Hot Hot Heat: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos

August is the hottest month of the entire summer, and there is nothing worse than facing sweltering temps without a hot weather beauty regimen to rely on. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the feeling of my hair being on my neck when the thermometer is climbing into three-digit territory. Instead, I like to keep my tresses off my neck, away from my face, and pulled back into an effortless ‘do. When the standard ponytail has worn out its welcome, there are a few other options to explore…

wrapped ponytail

Hot Hot Heat: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos

Put a fresh spin on your basic pony by wrapping a piece of hair around the base and holding it in place with a bobby pin. Give it that beachy summer touch by tousling it up a little bit.

messy bun

Hot Hot Heat: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos

This hairstyle is the easiest way to get your hair off your face and neck, and it looks cute too. Gather your hair and twist it until it makes a donut shape. Fasten your hair tie around the outer edge, secure with bobby pins and pull out a few wispy pieces for an undone look.

topsy turvy

Hot Hot Heat: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos

This simple trick looks like it takes a lot of effort, but you can do it in no time at all. First throw your hair into a loose low ponytail. Then spread the hair above your hair tie into two sections and loop the ponytail through it. Pull it all the way through and loosen up the twisted sides.

milkmaid braids

Hot Hot Heat: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos

You might remember this hairstyle from our festival beauty hair ideas post. Just make two braids in your hair, wrap them around your head, and secure them to the top of your head with bobby pins. Click the photo for our step-by-step tutorial.

loose fishtail

Hot Hot Heat: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos

This hairstyle is great for one of those straight-off-the-beach days when your hair is salty and windblown. The salt should even make it textured enough to hold without an elastic! Never tried a fishtail? Click the photo above for an easy tutorial.

Which hairstyle is your favorite?

Team LC

Photos: Glamour UK June 2013, Harper’s BazaarBeauty highDrop Dead Gorgeous DailyThe Zoe ReportThe Luxury Spot
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  • Anna-Louise

    A blog about Fashion, travel and beauty x

  • Ashley

    These are great ideas that anyone should be able to do! :) Thanks!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I would like to master a good fishtail braid. I love the way they look. This summer I have found myself finding security with the top knot.


  • Jackelin

    the first two hair styles are within my comfort zone but I would love to do a fishtail!

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  • Emma Acomb

    The fishtail looks so cute! Love them all!

  • yvonne cort

    I really like the wrapped ponytail, it looks simple and classy. It is something that I can wear out for lunch or to something professional. In reality, I love them all!

  • Stefie

    i loooove the fishtail, it can look elegant even when it’s messy!

  • Katelin Absher

    I love them all!!! I have super thick and long hair that the only style that would work for me would be #1…super cute styles though!!

  • Stefie

    I loooove the fishtail, it can look elegant even when it’s messy!

  • Kelby Peachey

    I really need to start doing the topsy turvy one. I never remember to try it!



    Be sure to post a photo on your profile if you do try it out! We’d love to see it :)

  • Cesie Alvarez

    I have curly hair so I never feel like these would work out for me or look anything like the pictures. Guess I can’t knock it till I try it!?

  • suzanne

    I always love wearing my hair up during the warmer months! So, these looks will come in handy :)
    Suzanne from

  • redheadrachel

    I definitely need to try some of these before summer is over. It’s been so hot and humid here! :(


  • Raven Locks

    I love the milkmaid braids! That has got to be my favorite hairstyle for the summer. It’s so cute and easy to do :) I also like the low ponytail in the first picture.

    xo Azu

  • Paulina Mo

    Love the wrap pony tail! it’s my go-to!

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  • nastaja johnson

    the topsy turvy is soo cute!! love it!

    check my blog:

  • Rachel Elkins

    I love doing messy buns and fish tails braids! They’re so cute and can be worn casually or you can make them look nicer for less casual occasions!
    xo, Rachel

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    Love all of these hairstyles but I really love the topsy turvy one :)


  • Tlynch

    I luv all of these hairstyles! I look forward to some new summer looks. Can you share what kind of brush Ms. Conrad is using in her tutorial video on the fishtail braid? Thank you!

  • Kubz

    I love the hairstyles

  • Deanne Castro

    Love the wrapped ponytail! it’s so easy and chic!

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  • Franci Gire

    They look good! I’ve got to try more hairstyles out!


  • shel billett

    try topsy turvy on the side, low behind your ear. i love how soft & romantic it looks. x

  • Emma denton

    I love the bun it’s always a classic beach look! Please check out my beauty blog that I’ve recently started xx

  • stephaniesstyle

    my favorite is the messy bun. Thats because i can not do a fishbraid on myself :(
    xx Stephanie (

  • kalamityray

    awesome info! Easy to do, looks great, and doesn’t cause undo harm to your hair! Keep these coming!

  • Marsha

    Never underestimate the ponytail for sophistication and utility: from the beach or Madison Avenue. They go everywhere.

  • nickki mouse

    I love this ponytail it just gives it something different than a regular ponytail.

  • nickki mouse


  • Rofaida Rofi


  • sugar

    Number 3 was my go-to summer do!!! I simply loved it. ��

  • Jennifer

    i have just been letting my hair air dry all summer because i have been trying really hard to grow it out and my hair curls easily and not in the way i like it to so i have been braiding my hair but not all the way up to the crown of my head and then letting it out when my hair is dry and i have a nice all around same kind of wave and sometimes after that i put it in a side braid and i have been getting a lot of compliments cz people think i have been crimping my hair!

  • Ashley

    I’ve tried a wrapped ponytail before, but it always falls out since the bobby pin never holds! :( #3 is really cool looking though, will try!

  • Ashley burke

    The hair twist pony and fishtail braid is GORGEOUS. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

  • fresh Jen

    gorgeous, cute, and look easy to do/ comfortable to wear. I’ve been rocking braided pigtails lately and sock buns. Both add incredible texture when you undo these.

  • Hairstyles co

    Really gorgeous and cute haircuts .

  • missrachelle b

    I’ll surely add this hairstyle to my collection of bun hairstyles! This will fit my kind of style
    and will make me look good everyday. I will really try this. Thanks for

  • Julia Gomez

    Milkmaid braids. so in love!

  • Konstantina Bourtzou
  • Jamie W

    Love the topsy turvy look!

    Jamie W

  • abbying

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • lulu

    Thanks for this inspiration <3

  • The Single Diaries

    Cute ideas! My favorite site for easy hairstyles is The Small Things blog. You should check it out!

    Jen Hacker | The Single Diaries

  • Pamela Dahle

    Must say you’ve listed quick and easy hairdos. After reading your article I tried wrapped ponytale hairdo. I came across a similar article related to trendiest ponytales. I think you should take a look.

  • Beauty Groomers

    nice hair styles keep it up

    Things not to do while washing face

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    Loving that chic pony and braid! If only I cold master the messy bun haha. Who knew so much work went into those darn things!?




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