Hey LC readers, it’s Alex, your resident bride-to-be and self-confessed skincare addict. Speaking of skin, today I am going to be dishing a few tips about when you should and shouldn’t consult your dermo. Often times us ladies tend to take certain matters into our own hands (at-home extractions anyone?) when we really should be deferring to a doctor instead. Here are 5 times when you should see your dermo:

1. Cystic acne.
Unless you have the patience of a saint, my doctor suggests taking a field trip to your dermatologist’s office for treatment instead of remedying the issue yourself. At-home extractions run the risk of infection and a doctor can better assess the proper treatment (extraction, steroid injection, topical creams).

2. A cut that just won’t heal.
According to LearnVest, when a scratch or cut doesn’t heal it can indicate that something more serious is going on. If it’s been a few days and the injury doesn’t begin to heal, head to your doctor to get it checked out.

3. Rashes!
Back in college one of my best friends broke out in a strange rash but decided to blow it off as a random allergic reaction. After about three days she realized that she should probably see a doctor. Once she was finally examined she learned that she should have gone to see the doc much sooner since it’s easier to properly diagnose rashes in the early stages. The lesson here? Take heed with rashes and rush to get them looked at by a professional.

4. Growing spots.
If you spy a freckle or a mole that seems to be growing in size, it would be wise to get it examined by your dermatologist. Everyday Health points out that when cancerous spots are identified in the early stages, they are often easy to treat.

5. Excessive hair loss.
While it’s completely normal to lose an average of 100 hairs per day (although depending on the thickness of your hair, this number can vary), excessive hair loss can be linked to skin issues so it’s best to consult a pro…just in case.

What’s your biggest skincare woe? Share it in the comments below and we might just answer your conundrum in a follow up post!

Team LC

P.S. New Wedding Bells post is coming soon! I’ll be sharing gift ideas for bridesmaids…and for the bride (from the maids) as well!