Sipping Pretty: Infused Water Recipes

Sipping Pretty: Infused Water Recipes Aside from coming across as beautiful, drinkable works of art, infused waters have a subtly sweet taste and a cleansing effect on your body that is equal parts refreshing and healthy. Each summer, I find myself making a large pitcher of lemon cucumber mint water and drinking it for a week. And after embarking on a recent “pinge” on Pinterest, I discovered a few other infused water recipes that I was eager to try. We gave them a go here at the offices, and we were pleased to find that they tasted as lovely as they looked. Here are the four infused water recipes we created (and couldn’t get enough of)… Sipping Pretty: Infused Water Recipes

  • orange + lemon + lime
  • lemon + raspberry + mint
  • lemon + cucumber + mint
  • blackberry + cherry + lime

To make any of these recipes, all you have to do is slice the fruit you want to use and drop them into your water. You can start drinking it right away, but you might not notice the flavors until it infuses for a few hours (four hours achieves the most potent flavor). I like to let my waters sit overnight in the fridge, and if I’m using a recipe that calls for lemon I will squeeze half a lemon straight into the water for a little detox boost. As long as you keep your water refrigerated, the fruit should stay fresh. If you are filling your pitcher with water throughout the week, keep in mind that it will dilute the flavor each time you refill. I would recommend drinking your water within 3-5 days and making a new batch once you notice that fruit has started to soften or turn your water cloudy. Which infused water recipe will you try first? Leave your questions and comments below! And if you liked this post, be sure to take a peek at my detox diary for all the details about my first juice cleanse. xx Allison Team LC

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  • suzanne

    I love these recipe’s! I love putting lemon or berries in my water and drinking fresh mint tea, however I never mixed several ingredients. So fun to try these new ideas :)
    Suzanne from

  • Johlet Swiegers

    I’m drinking water with lemon slices in it as I’m typing this!

  • Nika

    Mostly likely I will try the Lemon Rasberry Mint water sounds tasty to me!!!!!

  • etta

    those are some great ideas – thank you for sharing!

  • Jackelin

    the orange/lemon/lime and the lemon/raspberry/mint look so refreshing to me right now

  • Cassidy Short

    These all look so delicious! Anything with cucumber is my go-to. Love this post!


  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Blackberry, cherry and lime sounds absolutely delicious! I will definitely give this a go!


  • Rachel Trampel

    These look like delicious combinations!

  • Stefie

    weeeell since i don’t like mint i would try the first one and the last one:)

  • Katelin Absher

    They Blackberry Cherry and Lime looks amazing!! Im not big on mint in my drinks but they all look great!! :)

  • Ana Sofia

    They look delicious and seems so simple to do! I will try :)


  • Deanne Castro

    Great ideas! I am definitely going to try this!

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  • Leanne

    Gorgeous ideas!!!

    Love from South Africa

  • Dani marie

    I think all of these recipes sound amazing but Ill start with the lemon+cucumber+mint. My body could use a nice little detox and I know my skin could use the extra hydration after such a hot and dry summer!


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  • Casual Classic

    loving all of these – definitely want to try the lemon raspberry mint one!

  • sunsets829

    Ooh what a great idea! I’m excited to try the blackberry cherry lime!
    Which ones your favorite, Lauren? :)


    Sounds like a great place to start!


    Be sure to let us know how it goes!


    It’s so refreshing :)

  • Theresa Robertson

    Mmmm can’t wait to try this! Now I just need to get a pretty glass pitcher to make these drinks!

  • oceangirl25

    I want to try the lemon+cucumber+mint one! These all sound refreshing and healthy!

  • Ashley

    These all sound wonderful, and it has me thinking of other fun fruit combos! :)

  • Ballearina

    orange lemon lime ��

  • Bisman

    i want to try it

  • Raven Locks

    Mmm…these all sound so good! I’ve had cucumber mint before and it tastes amazing. Pinned this! Can’t wait to make them all.

    xo Azu

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    Thank you so much for this post, I am going to make some of these asap!


  • Rosiemay

    Oh yum! They look delish! I think i’m going to try the raspberry and mint. :)

  • missy88

    I had the cucumber mint one before, super refreshing in the summer. I am totally going to try the other flavors :)

  • Stephanie Correll

    These sound DELISH! (: I also just made one of my own-
    dry hibiscus flowers + lemon + a slice of cucumber

  • TStrahlendberg

    I am in LOVE with these! In Sweden these infused waters are the norm in every restaurant and I kind of missed it after going there. My favorite one to make at home is apple pieces with lemon zest. Look fabulous as well :)

    I will certainly try your ideas as well though!
    xx taty

  • Lisah-Nana

    Wow! I’m definitely making all these recipes, never had infused water before. They look pretty and delicious:-) Thanx LC!

  • Djam

    I would love to try the blackberry cherry lime juice. Love blackberries

  • Elizabeth McBeen

    I think I will try the blackberry, cherry and lime infusion first. It looks scrumptious!! Hope you have a blessed day!!

  • Youngmild&free

    This sounds great! I could go for some detoxing water right about now. Thank you for sharing!



    Lemon raspberry mint will definitely be the first one I try!


    Lemon raspberry mint will definitely be the first one I try!
    Hilary x

  • nicole Smith

    I’ve always loved the lemon, cucumber, and mint infused water for the longest time, but I will definitely try the others.

  • Ashley

    This sounds soo yummy! I can’t wait to try this. :)

  • Jamie Cain

    For another yummy combination, use apples, oranges, and cinnamon- perfect for a fall cleanse!

  • Maria

    Can someone tell me how much water and how much of each ingredient to put in the pitcher?

  • Rachel Elkins

    This is looks so good! Can’t wait to try all of these! xo, Rachel

  • Janine Vollmer

    Hi Team-LC,
    I tried the raspberry one! Really tasty :)
    Greetings from Germany!

  • Nikki

    These infused waters look great! I need to pick up some fruit and a pitcher and try it out.

  • Jennifer scott

    These are great, it makes drinking fun and my skin is already clearing up! Another fun one I have found is:
    It is like Minty Strawberry Lemonade!!

    • Makeda Johnson

      Can you post tge recipe for that strawberry water

      • Wellduh14

        She did smh

  • Lindsey Kettles

    Blackberry, Cherry and Lime sounds delicious and refreshing and a nice clear skin potion which I will try first yum packed with loads of antioxidants :-)

  • Anisha R

    I make the lemon + cucumber + mint one every day and it is SO delicious and refreshing! It is a great detox drink too!

  • TuckerJoy

    Yum! Watermelon*Mint*Lemon is what I made tonight.

  • Jarede

    Made a pitcher of ice cold lime and mint leaves water. It’s delishous. And best of all – my husband loves it. Thank you.

  • Y D

    Where did you buy the pitchers?

    • Ellie

      You can buy the mason jars individually or in packs of twelve at stores such as Target and Michaels. I believe they may also have them at Walmart.

  • Ray

    Lemon raspberry mint sounds good.

  • natalieeee

    Where would you get the mint leaves???

  • Haley acuff

    blackberry cherry lime sounds good!!

  • kmariek

    I got mint leaves at my local grocery store, they were about 99

  • rekhs

    thanx for solving my big problem, i was too confused as what to do of the fruits after drinking the water

  • Crystal Riggs

    Can you give me the amount of fruits you put in them

  • tkbrotz

    I made a gallon tea jar of lemon + cucumber + mint and added lime and grated ginger root. Delicious!
    Two sliced lemons w/some juice squeezed in
    Two medium cucumbers sliced
    1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
    Two sliced limes w/some juice squeezed in
    2 Tbls grated ginger root w/skin removed

  • steve03grunt

    They all look and sound great, can’t wit to try them out. thanks.

  • Oni

    I absolutely love adding a few slices of beets to my water with a sprinkle of chia seeds!

  • Chloe

    Infused water is awesome!!! here is a free recipe book of infused water recipes, and information on water infusion and hydration to share:

    from the makers of this infuser water bottle:

  • CJ

    Just saw this online and seems like the best way to infuse because it muddles the fruit instead of waiting for it to infuse. Website is

  • Elizabeth Nieswender

    Does this help to get a slimmer body? just asking

    • tkbrotz

      Great detox and antioxidants for the body. Some claim to help you lose weight. I haven’t lost but haven’t gained either. I’d rather drink water than anything else and adding fruit to it makes it very inviting.



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