Nail Files: My Favorite Fall Polishes

Nail Files: My Favorite Fall Polishes

Each time the seasons change, I like to assess my collection of nail polishes and decide which colors are on-trend for the coming months. Last fall, I was partial to navy, dark green and gold (read that post here). This year, I’ve got my eye on holographics, plums, and grays. Here’s why…
Nail Files: My Favorite Fall Polishes

From street style sunnies to show-stopping accessories, holographic details have been a popular trend in 2013. I recently spotted Essie’s For the Twill of It and had to have it on my nails immediately. Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Kaleidoscope is another noteworthy shade. The best part about these polishes is that they change colors in different lighting, so your nails will look different throughout the day.
Nail Files: My Favorite Fall Polishes

I love wearing plum shades on my nails when the weather starts to cool down. To me, plum polish is to fall as pale pink polish is to summer. Some of my favorites are OPI’s Lourve Me Lourve Me Not and Butter London’s Branwen’s Feather (which has a little sparkle to it). You can’t go wrong with either one of these colors on your fingertips.
Nail Files: My Favorite Fall Polishes

Gray is having a major moment in fashion right now. I’ve been seeing so many bloggers sporting all-gray outfits. I love the way this color effortlessly transitions from summer to fall. So, why shouldn’t your nails be invited to the gray party? Go for YSL’s No39 Beige Gallery for a light, neutral take on the color. If you’re looking for more of a charcoal, try Sephora by OPI’s Break A Leg-Warmer!

How creative are all of those polish names? That’s half the fun of discovering new colors (at least I think so).

What three polish colors are topping your list for fall?

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XO Lauren

Photos: Nordstrom, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Drugstore, YSL Beauty, Sephora
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  • Jackie s.

    I am obsessed with navy nail polish this season, but I am loving the grey nail trend as well!! I am currently wearing Essie’s “”After School Boy Blazer”” which is a super pretty blackened navy blue.

    I am now on the hunt for a pretty deep fall red.

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I seem to be tending more toward plum, bordeaux, and black this season.


  • Gianna

    I bought the Essie “”For the twill of it”” a few weeks ago. For a fun French manicure I used a matte light grey and used “”for the twill of it”” for the tips. It was a very good combination.

  • Vicky

    i’ve been looking for a good fall color! mine is gray right now — but they’re kind of always gray! going to try plum now 😉 thanks!

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    I have been wearing a lot of Plums and grey’s this fall and will definitely be wearing the two colors into winter also!!! Great post :)

    Instagram @sincerelymissash

  • Katharine Lindsay

    Love the colors!! I’d go with O.P.I’s Louvre me or Louvre me not.

  • Ana Sofia

    Nice colors for fall!!


  • icolby

    Love the outfit, love the hair, love the nails! I can’t wait to try that plum from Butter; so chic for Fall!

  • Heather P.

    For fall, I’m really getting into the dark maroon/plum colors, light concrete greys, and oddly enough gold glitter. I know it’s not really a big color until the holidays, but I’ve been all about pairing it up with white polish lately!

  • Jenna Jo

    I adore Essie’s For The Twill Of It! I’m wearing it right nite and I’ve gotten so many compliments! It’s honestly perfect for fall into winter.

  • Taanjaa

    I haven’t tried any of these, but I would love to try the Essie and the OPI. I love these dark colors for fall and winter!


    Im loving dark gray polish right now!

    Hilary x

  • sam H.

    I live them all specially plum and grey , Lauren Conrad you are a big inspiration to me

  • what’s katie up to?

    Wow these nail polishes are perfect for this season! I think I am going to try out the holographic one!
    Love Katie
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  • Carina Stewart

    I love plum nails :)


  • Allie King

    Plum is pretty:) especially the butter polish

  • Ashley

    I like purples for fall, but usually ones with a creme finish. The holographic options above look fun, like they would match with everything! I’m feeling navy too.


    Gold glitter sounds really fun!

  • Kelly Lynne

    P.S. Lauren…I love your hair!

  • polish sickness

    I hate to be a stickler, but the polishes you list are duochromes or multichromes…they flash a different color in different lighting. Here’s an example of what I mean:

    And here’s a holographic from my photo album here:
    No color change, just an amazing flash of light through the nail.

  • ghazalehk

    I LOVE holographic, especially that Essie color. I am always a fan of plum! Butter nail polish is so great – I actually did a review of that and Deborah Lippmann recently:

    Love the braids too, so cute.

  • Raven Locks

    Beautiful colors! I love Essie’s “”For The Twill Of It””. And I really like your hair in the picture :)

    xo Azu

  • Stevie

    I am loving an emerald green color- Essie Incognito- right now for fall! I love that it complements all my outfits unexpectedly.
    I also love OPI- The ‘IT’ Color and OPI- Big Apple Red.

    My next mani will definitely be plum!!

  • oceangirl25

    I am going to use a holographic polish soon, from Butter London, called “”Hen Party””! It’s an opaque, cream color with purple and blue highlights in it :)

  • Martin M

    I love to see women wearing Plum or metallic colors :)

  • cosmogrl25

    Fall nail polishes are my favorite- especially the gray colors. I love your picks!

  • Valesha Gracic

    You stole the words right out of my mouth. Definitely not holographics. :)

  • JENNt13

    OPI-Lincoln Park After Dark is the best fall color! Can’t live without it…

  • Jennifer Calise

    definitely cant live without Essie-wicked and Essie-over the edge!

  • Allegra

    I want to try essie for the twill of it for sure!!! looks awesome!

  • stephaniesstyle

    I love plum nails for fall! I have OPI’s in the cable car-pool lane and iv been wearing it a lot already. I dont own any grey polishes, but i want to. :)
    xx Stephanie (

  • Isabel Cloutier

    The Essie one is beautiful! I’ve recently really been into matte nails!

  • Twiggy

    Please post a hair tutorial for the adorable braided style you are sporting in this article!

  • BerryBloomxo

    The colours are lovely! Especially Essie For The Twill Of It!

    I put a post up about getting soft hands, what’s a cute nail colour with uncute hands?


  • Kelby Peachey

    I love mixing grey nail polish with one orange nail. Gives a little pop when you least expect it.


  • B_elyse

    i just mixed grey with a sparkly plum!!! love the combo!! my rings fingers are the plum :) so cute 😡

  • nicole Smith

    I love the plum and gray nail polishes!

  • Alex

    Check out my new blogsite for fashion/music/and lifestyle!

  • Lydia Richards

    Yes please!!!!

  • jennaxo

    I love the plum shades!

  • Leanne

    Love the grey! It’s gorgeous!

    Love from South Africa

  • Alyssarae

    Sephora just released this awesome collection of SFX nail polishes – my favorite is a duochrome called “”Grandiose”” perfect for fall – changes from reddish to orangey bronze in different colors SO COOL.

  • yarden weizmann

    Your hair is amazing! Can you do a Hair tutorial? :)

  • Gianna Christine

    Love OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s a classic for my collection and not just because i live in Chicago :)

  • michelle

    Have the OPI gray but love the YSL one, might have to splurge on it!

  • Trista Noel

    I love a good grey nail polish.


  • mS.ELZ

    My top 3 nail colors for fall would have to be:

    1.Essie: Bahama mama
    I LOVE the way a glossy plum manicure looks in the autumn, its polished and effortlessly chic!

    2.RGB: Doll
    This color is the perfect nude for fall, its more of a brown, sandy nude which looks great on more olive skin tones. It looks clean and fresh and when I want to amp it up a little, I’ll put a coat of OPI Glitzerland on my ring finger as an accent nail or do hombre fading from nude to gold.

    3.Givenchy Nail Lacquer: Rose d’Exception
    A lot of times I think pink is one of the most neglected colors during autumn and winter however, I think this gorgeous dusty rose is the perfect transition color. It looks classic and feminine and it gives your nails a break from some of the harsher more dark tones we’re all prone to gravitate towards this time of year :)

  • Diana

    I absolutely love plum shades! And now I wanna try some grey nailpolish too! xoxo

  • Deanne Castro

    Love the plum colour!

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  • Haley acuff

    i really like the grays.

  • Kate

    I posted about my favourite nail polish colours on my blog last week also!
    Check it out!

  • Diamenrose

    Thank you soo much for this post!! You know two months ago i was in a drugstore looking for a nail polish. I came across the holographic polish but didn’t understand it. I might try it out now. PS: Another chpater i love about your beauty book is nais chapter! I have learned a lot and it is soo much fun.

  • Shannon Marie

    Essie’s Fiji, and Snake Rattle and Roll, and Mint Condition from Pacsun:)

  • erika heming

    I did a blog entry about For the twill of it, I bought it the second I saw it at target, its almost like Zoya Ko, but a tad more color to it.
    I also have Branwen’s Feather, its probably one of the most gorgeous plummy/purples I have seen- Great list Lauren!

  • shannon

    Love all of these colors for fall! Thanks!!

  • Anhd15

    Love the Essie color. I’m loving Essie’s mint candy apple

  • emogoestofashionweek

    Have a look at my tutorial on how to do Burgundy Stiletto Nails :)
    They’re fab! And don’t forget to follow me please <3

  • mystilettolife

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  • samm k

    love these nail polishes!

    check out my blog


  • emogoestofashionweek

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