Beauty Confessions From Team LC

Beauty Confessions From Team LC

As bloggers and editors for, we all take fashion and beauty pretty seriously. But at its core, style should always be fun, and sometimes it’s even OK to laugh at your past style mistakes and beauty blunders. So today Team LC has some beauty confessions to make. Be forewarned that some of our secrets are a wee bit embarrassing, but we’re all friends here, right?

Without further ado, here are some startling beauty confessions from the ladies of Team LC…

The Tale of the Peeling Gels by Lauren Conrad

For many girls, gel manicures are the greatest invention of the century. I was skeptical of gels for a while when they first came out, but the appeal of a manicure that would last my entire trip to India was too good to resist any longer. For the first week or so, my experience with gels was without complaint. But by the end of week two a tiny chip had appeared. I started peeling my gels on the plane ride home, and then I just couldn’t stop. It was all downhill from there. Cue me frantically running through the Beijing airport during the layover on my flight home from India, desperately seeking a nail file. I’m sure I looked more than a little crazy. Moral of the story is stick to good old fashion lacquer or at least wait for a proper gel removal.

Liquid Eyeliner Challenged by Ilana Saul

I’m embarrassed to admit that I still don’t know how to apply liquid liner. This beauty skill should be a given since I’m an editor on and it’s Lauren’s signature beauty look. I’ve tried the “dotting technique,” followed the step-by-step instructions in Lauren Conrad Beauty, and still no dice. I also have a pretty steady hand when it comes to at-home manicures, so I’m not sure what the issue is either. Every once in a while when I’m feeling confident, I pick up that liquid eyeliner pen again only to find myself with Amy Winehouse-esque eye makeup. If you have any tips to share, I could certainly use them!

The Dry-Shaving Debacle by Allison Norton

This is a really bad habit I should break but whenever I need smooth legs for a last minute event or evening out on the town, I find myself dry-shaving them. (A big no-no according to Lauren’s Smart Girl’s Guide to Shaving!) Let’s just say that my roommate may or may not have recently seen me running out the door, purse in one hand, razor in the other, desperately trying to shave my legs on the way out—literally. It leaves me with horrible red bumps the next day and it hurts! But I guess it gets the job done. For a few hours at least.

The Beer Hair Rinse Gone Wrong by Alex Gariano

When I was in middle school I had heard that beer was an “incredible” cleanser for damaged strands. So being the fearless beauty adventurer that I was, I decided to give it a try one day before school. Talk about bad timing… Seeing as I was underage, I went and grabbed a beer from my parents’ fridge and quickly soaked my hair in it and blew it dry. (Please note the lack of rinsing!) My brother then dropped me off at school since his high school was across the street and I proudly paraded into my first period class with my shiny strands… Upon sitting down in class my teacher promptly alerted me that I was being sent to the principal’s office only to learn that they thought I had been drinking before class (!!!) because I reeked of beer! Long story short, it was eventually sorted out that I had done a “very specialized beer rinse” pre-class and I was in the clear. The silver lining? I did have insanely silky hair.

The Oompa Loompa Look by Anna James

It was my first big high school party and in an effort to achieve a “California girl glow” I decided to get spray tanned. Big mistake. Instead of looking sun-kissed, I looked oompa loompa-kissed. I was basically a traffic cone in a Kim Zolciak wig and no amount of makeup could help me. (If only I had read this post!) Needless to say, I’ve grown to accept my fair skin and have perfected the art of avoiding artificial coloring… except, of course, when it comes to baked goods.

Now it’s your turn…

Let us know what your biggest beauty confessions are in the comments below.

Team LC

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  • Valeria Alvarez

    Nice stories!! I also have some issues to apply my self liquid eyeliner. I can do it on someone else, but not on me :p

    <3 Val

  • Deanne Castro

    Love these confessions! I can relate to some of them! :/

    For all things fashion and beauty, please check out my blog,

    Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @MyFashAvenue


  • Ashley

    These are great! It’s nice be seen as vulnerable every once in a while! I can definitely relate to Anna’s fake tan blunder!

  • Rachel Trampel

    Haha too funny!!!!!! I am also horrible when it comes to my nails, normal or gel, I PICK and peel! Also, that beer story is hilarious!

  • Katelin Absher

    I never can get my winged liner to be the same everyday! One day its perfect, the next its as thick as my eyelid!! haha I also might try the beer rinse!! :)

  • Coraline Girard

    I have a suggestion for Ilana Saul : when I apply my liquid liner I always use a Q-tip to perfect the line so if your liner looks like Amy Winehouse’s just use a Q-tip and it’ll be perfect :)

  • Sarah

    Good stories! My worst beauty blunder was attempting to cut my own bangs straight across, instead of vertically (Big no-no!) I lived in a boarding house for university then, and my 55 year old neighbor had to help me fix them with his mustache scissors! I didn’t want to go to class for a week!

  • Ilana Saul

    Thank you! I’m totally going to try that :)

  • Ilana Saul

    It’s tough, right?!

  • Ilana Saul

    Good to know I’m not alone :)

  • Emmalotte04

    I love the eyeliner look. I almost always get it perfect and fast with one of those felt tip looking liquid liners. They’re wayyyy easier than the brush ones 😉

  • Olivia Belanger-Mathieu

    I died my hair red for a show a few years ago with Color Pulse (you know, the gone after 8 shampoos) yeah more like gone 2 years later after multiple attempts to dye my hair back to its normal color! Lesson learned…

  • Shawna Rowland

    Re: Dry-Shave – Somethings I have picked up along the way are (1) always set aside time the night before to shave, with soap and water and (2) grab an ice pack out the freezer and ice down any (ANY) areas you just shaved. This prevents the red bump effect hours or days later.

  • Ashlee Richards

    These are awesome! I can definitely relate to picking my nails and not knowing how to apply liquid liner.. lol. I use Avon eyeliner and I love it! I haven’t tried the liquid yet, and I also don’t know how to put liner on my upper eyelids very well. I’ve always just done my lower lids. Lol.

    Now my embarrassing story is from 10th grade, I was going to meet this really cute boy and his family, so I decided to do my eyebrows. I used the Sally Henson eyebrow shapers that are similar to waxing… I guess I got too much on one eyebrow, and lets just say it was definitely noticeable! His mom asked me what happened to my eyebrow! Now I’m always very careful and ask for a second opinion when I do my brows. Lol.

  • Sophia

    Once, in junior high, I wanted to impress the boy who say in front of me in math, so I daringly put on bright blue eyeliner for my first time ever. Lets just say that I looked like Cleopatra… I’ve since learned to experiment with makeup first. Worst of all, my mom just let me go without suggesting I try a different look instead!


    Brow mishaps are the worst! Great idea to get a second opinion, though!

  • Alba Cuci

    Lauren – use lacquer and dry it under UV lights! With proper top coat, it should last 1 week.

    Ilana – do pencil first, then go over it with liquid.

  • Jamie Cain

    For liquid eyeliner, use the side of a fine tip liquid liner pen. Barely touch along the lash line to get a thin start, then use the tip of the pen to thicken the line to where you want it.

  • Mariella

    When I was in 7th grade I wanted my hair was lighter because my best friend was very fair. So in the bathroom of my house secretly take peroxide and started to put it on my hair … again and again … My hair was completely orange! I call crying to my blonde friend and she bought me a dye and while he laughed solved my mess .. from that day the only person who touches my hair is my stylist!

  • Rachel Elkins

    Ilana! You’re not the only one! I can’t put on liquid liner for the life of me and I’ve tried so many tricks and tips! I also a have a steady hand but just can’t seem to master the skill! I could use all the tips in the world or a really good teacher!
    xo, Rachel

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    These are great stories! Love the beer hair story.. I also have a lot of self- tanner and spray tan stories that had gone wrong! We live and we learn right? lol :)


  • Ashlee Richards

    Sometimes its hard to get them even, also! I can either spend 2 min or 10 min doing my brows.. I’ve never gone to get them waxed or threaded; do you suggest one or the other, or should I just keep tweezing them on my own?

  • Leanne

    Haha! I had a little chuckle at this!

    Love from South Africa

  • makeupfaerie14

    Haha loved the beer rinse and oompa loopma stories. I am definitely guilty of extracting blackheads with my fingers, it often causes breakouts, but since I recently stopped doing it my skin has been so much better! Also, I used to have the exact same problem with liquid eyeliner as IIana but I just kept practicing and I got much better, pinterest has helpful application tips.

  • Porta_bubble

    Having big eyebrows, during the time that thin eyebrows were in fashion, I had an over plucking habit! Looking back, I looked pleasantly surprised haha! Took me years to get my big brows back (with the help of a fringe to cover them)…awful look!

  • Allison Norton

    Thanks for the tip! This should definitely help me avoid any future beauty blunders :)

  • Ilana Saul

    Ah! So glad to hear I’m not alone! Xx

  • Ilana Saul

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Ilana Saul

    Oh, that sounds like a good idea!

  • Rachel Elkins

    You’re definitely not! I felt the same way because like you said, you’re an editor for the site. Have you gotten any new tips or tricks to apply liquid liner? Xo

  • Stefie

    I also cannot apply liquid liner for the life of me! Tried so many times and it always ends up looking like a hot mess!

  • Porta_bubble

    Having had many brow disasters, threading is brilliant and more precise than waxing!

  • Hannah banana

    I have the liquid eyeliner issue too! especially with the winged look. I can get one eye perfect then the other one is just a big blob on my eyelid!

  • eat_pray_fashion

    I had my elementary school graduation, and this was before I was introduced to the art of “”eyebrow waxing””. My mom had a little bikini line trimmer but it was smaller with a vibrating blade. I decided to do a quick eyebrow shaping before I had to go to my school. My hand got excited and shaved the front half of my eyebrow into a diagonal-like shape! One eyebrow was slanted and pointed and the other was black and bushy! Thank goodness for mothers, otherwise I would have went on stage looking like a clown!

  • eat_pray_fashion

    @Llana try doing it in sections! Start from the middle of your eyelid and drag the brush to the outer corner of your eye. Stop when you reach the end of your lash line. Then go back into your tear duct (inner corner) and bring it to the middle where you s

  • Sina pfupajena

    @Ilana try applying it as close to your eyelash line as possible. And you could also pull your lashes and eyelid down with your opposite hand so that your eye stays in place.

  • Dalyn Bland

    I had my first high school dance to go to, so I got a spray tan. But not just any spray tan, one from my mom, cause there is no way I had the money to get a professional one. While at the dance my date came up to me and quietly said, “”Dalyn your dress isn’t supossed to have orange stripes down the sides is it?”” It hit me, my spray tan still hadn’t quite rubbed off… the most embarrassing moment ever!


    It depends on your pain level. I’ve had both done and prefer wazing. To me that doesn’t hurt as bad as threading but my mom and sever friends prefer threading. Try both and go with the one you like better.

  • Julia Kovalchuk

    In 4th grade I tried curling my hair with a brush. Problem was I couldn’t uncurl that brush, so my 9-year-old self decided that the next logical step was to just cut the hair that was tangled in the brush. This tangled hair was at the top of my head, near my forehead. Helloooo bangs!

  • Kaylamonroe

    My freshman year of high school I was asked to homecoming by an upper classman. I really wanted to impress him and basically be glowing when he picked me up, so 2 days before the dance I tried a self tanner. Needless to say, I didn’t read the instructions on the box and the night before the dance, I ended up in the girls bathroom, with my basketball team, all of them using lemon juice to scrub my oompa loompa looking self. Typical freshman…

  • Aimee

    Something I totally never wish for – looking orange! I’d rather have the sun literally deflect off of me and stay pale, thank you very much. Also, I think this one’s a given – I totally can’t keep my hands off of zits when they appear!

  • Kelby Peachey

    I used Sun-in. Enough said. 😉

    Great post!


  • Kelby Peachey

    I used Sun-in when I was in High School. Enough said… :)

    Great post!


  • Anna James

    I’m totally guilty of this too, Kelby. You’re not alone. :)

  • Ashlee Richards

    Thanks, I’ll give it a shot! :)

  • Ashlee Richards

    I have weird pain levels, so I’ll definitely have to give both a shot. Thanks for your advice ladies!!

  • Sana kay

    hahaha I was in the fourth grade and someone teased me about having a unibrow I was determined to get rid of it, so I went home after school and decided to grab the razor… uh you know what happens next. I shaved off half of my eyebrow. Tried to cover it up with a band aid… I know I was such a bright child. :(

  • Ana Sofia

    I love your stories :) I’ve some afraid of try any beauty thing so I don’t have big mistakes in this area.


  • TStrahlendberg

    Hilarious! Love it when beauty tips go wrong the first time you try it :)

    When I was a little girl my friend would always try all the recipes from the girly magazines. Results were definitely captured :) We still have our “”friendship book”” including the weirdest pictures of us with stuff like guacamole in our face :)

    Only 20 more hours until I see my boyfriend after his deployment. So nervous! Luckily my skin is working with me :)

    thank you for sharing those stories!

  • Dana Ivy

    Haha I just laughed out loud more than once! I can relate with Lauren’s peeling gel debacle but I was on my honeymoon.. needless to say, I’ve never done a gel mani since but thoroughly enjoy my once-weekly regular manis :)

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog =)

  • Coraline Girard

    Tell me if it worked :) ! I really hope this will help you

  • Ilana Saul

    Too funny!


    Shop the world’s cutest clothes @!

  • Kad2013

    What about the old lemon juice trick….guilty!

  • Anne

    Haha, I think I was like 8 or 9 when I read this recipe from magazine and it wasn’t written on my first language so I didn’t understand that it was meant for skin not for hair… U can guess how fun it was for my mother to try figuring out my hair after I had put a mix of honey, sugar and tea into it. Scissors were my only choise…

  • Taanjaa

    I also do the dry shaving, so bad!

  • Sharena

    For dry shaving, I know it’s a no-no, but what I do when I’m in a huge hurry is just put a thick layer of lotion on my legs and then shave. The lotion comes off the razor with hot water. When you’re done, just rub the excess lotion in!

  • Andii

    I don’t have a good experience with the gel nails either! Rumor has it, that it’s due to have oily nail beds. My luck!

  • Andii

    I don’t have a good experience with the gel nails either! Rumor has it, that it’s due to having oily nail beds. My luck!

  • shel billett

    me too! once it barely lasted 48hrs before the first chip and then, down hill from there.
    i have had great luck with Covergirl Outlast Stay brilliant polish – last longer than gel for me. hope it will for you too. x

  • Katy Allaire

    I tried to use fake eyelashes once just to test it out. I bought an easy little kit and was under the assumption that I wouldn’t have too much of a problem getting them on. Wrong. Very, very wrong. I got the glue on OK, a little more on my real eyelashes than I wanted. But I tried placing the fake lashes on the base of my real lashes and it was just not happening. I ended up with half the fake lash stuck on my eyelid in some crazy swoop looking thing and glue all over my hands. I’ll never try that again.

  • Raven Locks

    These are all really funny! Dry shaving is the WORST. I had to do it a few times before. The last time I did it was literally….the last time. I had the worse razor burn on my leg that it looked diseased :(

    xo Azu

  • Kelsey Mackin

    Llana- I have the same issue when it comes to liquid liner. Mostly due to kids pulling on my legs as I’m trying to apply it for date night.
    I have found that if you get the almay no oil Eyemakeup remover pads and fold them into 1/4th where there is a nice corner, you can gently wipe away excess without issues and are left with a nice professional looking line.
    Works great Every time!

  • Savannah

    Oh my! These are so funny!

    I have had so many problems with my eyebrows… I once plucked them too short starting from my nose going in. (Ugh, looked so awkward!) And then after I got that sorted out, I plucked them too skinny. Then later I plucked them too short from the outside of my eyes in… Thankfully, my eyebrows are all sorted out now! :)

  • Rachel

    When I use liquid eyeliner I use a wet Q-tip to clean it up and straighten the lines out

  • Katja Anni

    Oh these stories are hilarious!
    I have naturally dark blonde hair and coloured it light blonde at age 16. Thought my darkish eyebrows looked a bit funny compared to my new hair color and decided to color them too. Which looked fantastic for about a week… once my eyebrows grew out they were uhm kinda stripey. Total tiger-eyebrow look! Lesson learnt! *cringe*

  • Lizi

    oh when i tried that, i put the glue on the actual false eyelash, and then bend it on :)

  • Lizi

    so true! it hurts a little more to me and the are was very red and irritated.. but it went away in like 4 hrs and the shape is really precise. also ya my eyebrows grow back realy fast though.. ;(

  • Reese Edgel

    #recycled to

  • Reese Edgel

    had gotten a regular hair cut, hair grew out in a mess, tried to cut it myself #baldspot

  • Allie King

    #1 beauty confession that kills me to say, I bite my nails. End of story:( I’ve tried growing them out by painting them so I don’t bite them, but painting ridiculously short nails looks funky. So ya nail biter award goes to me. Let’s just say I’m a stressed out college student with a bad habit

    • SamanthaC

      I used to be like that too! I solved the problem by getting those glue on nails from the drug store or popping on those temporary nail polish stickers. It made them thick and gross to chew on so I never did, and now I kicked the habit!

    • Brigitte

      i still do that! but I used to do it non stop!! like all the time! I now carry a nail file with me EVERYWHERE! like legit everywhere i go, so if i ever feel the need, or when you start biting and then you think (well might as well take the whole nail off now!), you have the nail file! I’m still working on it but my nails are so much longer now and it definitely helped me! NAIL FILES ARE AMAZING!

  • Stacey

    Lauren, you should try Jamberry nails! They are AHmazing! They last up to 2 weeks on fingers and WILL NOT chip!

    • Lili

      I second the jamberry nails!!! :) Loveeee them!!

  • Lexi

    I remember in high school I was out of time before a big party to get my eyebrows done so I had to take drastic measures and attempt them myself. I figured I have a steady hand and am artisitic enough to redefine my arch while cleaning up. Boy was I wrong. I used my at home waxing kit that I use for my legs for my brows which I discovered is not nearly as easy as it looks. By the time I was done I realized I had waxed most of my brows off, leaving this faint skinny excuse of eyebrows on my face that were just way too small for my face. I looked ridiculous and counted the days for them to grow back. Worst part is I was more embarrassed of my at home brows than my brows that needed fixing before. Needless to say, I stayed home that weekend and never attempted my brows again.

  • Nichele

    Used to cut and layer my own hair with a plain old razor. It didn’t look bad but was a tad to much on the emo hairstyle side and was terrible for my hair, I stick to the professionals now!

  • Maria

    I have always wondered
    about the do’s and don’ts on bikini wax. Can you please share your ladylike
    laws on this? :) I sometimes shave but I think this is not a good practice. If
    I get a bikini wax… what’s the best shape I could get? What’s tacky and what’s

    • Lucia

      Hey, I actually used to get them done once a month when I lived back home in Brazil. I loved it. The only thing is that you end up shaving in the summer months because you do have to let it grow out a bit before you can wax. Now in the US I don’t usually get them done anymore it’s just too expensive to make it a habit. But I think that if you can afford it it’s the best way to go. I would get recommendation for places, learn about waxes used and check the temperature before letting them start waxing. There are certain waxes I dislike and I’ve had mild burns before from wax that was too hot for my sensitive skin :)

  • Kathi

    When I was 12 years old, I read those girly magazines and tried the beauty tips. one was banana for thicker hair, you mash the banana and rub it in. Well, my Hair got thicker but the banana didn’t come out. My Mom and aunt combed banana chunks out of my hair for hours and a lot of the hair broke.

  • mishelle

    Ive been dry shaving for over thirty years and no red bumps. I never get cuts dry shaving but any of the times i tried to wet shave i cut myself

  • Veronica

    I can honestly say that I’ve always been a Tom boy. Until I reached my 20s I am more into my appearance and put more effort into how I present myself. I still don’t know how to choose which eyeliner is best and how to start a cat eye off.

  • Sarah

    I remember one summer when I was like 12 or 13, I had decided to try using some hair removal cream (either Nair or Veet, I can’t remember which) because I wanted to wear a new skirt for a 4th of July barbecue at my aunt’s house. As it turns out, I have extremely sensitive skin and although I used the gentle formula, my legs burned with the fire of a thousand suns! I immediately rinsed off the cream only to see hairless, lobster red, bumpy, chemically burned legs. On top of that fiasco, I was also dealing with a particularly nasty acne breakout on my face. So being the newly pubescent girl I was (and without anyone to tell me the dos and don’ts of skin care), I over-enthusiastically scrubbed the heck out of my nose and cheeks with a wash cloth. The next day, I showed up to the barbecue with basically a giant scab for a face and neon red rashes for legs. Not my best look. (And a rather painful beauty lesson as well!)

  • Lauralee

    Illana, try a gel liner or kajal stick. Do your dots but connect them using a tiny smudge brush – I use the e.l.f. version – to create an even line, then build up. The key is to move the product outwards along the lash line using short, gentle strokes. You can go over this base with the liquid liner. Also, do not shy away from the aid of a q-tip. Hope that works for you.

  • chloe

    When I was in Australia I my hair was so dry I could do nothing to it someone suggested mixing egg yolk with Virgin cooking oil leave over night, I took it off with in an hour because of the smell it made my hair very greasy I wonder why ?

  • Taylor

    Its so hard not to dry shave sometimes. When I was younger I played sports and In order to wear shorts sometimes I had to pull the dry shave method out. Definitely not good on the skin!



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