Primp Tip: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Bangs

Primp Tip: The Smart Girl's Guide to Bangs

Bangs are one of the easiest ways to change up your look without having to sacrifice length of your hair or make a dramatic change in color. But for such a quick hair makeover, there’s still a lot to consider before making the cut. As you know, I recently cut bangs myself, so I thought I’d share a few of the tips I learned in the process. Here is my comprehensive beauty guide to cutting bangs…

Get inspired.
From blunt, heavy bangs to wispy, side-swept bangs, there’s a lot of variety in the fringe family. Before making the cut, I suggest you spend plenty of time looking through magazines or on Pinterest and gathering inspiration. Then, take these reference images to your hairstylist when you go to get your bangs cut. When I cut my fringe, I had a modern Brigitte Bardot look in mind and I brought along plenty of inspiration images to work with.

Find the right fringe for your face.
Once you identify what type of bangs you like, ask yourself how they will suit your face. While short, micro-fringe may have looked chic on Audrey Hepburn, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. Blunt, eyebrow-length bangs are a good option if you have a long, narrow face because they will make your face appear more oval. Soft, side-parted bangs look lovely on heart-shaped faces. Long, side-swept bangs look good on almost anyone. You can straighten them or wear them wavy if you have natural curls. However, everyone’s face shape and hair texture is a little different, which leads me to my next tip…

Try on a hairpiece.
Even if you have a whole collection of inspiration images saved at this point, you’ll still want to try your bangs on for size. After a rather unfortunate bob incident a few years ago, I’ve made a habit of visiting a wig store before making any drastic changes to my cut or color (it makes for a pretty fun adventure). Find a clip-on bang that matches your hair color and texture as closely as possible, and see what you will look like before making the actual cut.

Be prepared for monthly maintenance.
Many people don’t realize how fast their hair really grows until they have bangs. While most hairstylists don’t charge just for bang trims, it can be a pain to keep running back and forth to your salon every six weeks. Side-swept bangs require less maintenance, but blunt cuts can start falling across your eyes as soon as four weeks after you last cut them. So, unless you’re a pro when it comes to at-home trims, be prepared to stop by your stylist regularly to maintain the shape and length of your fringe.

One more thing to remember is that you can always trim more but you can’t grow it back immediately, so start with longer bangs and go from there. Also, know that when the time comes to grow out your bangs, the process may take a while. Be prepared to get creative with your hairstyles and hair accessories while you are waiting for your fringe to grow long enough to blend in with the rest of your hair.

Are you considering cutting bangs?

Leave your own tips and experiences with fringe in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photo: Regan Cameron for Glamour
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  • cantumuch01142013

    With having a round face, I have found that bangs get a bit complicated. What’s the best way to is discuss with the stylist how to get fringe bangs that can be side sweep or basic bangs?

  • KeeleyLou

    I did a blog post about getting a fringe too a couple of weeks back! Weird!

  • Rocky

    I’m hairstylist, and I cut versatile bangs like this frequently. Tell your stylist that you want to be able to wear your bangs forward, but also have the option to sweep them to the side. You will want your bangs to be cut shorter in the middle and slightly longer on the sides to allow for the different styles. Your stylist should also be able to show you how to style them both ways.

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I’ve been considering going back to bangs; of course I say that but the minute I get it done they will start bothering me! Haaha!


  • Katelin Absher

    Omg now weird I’m getting my hair cut today and thinking about bangs. Idk if I can go for the straight across because of the maintenance but def going to cut my side bangs shorter!!

  • Melanie Richard

    i love bangs! they’re such a great look for fall… i’m getting mine done in a few weeks :)

  • Ashley

    These are awesome tips! I am always so cautious about doing anything to my hair. I got a perm in 7th grade, and had a friend do at-home highlights in 8th grade (I thought it was cool! hah) but other than that, my hair has been chemical-free. I wanted to try ombre last summer, but psyched my self out of it. Bangs are a great way to go!
    Could you maybe do a post on how to find your face-shape, if you haven’t already. I think I’m oval but it’s hard to tell!

  • Stephanie

    I got bangs in spring of last year and still have them. I love them!


  • suzanne

    I get bangs all the time! I think it’s so fun, because it totally changes your look :)
    Suzanne from

  • Erin

    I have thicker straight across bangs and I absolutely love them. I get complements on them every day. They do kind of suck when it’s hot outside and they stick to my forehead though. Trims also aren’t very fun, but my stylist doesn’t charge for my in between touch-ups so they’re totally worth it.

  • Nik D

    I cute bangs over a year ago and love them. Even with blunt, full bangs, I can do side swept, or pin them back in the heat. Makes me look and feel younger.


    I love bangs on me for about a week, then I get so annoyed with them and regret the decision BIG TIME! After about 6 of those moments I’ve finally learned to just not do it. Doesn’t mean I don’t still crave them though! I love bangs!
    Hilary x

  • thinkpinklc

    I have been thinking about bangs for almost a year, I just can’t seem to get out of the long side sweep. Definitely great advice. ♥♥♥♥


    Certain hairstyles look amazing but are a bit more high maintenance than we would like!

  • Lauren Perry

    I had bangs just like that for years. I loved them but hated how quickly they got dirty. I finally grew them out to move to southern California. It’s just too warm here for bangs!

    • Donna

      I have had my long hair with bangs and without bangs, but I think I prefer to have bangs because of the versatility. I try to keep my bangs just below my eyebrows. This means that I have to cut them about every other week. I can pin them back with a little teasing for an off the forehead look. I blow-dry them around a round brush tease them a little bit and comb them back and to the side with a half up do to get a fringe look. If I wear them down l fluff them somewhat to keep them from sticking to my forehead. When I cut them I pull them as close together in the middle of my forehead and cut them with a slight curve, this makes them straight across the forehead but then they angle down at the end of the eyebrows and go down past your temples which looks good and also gives them a layered effect if you brush them back or to the side. I have worn my bags long as my hair and mid cheek but just below the eyebrow is the best for me. . They also cover any laugh lines on your forehead. You can easily wash only your bangs too if they get oily. I do this often because my hair is waist length and I find it grows faster if I don’t wash it daily.

  • Deanne Castro

    Love bang but they can be annoying! So I a on the fence about getting them again

    For more on fashion and beauty check out my blog:

    Follow me on Twitter/Pinterst/Instagram: @MyFashAvenue


  • Raven Locks

    I love bangs! I’ve had mine for years. I can’t imagine not having them anymore lol. I really like the bangs that you have in this picture. They look amazing!

    xo Azu

  • Alexandra Gill

    I’ve had bangs for over a year now and I love them. I’ve played with the thickness of them, the style, the length. I’m going to grow them out a bit to get a side-swept look, but I know I will never not have bangs. I will admit I was scared at first, I have a round face and a double cowlick, but I have a wonderful stylist, and I have never regretted it for one single second!

  • daisykatherine

    I had bangs for years then decided to grow them out. I’ve been without them for about a year now but I am seriously considering getting them again, I miss them too much!

    Please check out my blog for reviews on monthly subscription boxes!


  • Kaysibee

    I have really curly hair and have been considering a fringe. Any tips or tricks to making curls more of a wave so I’m not walking around with a straight fringe and ringlets?

  • Harmony

    I have the same hair and I use a hot air curler. It works wonders on our curly hair.

  • Harmony

    I will not go without bangs, one of the ugliest parts of us is our forehead and no one wants to see that! Bangs make a bad hair day look good and make us look younger, I had to learn to cut them myself as they grow really fast.

  • TStrahlendberg

    My friend has some bangs and I absolutely love it on her, but I am never sure if I like them too much on myself :/ Had them i the past but can’t remember if I loved them or simply got frustrated :)

    Worth a try or should I stick to my longer hair and finally try the ombre look for fall? :)
    Thank you for sharing more ideas for hairstyles!!!

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    I have always thought about it but since I used to have side bangs and now growing them out, I am enjoying my bangs being really long! I will definitely resort back to these idea’s if I ever take the plunge!

    Ash xo,

  • Kaysibee

    anything i can do that doesn’t involve hot tools? i haven’t used any heat on my hair for years!

    • Kaity Miller

      you dont necessarily need hot tools for bangs (unless youre like me and have a cowlick right in the front)

      • Nanners

        I have a cowlick in front too, on the right side. I have to put a lot of smoothing cream on it no matter how I wear them. Sometimes I show the cowlick and sometimes I don’t. Also, my hair is fine and thin and bangs never lay right for me. I think I might stop with condition on that part of my head.

  • Stephanie Larsen

    I took all your advice and finally went for it. I’m so glad I did! My advice is…a little bit messy and chunky looks good. Don’t try to be a perfectionist with the straightener.

  • Ashley burke

    Great tips! The times I went for a long bang I adored them. I probably will try them again with some layers and textures! xoxo

  • Taanjaa

    I have had all kind of bangs and I loved them all :)


  • Erin reilly

    I grew up with a fringe and hated it. My mum was convinced that fringes were practical for children, which wasn’t so nice when all my friends had cool long ‘dos. As soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions (maybe about 13) I grew my hair out. About five years ago, though, I had a semi mid-life crisis and cut my hair into a very short bob with a fringe – and loved it. In March I got married and had very long hair for the wedding, but as soon as I could I cut a blunt eyebrow-or-longer-level fringe – and loved it again. Unfortunately summer is on its way (I’m from New Zealand) so I’m starting to grow it out again so I avoid sweaty fringe-covered forehead syndrome. Any tips for growing a fringe out? Erin xx

    • Krissy

      I grew mine out and kept getting it trimmed into a side swept fringe as it grew. Once it’s got a bit of length to it, it blends well and is easy (with hairspray help) when styling!

  • fresh Jen

    I find it uncomfortable talking to someone who has bangs directly in one of their eyes or if their bangs are almost touching their eyes. I cringe, wanting to move that hair out of their eyes. And seeing someone cranking their neck every minute talking to you is also odd to me. Anyone?

    • Hundpoo

      You don’t have to wear them so chill out and let people do what they feel comfortable.

  • Samantha Brown

    I had bangs last year but I eventually grew them out because they were so high maintenance! I’ll probably cut them again at some point but for now I’m enjoying having a long fringe

    Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Kaity Miller

    After years of an on again, off again relationship with bangs, (essentially only consisting of me cutting them and then immediately hating them and growing them out) i finally took the plunge again but with one thing different: this time i cut them ABOVE my eyebrows! and suddenly i love them! they completely changed my look in a super sexy way. Upkeep is annoying as hell considering how fast they grow but its worth it. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the brows made a difference??

    • Danielle Drury

      I love the idea of shorter bangs, but my hair is naturally curly and I worry that it might be too hard to style. How much work are your bangs in the morning?

  • Jooley

    I’m torn about getting my bangs back, but since you mentioned how great the type of bangs I want is for long, narrow faces (which I have the complete opposite of), I’ll keep mine side-swept or long! That certainly helped make up my mind.

  • Danielle Drury

    I got bangs a couple months ago and I immediately started reaching for the bobby pins! I love my bangs and they look great, but styling them in the morning for work is a chore! Any tips on how to make the process a little faster/easier for lazies like me?

    • Raenna

      Dry your bangs straight holding the blow dryer above your bangs pointing down straighten with straightner then straighten with a bit of a curl then straighten completely again for some reason that little curl then straightening again leaves them srraight but a little body. Use a dab of soe kind of styling gel and it leaves them. A little.seperated straight and with body

      • Raenna

        Sorry for the typos

  • Raenna

    I had really long hair with bangs, now I have short haor amd still bangs but I want the bang look I had with long hair but ot doesnt work. I.dont know if it is because they r wispy or what. Any suggestions???

  • Rachel Nicholson

    Using a fine toothed comb and dry shampoo is the secret to awesome bangs! It’s important to build body. I have a cow lick right in the middle of my bangs, so I always have to force mine a little bit. I have to blow dry w/ a round brush to create body and then flat iron and then I go back through with a comb. I keep a comb in my bag at all times!! I think once you get the process down, it might take 5 minutes max, so not too bad!

  • Amelia

    I did it and regret it so much! I feel like I got bored with them and their maintenance faster than it is to grow them out. 4 months of bangs, 10 months and counting of growing :(

  • snowflake

    ugh i just had flashbacks of what bangs felt like…i couldn’t handle the feeling of hair constantly being on my face. growing them out to match my waist-length waves was also a big pain. I’ll never do it again, it’s not for me, but i LOVE the way they look on people that rock them.

  • Areeba

    My hair is curly and I find them at times difficult to style. I would really want to try front bangs but I’m not sure whether it’ll suit me for not. Any suggestions?

  • Rina

    I actually want side bangs and I’m getting ready to go to a hair salon for the first time before Thanksgiving. But the concern is that my straight bangs are only down to my eyebrows ad slightly above my eyes (length). Is that still possible for side bangs?

  • Janine

    i got bangs like 3 years ago and i still have them and wont grow them out. that style just suits me best…tho styling bangs can be a pain in the a**
    i cut my bangs myself by the way.



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