Ask Lauren: How to Look Amazing in Photos

Ask Lauren: How to Look Amazing in Photos
Whenever I have just a few free minutes, one of my favorite ways to spend that time is by reading the messages in my inbox. I receive so many smart and thoughtful questions, and today I wanted to answer one member’s question that I thought everyone would find interesting. Here it is:

I’ve started to attend charity and networking events around my city, and afterward I see the pictures pop up. I love going to these events, but I hate the way I’ve been posing. Any tips on how to pose for the camera? Best angles? Thanks!

What a great question! Let me start off by saying that even if you’re not walking the red carpet or attending fancy charity galas, knowing how to pose will still come in handy. Whether you’re appearing at events where you’ll be photographed, getting ready to take engagement or wedding portraits, or simply spending the evening with your Instagram-obsessed besties, knowing how to pose is a useful skill to have. And after years of attending events and doing magazine photo shoots, I can tell you that being photogenic involves a lot more than good genes. Here are a few posing tips I’ve learned in my own career:

  1. Flatter your face. Keep your chin cocked slightly up and your neck extended for the most flattering angle for your face. You can see a good example of this on my Allure cover.
  2. Stand at an angle. Stand with your hip cocked in at a 45-degree angle to the camera. This will slim your waistline and flatter your figure.
  3. Slim your limbs. Arms often look bigger in photos when they are pressed against your torso, but placing your hand on your hip a la my Marie Claire cover will make them appear thinner.
  4. Know your light. If there’s bright, artificial overhead lighting it will cast unflattering shadows on your face. Look for soft, diffused light when being photographed.
  5. Know your angles. Make sure your photographer is standing at eye level or slightly above you. Shooting from below will always leave you with unflattering photographs.

I hope you learned something new and feel a little more confident in front of the camera!

What topic would you like to see me cover in my next Ask Lauren post?

Sound off in the comments or shoot me a private message.

XO Lauren

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  • Kimberly Ann

    Great tips! Always looking for how to look better in pictures :)


  • l0ckig

    I’d love for you to post another reading list, since I now finished both your summer and fall (from last year) list :)

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Great tips! I definitely needed this post!


  • Ana Sofia

    Really nice tips! I will never forget them anymore!!


  • Ashley burke

    Love it! :) Thanks for the tips! xoxo

  • Alina ermilova

    Really usefull post! Thank you!;)

  • simply sabrina

    Makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing!

    If you love fashion & beauty be sure to check out my blog: Simply Sabrina

  • simply sabrina

    Makes so much sense, thank you for sharing these tips!

    If you love fashion & beauty be sure to check out my blog:

  • Victoria Jane

    These are so incredibly good- thank-you!

  • Debbie stanley

    What a timely tip! My family is have a photo shoot (for the first time in about 15 years)in 2 weeks; and I needed this info. I was also wondering if there are any make-up tips you could share for outside photos?

  • Deanne Castro

    Love these posing tips! I will definitely try them!

    For more on fashion and beauty, check out my blog:

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  • Crystal Gardner

    Thanks this is so helpful! I always wanted to know how to get rid of that fat arm look. I shared this with my Facebook fans.

  • Madison B

    wow this helped a lot! thank you so much Lauren!

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    LOVED this post, thank you :)

    Instagram @sincerelymissash

  • Bruna wi

    Thannk u lauren <3 # laurenconrad # camera # modeling

  • Whitney @ To live & diet in L.a.

    Great post! These are all smart tips. I have a few more suggestions from a post I did last year…

    xoxo Whitney, To Live & Diet in L.A.

  • Megan McGown

    I love your dress in the above picture. Who makes it?

  • Ashley

    Thanks for these tips!!

  • Sarah Horner

    Great tips and they work!

  • Heather Sebastian

    Such a fun post! I agree with the above tips; also standing with your legs crossed creates a slimming silhouette too! :)

  • mccart

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  • Amber Kaye

    Great Post! Very helpful!

  • katie at Miss enchanting

    Fab tips! My friends and I spend ages re-taking pictures because of unflattering arms and double chins! I have a huge head, so always try and step further away from my two besties with smaller heads! Haha!

    Katie x

  • aJAY13

    Cool. I have a copy and I enjoyed the interview as well. Great job LC.

  • Jay Jay Haskins

    I’m 5’11” and my wedding photographer was about 5’5″. :(

  • Lucy

    Most of these are great. However, as a photographer, I must add that the “chin up” thing isn’t always true. Many times, it will slim your face to point your chin down at an angle, while still looking at the camera. It makes your eyes pop!

  • Britt

    Hi, as a photographer, I thought that these were good general tips and wanted to share on pinterest. However, your website format doesn’t pin the correct blog url when trying to “pin” a post. The error message reads, “‘Parameter ‘image_url’ (value /wp-content/uploads/s3photo/5D9GzR3EVNXytzanqZ4eJjga.jpeg) is not a valid URL format.” You might want to have your web developer look into that! In your html development, you might want to source your jepg to lead to your blog post.

    All the best.

  • Namrata Somaiya

    Wow what great nuggets. I just attended the Christmas party. Wish I had read this post before that. 😉

  • Trifon Anguelov

    Very useful tips on how to pose for photos. As a wedding photographer in San Francisco Bay Area cannot tell you how important is to have my clients pose for their bridal portraits. Knowing these simple guidelines is very helpful.

    Wish many of the brides I work with read this. Agree with Lucy on the “chin up” comment. I do usually have to “chin down” my clients as they naturally chip up and it looks unflattering on pictures. To add one as well: have them on a move and not always static. This breaks down the awkward pose and creates more fluid look.

    Wedding Photographer in San Francisco Bay Area (

  • Mo

    Great post! My wedding photographer was incredible but much shorter than me and my hubby – something I didn’t even think about until it was too late!



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