Style Guide: The Denim Solution

Style Guide: The Denim Solution
Hey ladies, it’s Anna here from Fash Boulevard again. With the temperatures dropping at a snail’s pace lately, the layer fiend in me is getting extra anxious. If you’re not feeling the “just off the Harley” moto jacket look or the uptight corporate stigma of a blazer, a denim jacket will make those in-between days much easier to navigate. Not only does a classic denim jacket have timeless appeal and the ability to add a touch of “cool” to a bland number in seconds, but it pretty much integrates itself into your wardrobe.

I like to think of jean jackets as a secret weapon: Whenever I’m not sure how dressy my friends are going to be, I wear a cute little dress and throw on a denim jacket to dress it down. If the girls are glammed out à la Carrie Bradshaw, I simply fold my denim topper over my handbag and all of a sudden it looks like I came prepared for a breeze (keep that secret between us!)…
Style Guide: The Denim Solution
Style Guide: The Denim Solution
Style Guide: The Denim Solution

denim jacket – Forever 21 (similar here), top – Equipment
Skirt – J.Crew, handbag – Koret via Little Black Bag, heels – ShoeMint


Below are some fab denim jackets just begging to top off your fall layered looks…

Save: 3 Jackets That Won’t Break The Bank

Style Guide: The Denim Solution

1. ASOS vintage wash western jacket, $54
2. Forever 21 spiked shoulder denim jacket, $27.80
3. River Island denim jacket, $59.07

Splurge: 3 Timeless Denim Jacket Investments

Style Guide: The Denim Solution

1. Letterman Bully Jacket, $285
2. Slim Fitted J Brand Denim Jacket, $229
3. Jimmy Denim Jacket, $260

Is a denim jacket a save or splurge item for you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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