I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The things you keep on your coffee table say a lot abut who you are and where you’ve been. For anyone who truly loves interior décor, a coffee table is not just another countertop that holds your miscellaneous items after you walk in the door. Instead, it should be viewed as the centerpiece of your living area. In the past, I’ve blogged about the items I like to keep on my own coffee table. Candles, trays and coffee table books make the cut. And today I’m going to share with you the coffee table books that are at the top of my list so that you can adorn your table with them too.

I have collected a mix of fashion, interior design, and lifestyle coffee table books in the past. I think it’s important that your decorative literature reflects your taste and personality, especially since it is on display in your home. Without further ado, start the slideshow below to see 10 coffee table books I am loving at the moment:

Tuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books

  1. American Beauty 
    Besides having a fabulously patriotic cover, this book is great because it features over 100 portraits of quintessentially American women. Think Lilly Aldridge, Jenna Lyons and Solange Knowles, to name a few.Buy this if…you love girl power, America and drop-dead gorgeous celebs.Shop: Shopbop

Tuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books

  1. Domino: The Book of Decorating
    This book of decorating goes beyond just a collection of inspiration…it includes how-to advice and insider’s secrets that together crack the code to creating a beautiful home.Buy this if…you find yourself at flea markets on the weekends, love ikat prints, and your home is described as “eclectic.”Shop: Anthropologie

    Tuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  2. Christian Louboutin
    My classic favorite designer book has to be Yves Saint Laurent Style, but this Christian Louboutin tome has recently climbed to the top of my list. Take a peek into the life of this iconic shoe designer with these 300+ pages of photography, inspiration and even pop-up art.Buy this if…you find most of your paycheck going towards exquisite shoes each month.Shop: ShopbopTuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  3. Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home
    Decorate contains over 1,000 tips from décor experts including Kelly Wearstler, Amy Butler, and Jonathon Adler. Within the pages you will find a décor solution for every room in your house and for every kind of budget. I’d call that a win-win.Buy this if…you’re decorating your home from scratch and have no idea where to begin.Shop: AmazonTuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  4. Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits
    A collection of dazzling photographs and famous moments from America’s longest running fashion magazine, this book comes with over 300 photographs and inspiration to last a lifetime.Buy this if…you’ve saved every issue of Harper’s Bazaar for as long as you can remember (then de-clutter your life and throw them out!).Shop: ShopbopTuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  5. The Big Book of Chic
    The publishing company Assouline makes some of my favorite coffee table books I’ve ever bought. The Big Book of Chic is no different. It’s filled with interior designer Miles Redd’s diverse selection of unique interiors and eclectic décor.Buy this if…you constantly catch yourself daydreaming of moving into a Park Avenue palace.Shop: AnthropologieTuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  6. Vogue Living: Houses Gardens People
    I recently picked up this book at a friend’s house and I found myself lost within the pages for nearly an hour. As you can probably guess from the title, within the pages of this book are homes of some of the most influential figures from the worlds of fashion, music, art and society. This is a must buy.Buy this if…you’re looking to take your monthly subscriptions of Vogue and Elle Décor to the next level.Shop: AmazonTuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  7. The Handwritten Letter Project
    This one is hard to find, but if you can get your hands on a copy you should consider yourself lucky. The Handwritten Letter Project started as a conversation about how personal a letter can be and ended up as an invitation to designers and creative thinkers alike to write their thoughts in handwritten form on their own stationery. The overall effect offers a glimpse into some of the most creative minds of our time.Buy this if…you want a guaranteed conversation starter the next time you host a happy hour.Shop: The Handwritten Letter Project
    Tuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  8. Vintage Cocktails
    Speaking of happy hour…this coffee table treasure will make your basic vodka gimlet look like child’s play. Leaf through the pages of Vintage Cocktails and feast your eyes upon alcohol in its most artistic form. The photography is beautiful and the buzz you get just from looking at these recipes is even better.Buy this book if…you’ve just finished decorating your bar cart and you need a literary accouterment to go with it.Shop: AnthropologieTuesday Ten: Best Coffee Table Books
  9. The Trench Book
    While I do love coffee table books that show pictures from just one magazine or designer, I love the refreshing feel of this book that focuses solely on an American style staple: the trench coat. Take a journey though the evolution of the trench coat in this inspired collection of photography and portraits.Buy this book if….you cite Sophie Loren and Audrey Hepburn as your personal style icons.Shop: Net-A-Porter


Do you have a favorite coffee table book? Which one do you have your eye on from this list?

XO Lauren

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