What’s In My Bag: Fashion Week Edition

Hi everyone! I’m shipping off to New York Fashion Week today to cover some of the shows and backstage beauty looks for LaurenConrad.com. Dream job, right? But running around from show to show—and live blogging and Instagramming in between—is also a lot of hard work, and there are a few key essentials needed to survive this hectic week in style. So, today I thought I’d give you a little peek inside my purse and the items I have packed. Even if you’re not attending Fashion Week yourself, a lot of the items I tote around are perfect for traveling, or simply for any busy girl-on-the go.

What's In My Bag: Fashion Week Edition
  1. Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers. Blotting papers are an essential for any girl-on-the-go—but especially this time of year in NYC, where heat and humidity can leave your makeup looking less than fresh after just a couple of hours. Instead of piling on powder that will leave your makeup looking cakey, use these blotting papers to soak up oil and leave your face shine-free.
  2. Evian Mineral Water Spray. A facial mist is another great way to give your face a little midday refresh. Just spritz and go!
  3. Emergen-C. The combination of airports, crowded shows, and a lack of sleep will do a number on your immune system. Fresh-squeezed juice is my usual immune system booster, but for convenience sake I usually pop an Airborne or an Emergen-C on the flight over to stay healthy.
  4. Ballet Flats. More stylish than sneakers but more comfortable than pumps, chic ballet flats are a must for racing from show to show. When the presentation ends, my pumps come off and my ballet flats get me from place to place.
  5. Bandages. I always keep a couple of bandages on hand to combat blisters from running around all day. These washi tape bandages from Pretty Strips are definitely Fashion Week worthy.
  6. Camera. I shoot with a Nikon D3100 for Fashion Week. It’s a great lightweight, easy-to-use DSLR for capturing backstage beauty snaps and designer presentations.
  7. iPhone. When I’m not shooting with my real camera, I’m snapping pics for the @laurenconrad_com Instagram, of course! My cute case is from Rifle Paper Co., and Lauren actually has the exact same one as me.
  8. Snacks. There’s not a lot of time to sit and have a leisurely meal during Fashion Week, so I always keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand. Almonds, Kind bars, and Chia Squeeze are a few of my favorites.
  9. Jouer Lip Gloss in Peony. You can find this shade is in my purse at all times. The poppy pink hue looks good with almost anything, and it complements my skin tone. Jouer is doing the makeup for the Kate Spade presentation at NYFW, and I can’t wait to see what beauty looks they come up with!
  10. Compact Mirror and Brush Combo. This combination mirror and brush comes in handy all the time. In fact, I own a few of them so that I can keep one in each of my purses at all times.
  11. Wallet. I usually carry a smaller purse, so I love this compact Kate Spade wallet that I’ve had for a couple years now. The flamingo print just makes me smile.
  12. Pocket Notebook. Even in the age of iPhones, sometimes it’s just easier to jot down a quick blog idea with good old fashion pen and paper.
  13. Seamless Hair Ties. These snag-free hair elastics are also less likely to leave a crease in your tresses if you need to throw your hair up for a few minutes.

What would you carry in your bag if you were going to Fashion Week?

Also, what items do you have in your purse at all times?

Let me know below, and stay tuned for more live Fashion Week coverage!

xo Ilana
Team LC

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  • Valeria Alvarez

    Nice combo for any event!! thanks for sharing!! P.S. the lip gloss seems gorgeous :)


  • Ashley Rizzardo

    That’s a solid arsenal! Have fun at Fashion Week, Ilana!!


  • Ashley

    I agree with you on most everything here for being essential for travel; it’s definitely a great list for Fashion Week! :) I can’t wait to see your pics from NYFW.
    Be sure to pinch yourself. This really is your real life! 😀


  • Thomas

    Yes Yes and more Yes! You most surely have a good army in there, as do I, normally. I always have my favorite shade of Baby Lips on me, wallet, deodorant(you never know when you will be home!)

  • Vicky

    I love this post! I feel like I carry my whole house in my purse sometimes when I’m out doing errands or going out of town. If I know I won’t be back home until late at night, my purse and my poor car carry the weight of necessities!

    My friend has the D3100 and I want one so badly! iPhones will get you places but not terribly far. Thanks for a very informative post :)

  • Katie

    I love “”what’s in my purse”” blogs and videos. This is one of the best I’ve seen. Have fun, I can’t wait to see the photos. Lucky girl!

  • Casual Classic

    Love all of these – chia squeeze sounds awesome. I’ve never even heard of it, but I do love chia seeds!!

    The Casual Classic

  • nastaja johnson

    I would definitely carry body spray and a mini makeup bag to freshen up!


  • Chelsea Teutsch

    I just purchased the Nikon D3100 yesterday! I’m beyond excited to receive it in the mail. Unfortunately, I’m not at NYFW to use it, like all of you!

    Can’t wait to begin clicking away!


  • Renuka

    Ilana – what kind of purse are you toting all this great stuff in? Please share :) I never know what bag to use when carrying larger items!


  • Ilana Saul

    Hi Renuka! I just bought this leather tote from Madewell (in black) for the occasion! https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/BAGS/totes/PRDOVR~53228/99102507384/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~0~15~all~mode+matchallany~~~~~tote/53228.jsp
    It’s chic, sturdy, and holds everything :)

  • Ilana Saul

    It’s a great camera! You’ll love it!

  • Ilana Saul

    Good ideas! We love Baby Lips at LC.com too :)

  • Ilana Saul


  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    Love the iPhone case and snacks are always a must in my bag also 😉

    Ash xo,

  • Sarah Betts

    I keep sunglasses in my bag at all times, all year round. Shading eyes, hiding eye bags, a shield from hay fever…always needed, not just in summer. Also usually a compact umbrella considering the temperamental weather in the UK. Hairbrush, gum, iPhone, iPod & headphones(music on the go is a must), purse (wallet), lip balm (Currently limited edition Pink Bubbly Vaseline), keys, mole skine diary…and finally, a bottle of water! (I carry a big bag!) xx

  • Cassidy Short

    Love this! DSLR is so necessary, I can’t live without mine! Love Jouer make-up, and I totally agree with the almonds – best snack ever!



  • Christina

    In the summer always carry around some deodorant swipes for a quick way to freshen up and some blotting papers to keep my face looking fresh. I also always, always carry around my bandaid friction block stick to battle blisters, I haven’t found anything that works better.

  • Erin Hughes

    Water! Roll-on perfume, and some lipstick! You never know what fun event could pop up!

  • Kimberly Ann

    So jealous of your job! When I worked the local fashion week in Arkansas I always made sure to have water and chapstick. My lips always get dry when I’m out and about and working all night! Great post!


  • Ashley burke

    Emergen-C has saved me from so many sick days! I also LOVE the cute hair ties that look great on the wrist and compliment any outfit! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

  • Leanne

    I’ve got that Nikon and I love it!

    From South Africa


  • Chandany

    I would love to go to fashion week, so exciting!

  • Chandany

    I`m so with you i`m jealous of her lol

  • Michelle V

    Coveting your camera. I absolutely must have Breathsavers 3 hour mints (addicted), my iPhone, and I always carry a coin purse I made out of an old pair of pants. I lost 158 lbs and this coin purse http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-before-pants-coin-purse.html was from a pair of before pants to remind me to make healthy choices every time I look at it.

  • Raven Locks

    These are all MUSTS! Flats are so important when you’re on the go. Notebooks are super important too! I actually prefer them to my iPhone.

    Your list is perfect. Although I’d add a bottle of water to it :)

    xo Azu


  • LC

    Love all of these things.
    These are so handy for girls on the go especially during fashion week.
    love all the tips, really helpful, even going to use some of these essentials in my everyday bag.
    thanks for the tips…love

    xo LC

  • Anna-Louise
  • darcyylynn

    Packing emergencee is pretty much the most genius thing I have every heard! I normally take it the morning before I get on a plane and the day I get back — but it’s such a good idea to take some while on vacation. There’s nothing worse than getting sick when you’re supposed to be having fun!


  • Gabrielle zarrillo

    my purse has everything literally! a makeup bag filled with hand sanitizer, baby lips, and after bite for all the itchy mosquito bites!a change purse for all my extra change! band-aids! wallet! phone charger! phone of course! gum of course! planner for my busy life! car keys! i-pod to listen to some tunes! and sometimes food for when i dont want to buy food at work, but for some reason nothing ever fits LOL

  • Tristan Dennington

    I am loving this post! It’s so fun to see what other girls have in their bags. My essentials include a mini make up bag, Chapstick, oil blotting papers, my BBW hand sanitizer, mints, and my “”Falling in Love”” by philosophy rollerball. Definitely throw in some deodorant if I’m going to be out all day. So wish I could be a part of NYFW! Lucky girl!

  • Deanne Castro

    Great tips! i must use them for my next fashion week!

    For more on fashion and beauty check out my blog: http://myfashavenue.com/ Today’s blog post: Best Dressed at 2013 VMA’s

    Follow me on Twitter/Pinterst/Instagram: @MyFashAvenue


  • Donna Hale

    I think I carry all of these items sans camera in my bag, the life of an event planner.

    What bag is all of this going into?!


  • Renuka

    I love it! Thank you :)

  • Harmony

    I would carry my Cannon Rebel with the 500 mmm lens, and lots of band aids.

  • Sunflower85

    how do I get a JOB with TEAM LC??? I wish I was with you gals during Fashion week Madness!

  • Zania

    I carry most of the items mentioned above sans the camera and super cool hair ties (which I will purchase pronto!) but Living in Miami it is required to carry an umbrella during the months of May-September. I also have a small bottle of scented body mist from Dove and mints. Gotta have those mints! Love the blog!!! Thanks for all the amazing tips and great reads.

  • Taanjaa

    I’m so jealous of you going to all the fashion week show, but well you really deserve it!


  • christina holmberg

    In my bag i have:

    Little makeup bag
    Moisturizing cream
    Pencil case
    The book I

  • Meghan Dorris

    I do everything on my iPhone so my handbag necessity is a compact backup battery pack like the one by Halo http://shop.halo2cloud.com/products/halo-pocket-power-chargers-2200 which gives my phone a full charge anywhere!

  • Keeli Michael

    The only thing missing is gum! Got to keep your breath fresh!

  • Kate Noto

    I would carry:

    1) A notebook
    2) A camera
    3) My phone
    4) Hand wipes
    5) My wallet
    6) Flip-flops
    and whatever else I could fit in my bag

  • Brenna Gray

    Hey Lauren,

    I saw the Chia Squeezes on here and was interested in trying them so I contacted the company through their website and they sent me 4 free full sized squeezes in 4 separate flavors! I mentioned this website and they were all for it. Nicest people ever! They even gave me a coupon for more.

    Thanks for introducing these to me!


  • Emma denton

    I would die to go to fashion week! Great fun post! I just uploaded my first ever beauty chat video!! Please check it out!! Much love xx http://www.rosycheekssite.wordpress.com

  • Lisa-Liliana

    I religiously carry a bottle of water with me. Hydration is the most important thing on the go. Especially living in Australia with the humidity. xx

  • joanofalltrades.com

    I 100% agree with this! I never go anywhere without my Nalgene bottle; I tote it around like it’s attached to my hand. Even short trips to the grocery store. Before I go out, I just loop the cap to my diaper bag!

  • Katie Albury

    This is great…I always have the hair ties and the oil control papers…also keep spare contact lenses in case my eyes need a refresh, tissues and perfume!

    Katie x


  • Grace

    I always, always, always have an all natural lip balm on me with at least spf 30. Does the trick in summer! I also like to bring my kindle fire. One essential is tissues. I also always have at least ten bobbi pins.

  • Ezra Hilyer

    I found you searching through ‘whats in my bag’ posts, I love being nosy and looking at what other people carry with them.

    I have been doing a ‘whats in my bag’ picture for several years. (2007 all the way to one I did this year) I like to take all the stuff out and arrange it nicely, then post the picture to flickr.

    Here is my post if you are interested: http://straypoetry.com/whats-in-my-bag/

    It shows how what i have been carrying has evolved over the years.



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