I’m still in disbelief that we’re already in the second week of September. It seems like yesterday that I was writing my Summer Boot Camp Plan and getting in gear for summer. I loved hearing positive feedback from all of the members who followed my Boot Camp Plan, and I hope you enjoyed my post on how to maintain your bikini body long after summer is over. With the idea of “maintaining your summer body” in mind, I recently thought up a fun new challenge that I think you will all enjoy. It’s called Three Moves, Three Weeks, and it will help you to see major results in your diet and exercise routine.

The challenge at hand is to do three fitness tasks every day for three weeks. To really see results, you can’t skip a single day! All three of these “moves” are easy to do. Just make sure you are doing them along with the diet challenge too. Without further ago, here are the guidelines…

My Three Week Challenge

  • 100 Crunches Per Day. Do 100 crunches per day, at any time of day. You will feel major results in your abdominal muscles and maybe even end up with a six-pack. Click here to read about how to do crunches correctly.
  • Take The Stairs Whenever You Can. For three weeks, make a point of always taking the stairs whenever you can. This means at the mall, at the airport, at your apartment. You will burn so many more calories each day and your body will feel healthier and more active. Keep this reasonable—if you work in a 26-story building, that’s unrealistic. Keep it to a 5-story minimum.
  • 25 Push-Ups Per Day. Challenge yourself to do 25 push-ups per day. Just like with your crunches, you will notice your arms and shoulders getting stronger, leaner, and more toned in a matter of days. I suggest doing your push-ups right after your crunches to knock out both challenges in one sitting.

And last but not least, add a healthy element to this fitness challenge by drinking three glasses of lemon water each day—one before breakfast, one before lunch, and one before dinner. It will detox your body and help you to feel full and not overeat during each meal. You can read more about the benefits of lemon water here.

Will you take on this challenge? (I hope so!)

Let me know if you like this challenge in the comments below. If you all find it helpful and fun, I might make it a monthly series!

XO Lauren