Here & There: I’m Teaming Up with Refinery29!


Today I am excited to announce that I will be partnering up with one of my favorite websites, Refinery29! Refinery’s email newsletters are a staple in my inbox for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment news. I’m also a dedicated reader of the Los Angeles section of their site. (But for all you who don’t live in L.A., you can check out their New York, London, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. sections too.)

Anyway, every week for the next month I will be sharing blog posts on Refinery29 and guest pinning to our joint Pinterest board appropriately titled california girl. I will also be making a special guest appearance in their newsletter (check that off the bucket list!). So keep an eye out and be sure to join Refinery’s newsletter if you haven’t already.

What are your all-time favorite websites?

Leave your list in the comments below!

XO Lauren

Photo: Kohl’s
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  • suzanne

    How exciting for you Lauren! Great job :)
    Suzanne from

  • Sarah Heckle

    So fun! I’m a big fan of refinery29’s content. I’ll definitely be stopping by to read your articles!

  • Kelly Lynne

    Congratulations Lauren! So glad that so many wonderful things are happening for you! You deserve it all.

  • Lesha

    Congrats Lauren! You’re such an accomplished young woman and a role model to everyone.

  • Ashley

    You are such an impressive person- one to look up to! :) Congratulations!!

  • Deanne Castro

    You’re all over the place! That’s amazing!

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  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Congrats, Lauren! That’s really exciting news! I will definitely be sure to check out the site.


  • Nitu Patel

    Congrats Lauren! How exciting!! Love this site: — I sell their sunglasses. They were actually featured in REFINERY 29 and VOGUE!

  • Taanjaa

    Congrats Lauren so cool!

  • Lan

    Congrats! I loved their website.

  • jenny

    Congrats! My favorite website these days is – super fun way to find cute things that I love!

  • Samantha Curtis

    That’s awesome! I tried signing up for a newsletter and stuff, but it won’t let me. :(

  • Katelin Absher
  • TStrahlendberg

    My all time favorite homepage are blogs (cupcake & cashmere and rockstar diaries).
    Very cute designer tips can be found on “”home made modern””.

    Combine that with my passion for travel, fashion, great food, beautiful details and you got my blog :)

    Congrats on the team up!
    xx taty

  • Samantha Curtis

    That’s awesome! I tried signing up for a newsletter and stuff, but it won’t let me. :(

    ♥ Samantha

  • Harmony

    Za Za Belliago, Gabba Gabba Gorgeous,, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Life with a Side of Coffee. I do not read any other blogs due to time but if anyone has a great one like these let me know.

  • Cami

    I’m a big fan of the NY sections of Refinery 29! I’m also a subscriber. That’s pretty exciting!
    My ultimate favorite websites are Charge Magazine at, Refinery 29,[of course!],, and the Glitter Guide!

  • Cassandra Lozano

    would really love the dress in the picture! wheres it from?

  • Dana Ivy

    love refinery 29! even featured one of their articles in my latest blog post – I Adore What I CLICK –

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!!

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash
  • Leanne

    Gorgeous picture!!!

    Love from South Africa

  • happily_blue

    YES!! I LOVE R29!! This is a GREAT partnership

  • carol ann

    I love, love, love your blog and always look forward to reading more about fashion, makeup, hair, etc. Love reading comments from the other ladies here as well. Look forward to reading more about your partnership with R29!

  • Raven Locks

    Congratulations, Lauren! That’s super exciting :)

    xo Azu

  • Theodoraxo

    I’m so happy for you LC. Congrats <3 xo

  • Titi

    Congratulations! I’m an avid fan of Refinery 29. I look forward to your partnership. I usually read Refinery SF.

  • Emma Acomb

    All time fav website is duh!

  • Tanisha

    other than this one i love ring my bell ( fashion blog and polyvore

  • Angie Hogge

    I believe it’s from LC Lauren Conrad her Kohl’s line. I love it too!

  • elisabeth is my favorite : )

  • Nanzy

    congrats Lauren!!!My favorite is

  • Franci Gire

    Awesome! Congrats Lauren! I love their website. :)


  • Diamenrose

    Congrats!!’Thats so cool! Congrats! My favorite sites are she is awesome! You should check her out! Penny Pincher and seams for a desire and atlantic pacific belong also to my favorit websites :)

  • Rosie D

    Congrats Lauren!..your such an inspiration. BTW-love your dress..



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