Fit Tip: My Summer Slim Secret


Every so often, I discover a new diet tip that helps me stick to a fit and healthy lifestyle. I like to think that these diet tips build on each other, but sometimes I really find myself sticking to one for a while and then moving onto the next. Anyway, my newest slim secret this summer is all about portion control. I really enjoy the taste of healthy food—salads, whole grains, lean meats, and good fats. And I have come to realize that I can pretty much order what I want at a restaurant as long as I keep my portions in check. If I want a few sweet potato fries to go along with my grilled chicken salad at lunch, I will get them! But I make sure that I’m aware of how many I am eating. My biggest challenge isn’t what I eat, but rather how much of it I eat. Since I’ve come to realize this, it’s been easier for me to tap into my weakness and control it. Hence, learning to control my portions.

A great way to follow through with this trick is ordering an entree to split with your bestie instead of each ordering your own. This way you won’t have a large pile of food sitting in front you, and you won’t be temped to clean your entire plate. I’ve also found that eating on smaller plates helps to trick my mind into thinking I’m eating more than I am. And a boyfriend comes in handy too! If you’re dining out with your beau, eat the portion that is right for you and then pass your plate over to your guy. Chances are he will clean your plate for you before you fall victim to overeating.

Whenever I start to feel full, I give myself 10 to 15 minutes to let my fullness really sink in. I can clear my mind by striking up a conversation at the table, or if I’m eating by myself, taking a quick lap around the house. If I’m still feeling hungry 10 minutes later, I know that I can eat a little bit more without getting stuffed. And that’s my little slim secret du jour!

Do you have a tip that helps you to slim down during bikini season?

What’s the biggest diet challenge you face? (Portion control is mine!)

Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photo: Marie Claire