Eco Chic: My New XO(eco) Collection

Eco Chic: My New XO(eco) Collection
August is turning out to be quite the exciting month for me. Last week it was my new LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s collection, and today I am excited to debut my brand new XO(eco) collection with BlueAvocado! This is my second collection with BlueAvocado, which is a very exciting time in a brand’s evolution. I took all of the feedback from the 2013 product lineup, and used it to design a 2014 collection that I am even more proud of than the first.

Once again, all of my XO(eco) travel, shopping, and beauty accessories are fashionable, functional, and most importantly, eco-friendly. Each and every piece in the collection is made with Repreve, which comes from recycled plastic bottles. One of my main goals in partnering with BlueAvocado was to raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability, and show that even small changes like swapping plastic for a reusable container can make a big difference. And with my line, the eco-friendly choices you make can also be chic.
Eco Chic: My New XO(eco) Collection
BlueAvocado’s motto is “Smile More. Waste Less,” and I think this captures the essence of this new collection perfectly. As you may already know, I’m a big fan of conversational prints. This season’s designs feature a classic and preppy nautical print, a timeless cute polka dot, and a floral print that I actually drew myself. For the food-on-the-go collection, I wanted to pair classic with whimsy to allow today’s modern hostess can make a statement. The micro-dots in navy and red are timeless, won’t get dirty easily, and will work for everyone.

If you’re inspired to join me in going eco-chic, then order your XO(eco) goodies on today! Right now BlueAvocado is offering a special 10% off promotion through 8/23 on any XO(eco) item. Just use the code viplove10 at checkout.

Which product are you most excited about?

My personal favorites would have to be the pie and casserole carriers.

XO Lauren

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  • Tanisha


  • Remy Kennedy

    Love the new collection!! Can you make gym accessories next?! That would be perfection :)

  • sunsets829

    I love the microdots, such a fabulous print! Love that it’s an eco-friendly line- not sure what I’ll get yet but the lunch bag kind of catches my eye. :)

  • Tmac


  • Wiz

    amazing idea, you are very creative! i will defiantly get my own lunch bag and travel bag from blue avocado!

  • mrsfish

    Lauren you are so amazing! From clothing lines to Eco friendly products. You have done so well for yourself! I really appreciate that you came from a reality show and stayed classy! You are a great role model for our young generation. I wish nothing but goodness in all your endeavors! Way to market yourself in a positive way!!

  • Shannon Rehsler

    I went to go buy the curling iron/straightening iron holder but they do not ship to Canada. Very Sad :(
    Love you LC just finished reading Infamous. Are there going to be more novels in the future?

  • oceangirl25

    The casserole and pie carriers are so cute and great for a picnic at the park! Pie would taste better in a unique container :)

  • Sarah Travis

    I am really excited about the pie carrier! And the casserole carrier!

  • Megan R.

    I am loving that pie carrier as my dish always seems to move around a little when I put it in the larger containers. Will def have to order that ASAP!


  • kitty

    wait, so they’re trying to raise awareness and promote eco friendly living yet they only donate a mere 1% of their profits to conservation programs / efforts.

    and i’m supposed to buy this?

  • Kelly

    I love the XO(eco) Lunch Kit in “”Tuxedo Stripe,”” and you can never go wrong with a cute eco friendly Wine Tote (in Red Microdot- which would be a really nice gift to give to the hostess with a bottle of wine inside and some glasses or chocolates, when going to something like a dinner party!!) xo Kelly

  • Jackelin

    the nautical print is too cute!

  • Laura Buying

    Do they ship to the Netherlands too?

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    LOVE the pie carrier, what a great idea!!


  • Ashley

    The prints are definitely fun and the items all seem so functional! :)

  • Tarryn pitts

    I love all of the prints and colors. Especially the blues….its my favorite color.

  • Johlet Swiegers
  • dior096

    When will these be available in Scotland! :( xxxx

  • Kelby Peachey

    Congrats Lauren! They are beautiful!!


  • Franci Gire
  • Lynn F

    Just ordered my lunch box through Amazon! Can’t wait to bring it to work with me next week. :)

  • Cesie Alvarez

    Why did I just learn about this! This is perfect for carrying my lunch around!!

  • Delia Azcona

    cant wait to purchase some of these cute eco-chic products :)

  • shayma alneami

    Great job Lauren… sending our love from Dubai!

  • Emma Yoder

    I’m confused. I looked on Blue Avocado for the Umbrella, as it advertised. I didn’t see it at all. Is it available for purchase?

  • Marlyn

    theyre adorable! x

  • Jacey Collins

    I love your new collection!

  • Raven Locks

    Congrats, Lauren! That’s such great news :) I love the idea of this collection.

    xo Azu

  • Mac

    I will be starting a new job next week (yay!) so I ordered the black stripe lunch pack and the hand towels so I can pack my lunches in a sustainable AND stylish way…LOVE the designs and the environmental impact! Can’t wait for them to be delivered!
    xo Mac



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