Tuesday Ten: My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

I’m still so excited about the launch of my new XO(eco) collection for BlueAvocado. As I’ve told you before, this is my second collection with BlueAvocado, and I really love the way these new products turned out. I was really pleased with the three new patterns I debuted with this collection as well. They are green nautical, ivory roses, and a cute red microdot.

Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse at 10 of my favorite products from the collection. Most are kitchen accessories that you can use for storing, packing, and traveling with food. But there are also a few beauty travel accessories in this roundup as well. Every piece below is made from post-consumer recycled bottle fabric from Repreve, and with each purchase, I donate a portion of the profit to ocean and research conservation.

Here are 10 products from my new collection that I think you will all love:

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks


1. Shopper: This is the classic shopper you all loved from my last collection, but in all new cute patterns. It’s so practical, and it folds up into the size of a small wallet when you’re not using it.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

2. Beauty Kit: This popular favorite is a 3-piece travel and beauty kit that every makeup product junkie will love. It has three different areas for organizing your products, and it’s a great size for your carry-on.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

7. Casserole Carrier: This is one of my new products that I am so excited about. This casserole carrier is a stylish, eco-friendly and practical way to transport your casseroles to dinner parties or events. And the insulation will keep your food hot or cold for up to six hours.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

4. Lunch Case: This adorable lunch case has got to be the most stylish way to haul your food to work or school. Plus, it’s insulated and there is a mesh pocket inside for storing your utensils. Lunchtime just got chic!

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

5. Zip Lunch Snack Packs: Speaking of lunch, these snack packs are the perfect addition to go along with your lunch case. They are much more eco-friendly than disposable plastic bags, and they are machine washable so you can reuse them to your heart’s content.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

6. Sandwich Wrap: This product is a new addition to my collection. Fold up your wraps or sandwiches in this eco-friendly carrier for an easy way to take them to and from the office or school. When you’re ready to eat, just unroll the sandwich wrap and it becomes a placemat.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

7. Zippered Pouch Kit: Calling all beauty gurus: these makeup pouches are great for traveling with cosmetics. They are compact, but they will hold everything you need. Plus, they wipe clean in case you spill a bit of blush or bronzer.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

8. Pie Carrier: This is another one of my new products that I’m very excited about. I love baking pies, especially during the holidays, so I wanted to make an eco chic product for carrying them. It holds a standard 9” pie, and it is guaranteed to impress.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

9. Wine Tote: This wine carrier makes it easy to haul around your favorite bottles of red, white, rosé or bubbly. If you want your bottle to stay chilled, don’t worry: it’s insulated, so bottles will stay cold for up to six hours.

My Favorite New XO(eco) Picks

10. Party Tote: This tote is exactly how it sounds…a party in a bag! Fill it with all the necessities you need for a party on-the-go, whether that may be a picnic, a beach barbeque, or a movie night at a friend’s house.

I hope you liked learning a bit about my new collection. Head on over to BlueAvocado to shop the rest of my collection using the code tuesday10 for a 10% discount valid through September 15th!

Which XO(eco) product from my new collection is your favorite?

XO Lauren

Photos: BlueAvocado
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  • Kelly Lynne

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these items.
    I’m going with the beauty kit and lunch case to start. I love the navy and red polka dots, and the floral print.

  • Ashley

    I love the see-through beauty bags!


  • Deanne Castro

    These are so cute! I need one for myself. It will inspire me to bring my lunch more often! 😉

    For more on fashion and beauty, check out my blog: http://myfashavenue.com/

    Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyFashAvenue and Instagram: http://instagram.com/myfashavenue#


  • Ana Sofia

    This products are beautiful and is so amazing beacause they are eco!!


  • Irma Jestes

    I have the shopper from the last collection and the blue polka dot lunch case from the new collection. It is the perfect for my evening classes and I get so many compliments on them. I plan on ordering the pie and casserole carriers for the holidays. You can’t go wrong with these bags, they’re environmentally responsible, fashionable, and functional! Good job LC!!

  • Ashley Peterson

    The zip lunch snack packs and the wine tote are probably my favorite!

  • Shoegal Out In The World

    I love all the products… They certainly give a fresh, playful tone to everyday errands & duties… I wish I lived in the United States, so I could get my hands on them…

    Have a great day!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World


  • simply sabrina

    The pie-carrier is too cute!!! Last picnic opportunity before the Fall!

    Simply Sabrina

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    I love the pie and casserole carrier, it would make life so much easier!!


  • Sarruhbear

    I love that you’re passionate about going green enough to develop this line of products. Please don’t discontinue ANY of them. Give me a few years and I promise I’ll be making good money and will buy one of each.

    >< )))'>

  • Hailey G

    These patterns are so cute and I think the beauty bag is a must for me! 😉

    Hailey from http://adayinthelife96.blogspot.com/

  • honey_sls01

    The casserole carrier is brilliant. I needed one yesterday when we went to a friend’s house for a packer’s game.


  • oceangirl25

    The make-up bags covered in flowers are too cute :)

  • Jacqueline Jax

    These are adorable.. I have been enjoying your page and posts. Have you seen my latest post? Look for less… http://blondibeach.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/blondi-look-for-less-print-lady-like-trend/

  • Kittypride

    The shopper and the lunch case are my faves, love the sailboat and knots pattern!

  • Leanne

    I love the party tote! So cute.

    Love from South Africa


  • Dani marie

    I absolutely LOVE these products! Conserving the natural beauty of our planet is so important (I believe) and these products let you do that in style!! lol

    Dani Marie

  • Mia Boyd
  • Taanjaa

    I love all the things, they are so cute!


  • Amber Kaye

    I love them all. Sooooo cool, I am still amazed by the reusable zip snack bags and the wrap/sandwich holder. Genius! I always feel bad about using so many zip lock bags for sandwiches and snacks just once but this is so cool. As for the casserole and pie carrier those are my must haves for the holiday. :)

  • Kimberly Pinney

    I have to say that I LOVE this collection! I recently purchased the red dot lunch tote for work! I love it and I have gotten so many comments on how cute it is! I will be picking up more products soon!

  • Sarah Taylor

    I like the collection, the patterns are cute and the pie carrier is genius. I would buy it.

  • Sarah Taylor

    I like the collection, the patterns are cute and the pie carrier is genius. I would buy it.

  • KK

    I love the patterns of the lunch box! My favorite piece is the Zip Lock Snack Packs!

  • katie at Miss enchanting

    I love these! Such brilliant ideas and gorgeous patterns. I would so buy the snack packs and sandwich wraps…I’m always using plastic bags and foil wrap.

    Do you know if these can be purchased in the UK?

    Katie x


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