Book Club: Our Next Book Is…


Today I am excited to finally announce the next book we are going to read for our Book Club! I know you have all been waiting to start up a new read, and summer is the perfect time to kick back and relax with a good book. After reading your feedback on my Summer Read List, I have decided that we will read Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close.

Even before I saw your comments about requesting this book for our next book club read, I actually was very interested in reading it myself as well. I’ve heard that it’s a collection of funny, realistic stories that any 20-something girl can relate to. Here’s the book description I pulled from the Amazon listing for Girls in White Dresses:

Isabella, Mary, and Lauren feel like everyone they know is getting married. On Sunday after Sunday, at bridal shower after bridal shower, they coo over toasters, collect ribbons and wrapping paper, eat minuscule sandwiches and cakes. They wear pastel dresses and drink champagne by the case, but amid the celebration these women have their own lives to contend with: Isabella is working a dead-end job, Mary is dating a nice guy with an awful mother, and Lauren is waitressing at a midtown bar and wondering why she’s attracted to the sleazy bartender.

With a wry sense of humor, Jennifer Close brings us through those thrilling, bewildering years of early adulthood as she pulls us inside the circle of these friends, perfectly capturing the wild frustrations and soaring joys of modern life.

Are you as excited as I am to start this book?

If you are going to participate in my book club on Girls in White Dresses, please read to the end of the chapter called “An Animal Called Ham” by August 7th.

On August 7th I will post a few reading questions for you to answer and announce the date of the book chat too.

XO Lauren

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  • Liesl

    No way! I literally JUST bought this book about 10 minutes ago! So excited to read it with everyone.

    By the way I bought it here for only $9.90

    Happy reading, everyone!

    Liesl xxx

  • Sarah Nice

    I’m going to have to get this book when I’m done with “”The Last Girls,”” by Lee Smith (which is also extremely good). And anyone interested should definitely join me over at (my profile is here: and start a reading goal! Because I’m busy, I set mine to 15 this year, and so far I’m way above where I should be, so I might end up reading more. But it’s a great site to find more books out there and connect with people. Oddly enough, I even made a local friend on the site!

    Happy reading, all!

    Sarah xx

  • mm_mk

    This sounds perfect as myself and friends are going through the same! Going to pick up the book tonight! Look forward to reading it with everyone :)

  • Hayley_haylz

    Just ordered it on eBay!!!! Excited to get into a good book =)

  • Tori

    This book sounds so like my life right now haha can’t wait to get started!

  • Reg

    Morning everyone! Though I’m no longer in my twenties, several of my girlfriends are entering the moment of their lives when don those “”white dresses.”” I’m excited to read the book. Barnes & Noble here I come!

  • Megan R.

    I love this book! I read it last summer and could not put it down once I started it. You will thoroughly enjoy this summer time read!


  • Jessica Bevelheimer

    I read this in the beginning of the summer! Perfect for a recent grad like myself trying to figure out what I want out of life. Hope everyone enjoys! :)


  • Deana Toussi

    Wow, amazing coincidence – I just downloaded this book 2 days ago and immediately dove into it (because it was on your list of must reads for 20-somethings)! I’ll definitely join this round of book clubbing :)

  • Emma Acomb

    sounds like a good one!

  • Sarah Beth Angle

    I should defiantly read this… relating to the “”dead-end job”” thing. uhhhg. :)

  • Lacey Perkins

    Read it. LOVED IT! So easy to relate to.

  • Ashley

    This sounds so fun! I’m excited to start reading it and see the questions you have come up with!

  • RachelRadschlag

    Just by reading the summary you posted I can tell I’m going to relate to this book ALOT! Can’t wait…this will be my first time doing your book club. Looking forward to chatting about the book.

  • Kelly Lynne

    I have read this book, but I will still enjoy being involved in the discussions!

  • Erika C

    I just got the audiobook! Can’t wait to get into this while I’m on the go~ Excited for the book chat :)

  • Carrie de

    Sounds like a great book! Ready to start reading.

  • Chiquita Bonita

    My first book with Lauren :) yay!

  • Wiz

    Supppper exited my first book club!!! With Lauren I will purchase a copy 😉


    Thanks for joining us!


    That’s awesome :) thanks for sharing!

  • Susan Ho

    This is awesome! I just checked out that book last week at the library and now it’s going to be my first book club read with Lauren! xoxo <3

  • Liss

    I’m currently reading this book. I’m really liking it!

  • Ashley

    Yay! Excited to read this book. It sounds good!

  • Dana Ivy

    Sounds like my life. Can’t wait to read!

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!

  • Suzi Davenport

    So excited to read this book! Will be purchasing soon! (:

  • Ashley Ward

    Going on Amazon to get this book right now! Cannot wait to start reading it, it sounds perfect right now :)

  • Mariana Garcia

    I just got it! Sounds like just the kind of book I need right now

  • torreypines

    Um good thing I just rented this to start reading! How perf.

    Also, I just posted a blog about not being a morning person. Did you ever want to see what a 7 year old would look like with bangs from ear-to-ear. Well good thing I have a picture!

  • Kelly

    Can’t wait, this book seems pretty relevant to my life right now! Buying it tonight!

    Xo Kelly

  • p burbano

    Placed a hold on this book at my library, can’t wait!


  • Nat:)

    Just ordered this book. I’m ready!

  • Jodi Coplan

    I have been wanting to read this book! I’m excited and hopefully will be able to participate.

  • Rachel

    This book sounds great! Love a good book suggestion!


  • a_rohr

    I read this book earlier this summer! Loved it! It’s funny and totally relatable!

  • Melissa Riollano

    Yay for a new book club read! I have to admit I’m sort of skeptical about this pick but I’ll give it a shot. Any excuse to hit up the bookstore ��

  • Jackie s.

    Just picked the book up at the library! So excited for this book, it was one of the ones on my list.

  • Rachel Elkins

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to start reading! Gotta wait until it’s available at the library, so hopefully I make it in time! Really want to be apart of this book club! Looks like a good book Lauren!
    xo, Rachel

  • Megfo

    I read this book in a day!! It’s a perfect summer read with laugh out loud parts! I’ve made all my friends read it! We all love it!! Enjoy!!

  • RKChelsea

    Just ordered mine! This is my first round of book club, so I’m super stoked!

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    This sounds like a great book, I should definitely look into this!


  • JD

    Super excited to start this book!! And to participate with the rest of the book club! Just ordered my book and can’t wait to start reading this book. Look forward to our chat =)

  • TStrahlendberg

    I’ll check it out at Barnes and Nobles. Nice that it is something “”light”” – perfect for the summer at a pool (or after a long day at work)

  • Taanjaa

    It sounds lovely, but I would still love to do a book club on your books, it’s so nice to hear your thoughts on them :)

  • MichaelaAlyssa

    I’m finally going to join the club! I’m excited

  • Mary

    Hi, everyone! I am so happy that the book club on is finally moving along! After reading Lauren’s article about her recommended summer book reads, I bought “”Girls in White Dress,”” along with two others for my own summer reading. I am more than half way done the book and I am loving it! It is definitely a good beach book. I’m almost done the chapter called “”Hope,”” where we learn about the character, Shannon’s, man situation. It’s pretty good. Cannot wait for all of you to be there, too!

    Happy reading!
    -M. (@marycherubini)

  • Mary

    Such a good book! I’m spreading the word, too! :)

  • Mary

    Totally relateable! That’s what I like about it, too!

  • Andrea Nicole

    Oh dear. It seems like this author has literally just followed my friends and I around to write a book lol! Either way, this book sounds like the perfect summer read! Can’t wait to pick it up and begin reading! Thanks for kicking our minds in gear!

  • Josselyn

    It’s so great to have finally found a book club to join and I’m very excited! I recently joined a library and thankfully they had Girls in White Dresses. Unfortunately, they only had it on tape so I was hesitant at first. I am glad to say that because it is already such a funny novel, hearing it on tape has brought it to life even more! The narrator gives all the characters different voices that only help to bring them to life. I highly recommend the audio version if for some reason you can’t get the actual book. I think it’s just as good. And, you can multitask while you listen!

  • pinkdoggy

    Hey, How do we join the book club? so excited!!!


    Thank you for the suggestion! Happy to hear you’ve found your book club here at!

  • mrs. Palmer


    I got this book out of the library yesterday after seeing it on the summer reads list a couple of weeks ago. It is a great choice for the book group, I have not been able to put it down!

    I also got out The Paris Wife so I will be onto that next…

  • Francine Derby

    I have this on my Kindle! Looks like a nice summer read :)

  • shel billett

    Im super stoked to join the book club this month.
    I can totally identify with the girls in the book after reading the summary.
    im married now and a very lucky mum of 1, in my 20’s i was single & watching my friends get married etc. i didn’t wallow, i loved being their bridesmaids & then i just got on a few planes and traveled – and met my hubby in the process.

  • Monica Cunha

    I got married this March and it was so fun! I am in my 20’s but I did not saw my friends getting married first, i was the first! And now I am going to have a baby, my friends do not have the same plans than me, but even if they had my advice is: do not have hurry to get married, dating is fun, and the right guy it will show up when we do not expect.

  • DCarey12

    I actually read this book a couple months and thought it was really good, but it kind of had an abrupt ending! I wish it was a bit longer!

  • Erica Bradshaw

    Super fun read and so easy to relate to!

  • Jillie

    New to the site! Excited to read the new book. Just purchased it on the weekend!

  • pliess

    So excited!! Just started this book and I really like the way it is written so far!!

  • Crystal

    I’m currently reading Girls In White Dresses and I love it! Up next will be What Alice Forgot :) . Thanks for the great reads!

  • sweet_chaela

    I joined the site just so I could be in this book club! I’ll download it tomorrow and begin reading asap!

  • Crystal

    I’m currently reading it and I love it! Thank you for the great read!

  • Lexie

    Just read this after you put it in your slideshow of books you’d like to read this summer! I picked it up at Barnes & Noble and finished it in two sittings. Such a great read!

  • Yoli

    In rememberance of Travon Martin how about,””Manchild In thr Promised Land”” by Claude Brown?

  • brittney laine

    I have had this book for a while…I will have to read it now!

  • Daria Sg

    Did you ladies already started this book? I Jude found your website Lauren. Would love to join if I could :)

  • Erika C

    Can someone tell me the chapter number we should read to? I’m using the audiobook and it doesn’t have the titles :3 Based on that title I think I passed the chapter already lol

  • Michelle W

    Can’t wait to read this! Downloaded it after you put it on your summer reading list!

  • HNew

    can’t wait to join the discussion! just finished chapter 2 loving the writing style!

  • shel billett

    so stoked my library just got this in for me!
    tonight it’s the miss-matched glitter manicure & reading, & maybe a lovely glass of red wine.

  • Manda

    A little iffy about the book. It almost has me, just a bit weird.

  • Jenster13

    I started reading yesterday. So far I love it, and it’s hard to put down!

  • nikkid223

    So far the book is OK. It is well written but barely has a plot. It’s a funny (sometimes depressing) light read and is hard to put it down once you stop.

  • Ammccord

    I actually just finished the book. It’s a rambling, kind of vague book. It jumps from character to character so often that I had a hard time keeping them straight. Some of the scenarios are just straight out depressing. Some stories are cute and endearing.

    I agree that it is hard to put down, but almost because you wonder where it is going…Is there a point somewhere? Soon you realize there isn’t really a point it’s just following a group of girls becoming women and watching their friends graduate into new chapters of their lives at different paces.

  • Astrid Delgado

    Can’t believe I just saw this. Adding this to my lengthy list of books I want to read on GoodReads. Also this might be a book I review later on my blog.

  • Kate Noto

    I will have to go to the library and see if they have it. I was wondering if there might be a list that i can print out of past books that have been read

  • Ciara Allen

    When is the next book being announced? :)

  • Guest

    YES!! I have the book and I am almost done with it! I had it for a while and I am excited to hear you picked it for the book club! Can’t wait!

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