5 Things to Try This Month

It’s hard to believe we’re already getting into the holidays. But, since November is one of the coziest months of the year, I couldn’t be more excited for it to begin. To me, this month is a time for family traditions, cooking up delicious comfort food, and bundling up in winter fall and winter clothes. That said, here is a little bucket list of ideas that I will am inspired to try this month… Enjoy!

1. Think up a creative recipe to contribute to your Thanksgiving celebrations this year. This has become one of my favorite new traditions at my own family’s Thanksgiving celebrations. Everyone comes up with a dish to serve, and I spend the month of November perfecting it. This year I’ll be making squash delicata (recipe here).

2. Go ahead and splurge on your perfect fall coat. While it’s a great item to put on a holiday wish list, you will want to get some wear out of your coat the month beforehand. I have my eye on a pink peacoat that is perfect for this November. Take a peek at our fall coat guide by clicking here.

3. Give your desk a makeover and get everything organized. With the holidays coming up, you will have shopping lists, credit card bills, and party invitations galore to keep track of. Do a bit of straightening up in your workspace before the madness begins…and enjoy how inspired you feel with a cleaner slate.

4. Make a list of things you’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is this month and it’s important to remember that this is a time to give thanks for the things we appreciate in our lives. In your best handwriting, write out a list of things you’re grateful for and post it somewhere you will see it every day. Or take a peek at the photo above for a cute Thanksgiving placemat idea (use brown parchment paper and let guests create their own thankful lists).

5. Perfect your signature braided ‘do. Nothing refreshes your beauty routine like coming up with a new go-to hairstyle. Whether you love the look of milkmaid braids or if you’re dying to try a fishtail, find a style you love and master it. I guarantee you will use your new skills when holiday parties start up next month.

What inspired ideas are on your November bucket list?

List them off in the comments below.

Team LC