloves (if you live a cold climate) with special woven thumb and forefingers, so he can still use his iphone or any touch screen device without having to take his gloves off. I got them from the Coach Men’s Factory store. Also a great gift if your guy likes to drink whiskey straight, ice cubes that don’t water down his drink. Here is the link for those:|CategoryWidget|746416p&catId=L2_BarAccess|L1_Wine

    Happy gifting! :)

  • Ashley Vining

    Jeez! The bow tie is definitely cute, but there’s no way I”m spending nearly $80 on it! The other items are really pricey as well.

  • samangie

    Thanks so much for posting this! I have been searching for an all in one straight razor shaving kit like this for my guy that wasn’t too expensive and this is perfect! I will definitely be getting him this for Christmas! Thanks again!

  • Anisa A

    I love the twill shirt! Check out some of my ideas:

  • Kad2013

    No problem. I am glad that you found it helpful! Hope he likes it.

  • missbeautyguru

    I’ve just done a ‘Gift guide for the ladies’ post on my blog! Check it out here

  • Real Man Gifts

    Shame on you Lauren! You forgot about gifts for Real Men! with Real Cool Gear! Maybe next year :)

  • williampenn

    i like williampenn it is very good,keyword

  • Nice Gift Ideas

    The blanket looks really cool. I would love to give it as a present to my boyfriend.
    You can find more gift ideas for men here:

  • CK

    Watch is a classic. Like the record player as well.
    For more gift ideas stop by at

  • Mitchell Clements

    Flowers for men. Get some.

  • Rejoy joseph

    WOW!! Unique collection and lovely design actually I was looking for
    Mens luxury accessories gift for my friends but found better thing than that.



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