5 Things to Try This Month

Happy Wednesday, everyone! For those of you who enjoyed our weekly series called 5 Things to Try This Weekend, we really loved reading your feedback. Some of you said that you wanted this series to become a monthly feature, and we totally agree with you! That said, you can look forward to this new and improved series called 5 Things to Try This Month, where we will share a few inspiring ideas and activities to put on your monthly bucket list.

Without further ado, here are some things to try this month…

1. Take a tennis lesson. If you aren’t a master with the racket, try a round of golf or a game of beach volleyball. Learning how to play a new sport can open up new horizons, like making new friends or finding your new hobby.

2. Try a bold eyeliner makeup look. Take a break from your usual black winged liner and go for a bold color or a cool gradient. Create the look below by clicking here and following the gradient winged liner tutorial on Makeup.com.

3. Whip up a batch of these s’mores fudge bars. It’s no secret that all of us here at LaurenConrad.com are a bit obsessed with s’mores (exhibit A and exhibit B). So when I spotted these treats, I put them on my own to-do list for this month. Find the recipe here.

4. Save up for something special. Saving up means not spending money on silly purchases that you don’t really need. Make an effort to put some money away this month and reward yourself at the end of September by splurging on that purse you’ve been eyeing all summer.

5. Organize your desk and give it a makeover. I always find that I am so much more inspired to work when I am sitting at a lovely workspace. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, put them in a pretty vase, and start an inspiration board. I guarantee you will have more fun while you work!

What do you have on your bucket list this month?

List off your five things in the comments below!

Team LC