Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids
Getting hitched this summer or fall? Then don’t forget to add this to your to-do list (as if it isn’t long enough already): gifts for your bridesmaids!

As some of you may know, I’m getting married in August and have been sharing some insider tips with you as I plan for my big day. From my guide on what to do when you first get engaged and how to ask your bridesmaids to a wedding planning timeline along with a breakdown on bridal party duties, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve covered the basics. That’s why today I am going to talk about one of the often overlooked details that brides tend to forget until the last minute: gifts for the bridesmaids.

Traditionally, brides give their maids a small gift before the wedding as a symbol of their appreciation for all of their hard work leading up to the big day. (Stuffing hundreds of envelopes, hosting bridal showers, and planning bachelorette parties definitely warrants a major thank you.) In recent years, brides have typically given maids a robe that can be worn the day of the wedding so everyone matches for those pre-wedding photo-ops. While robes are sweet (and I did consider them), I wanted to do something a little different for my gals… After a serious shopping brainstorm session, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make sure my gifts were personalized and reusable. Below are 5 of the ideas I came up with that would be great gifts for bridesmaids:

Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

1. Nightshirts.
While I do love a good robe, I decided to do monogrammed nightshirts for my bridesmaids. I bought the shirts online and then had them monogrammed at a local shop called Monogrammit. Some stores provide monogramming in-house (J.Crew, for example), however if you check your local listings you can find a monogramming or embroidery store in almost every major city. I think this is a nice idea because it’s personalized and it’s something your maids cannot only wear pre-wedding but long after the big day as well. (If you’re girlier, opt for a cute pajama set for your girls instead of a nightshirt.)
Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids
2. Jewelry.
Give your gals a dainty piece of jewelry (Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad collection has some great options like the pieces above) that they can wear for your wedding…and beyond. To personalize this gift, give each girl a different piece from the same collection. Maybe you give your bestie who loves earrings a nice pair of drops and your other maid who loves stacking bracelets a dainty addition for her collection.
Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids
3. Tote Bag.
Every girl needs a simple tote bag…and a personalized one is even better! L.L. Bean has a great selection of totes and they can monogram them in-house as well.
Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids
4. Emergency Kit.
I was in a wedding last fall and the bride gave each of us a Pinch Provisions survival kit. The tiny bag was filled with all of the accouterments necessary to fix any fashion or beauty emergency (hair spray, mints, fashion tape, static remover, clear nail polish, ibuprofen–you name it). Not only did the little kit come in handy the morning of my friend’s wedding, but I also constantly use it when I travel by tossing it into my suitcase. Emergency averted!
Wedding Bells: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids
5. Stationery. This is something that I never buy myself but love to have around when its time to send a note via snail mail. As a thank you to your leading ladies, gift them with a personalized set of stationery. The Confetti Monogram set from Sugar Paper pictured above is downright adorable.

Are you a bridesmaid or a bride-to-be? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or received? Sound off in the comments below. Your fellow LC readers might find the perfect idea based on your comment!

Next time I’ll be sharing some tips for planning your beauty regimen leading up to the big day!

Team LC

Photo: The Long Haul, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Pinch Provisions, Sugar Paper
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  • suzanne

    That are such thoughtful gifts! I especially love the personalized ll bean bags :)
    Suzanne from

  • Ashley

    The nightshirt idea is very cute! You ladies are taking pictures in them right?! I’m thinking the Tom Cruise (“”Risky Business””)way sans pants, both with and without (if the shirts allow for modesty) the dresses! How fun!

  • Megan Jude

    I gave my bridesmaids similar gifts to these. I had a destination wedding, so I bought bags with “”South Carolina”” on one side, and their monograms on the other. Additionally, I filled the bags with small things (umbrellas, emergency bags, etc) and gave them monogrammed bracelets. They went above and beyond for me during my engagement, and it was the least I could do. Weddings are so much fun :)

  • Beestansfield

    When I was bridesmaid for my cousin a few years ago, she went to Jo Malone and described mine and the other two bridesmaids personalities and with the help of the employee and her husband, picked out scents to suit us individually. We all loved them and liked our own better than each others. It was the perfect gift and I can’t live without it now:)

  • Megan A

    I love the idea of a night shirt!

    I gave my four girls a monogrammed tote bag filled with a custom made clutch that held their “”bridesmaid emergency kit,”” a nice pair of sandals to put on while dancing, and a pashmina scarf. It was an October wedding and I almost put a bubble umbrella in each one in case of rain! We lucked out and avoided rain during the day.

  • Deanne Castro

    Great ideas! Wish I was more inspired for my wedding 4 years ago!

    For more on style and beauty check out my blog:

    Find me on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @MyFashAvenue



    Sounds like the perfect day for you and your bridesmaids!


    What a creative idea!

  • Dana Ivy

    I totally blogged about this in April – the gift ideas still work! – Check it out!! There are some great ideas if I do say so myself :)

    dana ivy


    Shop the world’s cutest dresses @!

  • Renuka

    these are great alternatives to the usual robe! monogrammed jewelry is my current favourite :)

  • Alex taylor

    Love that idea so much! Super cute, Megan! Xx

  • Alex taylor

    Oh my goodness, what a lovely idea! Super creative and personal. LOVE this. Xx

  • Alex taylor

    Exactly! I am actually giving each of the girls a pair of heather grey booty shorts to wear under the nightshirts : )

  • carabear38

    When I was the MOH for my best friends wedding she got the bridesmaids and I a very cute Coach clutch that I still use to this day and monogrammed wine glasses. The wine glasses were a special gift to me and it was a very thoughtful touch since I love wine.

    I’m planning my wedding right now and have already bookmarked the LL Bean tote bags for my bridesmaids. I have also already purchased matching sandals for the girls to wear during the reception so they can be comfortable while dancing the night away!

  • Ashley

    Well congratulations! I hope you post a picture of this, along with many others! :)

  • Cesie Alvarez

    I love the emergency kit! Super useful. I went to a wedding once where they had items like these in a huge basket in case of fashion/ personal emergencies. It had everything from tums to nail polish. It was really nice for the guests.

  • Raven Locks

    The tote bag idea is really cute! Love the jewelry and night shirts too :)

    xo Azu

  • Rabia Khan

    Such creative ideas, i love it! I also think writing them a letter and framing it would be a kind gesture!

  • Roxie sean

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  • Aimee

    I love the idea of the monogramed night shirts! That’s such a simple and cute way of saying thanks, besides the typical jewelry. My sister-in-law bought us all coach wristlets as a thank you for the bridesmaids and that was a great idea as well. I love mine!

  • Taanjaa

    Love the nightshirts, they are so personal and you can get them in every price range :)

  • BerryBloomxo

    The personal gifts are really nice! You could even cover a notebook with something personal like pretty fabric with names on it or something, that way you’d be giving stationary yet it can be just the way you like!
    I have a post on how to DIY a notebook:
    I made mine summer-y with a floral print fabric! xoxo

  • lisanicole22

    Our bride-to-be gave all the girls personalized wine glasses, a clutch to match our bridesmaid dresses for the day of her wedding, and a bracelet with matching earrings for each of the girls to wear on the day of the wedding!

  • nicolieolie

    The bride in the last wedding I was in sewed us all clutches and inside of them put the jewelry we wore as well as chapstick, bandaids, bobby pins, and all other little items perfect for the wedding day! It was the best bridesmaids gift I’ve gotten yet! :)

  • Truelymarry

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  • Jessica K.

    Love the tote bags and sleep shirts! I’m having such a hard time picking gifts for my bridesmaids since they all have such different personalities. I’m thinking of doing monogrammed cosmetics cases with a little emergency kit inside plus some other goodies.

  • Courtney Hoover

    For my sisters wedding she made each of us bridesmaids a cross stitched picture. Mine was two little girls with their arms around each other with a cute quote at the bottom. She made a different picture for everyone that was personalized. It was absolutely perfect and I have mine framed above my bed. She said she literally started making them the week she got engaged, so knowing the time and effort she put into the gift made it one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! :)

  • mccart

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  • Anne otrebla

    I love the nightshirt idea! Where is the best, most affordable place to get these? I like the boyfriend fit without it looking too boxy or bulky.

  • Dana Ivy

    I totally blogged about this in April – the gift ideas still work! – Check it out!! There are some great ideas if I do say so myself :)

    dana ivy

  • Abbyer

    Lauren, where did you order your nightshirts from?

  • Misty Luechtefeld

    I’m getting married in September….I bought each of my bridesmaids a journal. I wrote a special message inside letting them know how special they are to me.

  • Miller Davis

    Your Bridesmaid bags deserve much more than the usual keychain or strand of
    faux pearls. Get creative and personal with these unique ideas.

  • Ella

    For my girls, I got them matching compass bracelets that we made into friendship bracelets, and got each of them a personalized gift; cards against humanity for one, apartment items for my friend leaving the area, a nursing mug, and a engraved compact with a manicure kit. I’m also writing them each a letter for their rehearsal dinner present that I’ve been working since earlier this year.

  • Lisa Tufano

    Well, this was a tough one. I especially liked the idea of the stationery and pretty mini emergency kit.

    As someone who has stepped up as a frequent bridesmaid and Maid of Honor, I have to respectfully disagree about the suggestions to buy monogrammed ANYTHING, though. This practice is not only extremely overdone, but a gift should always try to reflect the taste of the recipient and this idea just seems so generic.

    With bridesmaids spending upwards of $1500 to participate in a typical wedding, you can’t afford to look cheap or generic when expressing your gratitude. These 5 ideas definitely don’t transmit a “cheap” vibe but the monogram concept is the definition of generic.

    Don’t even get me started on TOTE BAGS. We all have one already. Scratch that… we all have like a million already. There are landfills full of unwanted, excess monogrammed tote bags, wine glasses, and plastic tumblers. Stop the insanity. Save the whales!

    Monograms should be avoided like the plague, along with gifting any item that has been stamped with a name (yours or your bridesmaid’s), wedding date, or the word “BRIDESMAID.” That cutesy stuff is going to be relevant on the big day, and then it’s going to the back of the kitchen cabinet for the next 5 years until it gets cleared out at the next garage sale.

    As a rule of thumb, if you can find it as a corporate giveaway at a tradeshow, then how meaningful can it really be to give something similar to one of your dearest friends to commemorate such a special day in both of your lives? I’m just sayin’…

    In an effort to break the mold on standard wedding party gift giving, on my personal blog I have taken a stab at highlighting some gifts that are truly creative and unique without breaking the budget (each is under $60), along with some tips for wedding party gift shopping in general. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

    P.S. You can also find a practical guide to AVOIDING BAD BRIDESMAIDS on my blog as well. It’s good for a chuckle and a reality check. 😉

    Lisa, Boss Lady-in-Chief | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY

  • Jane Riley

    If your looking for simple, elegant jewelry for your bridesmaids, I’d highly recommend Consider the Wldflwrs. They have beautiful designs that are perfect bridesmaids gifts!

  • AmberWithWings

    I got my girls personalized lockets with an image of us inside. I have a small bridal party of girls I’ve been friends with since childhood, so being able to provide a personalized gift with a cute photo was perfect. I especially loved the idea of a locket because it’s engraved with their initial on the front and mine on the back, and it’s small enough to travel and move with. I’m also going to send the girls a photo of us from the wedding so they can use that photo on the other side of the locket.

  • Anne Langenburg

    Maid of honor and bridesmaid gifts that are personalized are the best! I especially loved the monogrammed gifts like the tote bags. If you’re looking for a personalized picture frame that you can totally customize, I would recommend something handmade like these:

  • IndianTyohar

    Amazing, I never knew about it blog before. That is very pretty unique. love the nightshirt idea.

  • Connie Blair

    All the 5 bridesmaid gift
    ideas are creative and personalized. All are very beautiful as well as
    practical gift items. For example, the emergency kit is the one-stop solution
    to many problems. Tote bags having the names or initials of bridesmaids monogrammed
    on them are a great choice too. As a bridesmaid, I received a coupon of my
    favorite spa few years back. Thanks for the post, Alex!



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