I receive messages in my LaurenConrad.com inbox every day about fashion advice, relationship questions, and beauty tips. Recently, I had a member ask me how often I shampoo my hair, and the question inspired me to write a blog post entirely dedicated to the topic.

In chapter 3 of my book Lauren Conrad Beauty, I wrote that determining how often you shampoo is really up to you. Some professionals say you should lather up every day while others suggest going as long as a week between shampoos. I’ve always been told that washing your hair every day strips oil from your scalp and in turn, encourages hair follicles to produce more oil which leaves hair greasy. You can change this pattern by going longer in between shampoos, and you will also give your hair more moisture in the long run.

Personally, I like to skip a few days in between each shampoo because my hair goes through a lot of blow drying, curling, and, well, experimenting (see what I mean by “experimenting” here). Washing and re-styling my hair daily would leave it dry and damaged beyond repair. But that’s just what I’ve figured out for my beauty routine and it seems to work for me.

What I’m really wanting to know is…

How often do you shampoo? 

What styling tricks have you found that work for you? 

Everyone is different, and there are always new beauty tricks to be learned. Leave you answer in the forum by clicking the link below:

How Often Do You Shampoo?

I can’t wait to read what you have to say!

XO Lauren

Photo: Lauren Conrad Beauty
  • Victoria Bennett

    Does anyone notice, if there are some gray strands do they blend in better after washing? I have noticed this before, but wasn’t sure.

  • Victoria Bennett

    Dying your hair when you were younger didn’t change when gray would sneak in.
    I use natur from whole foods, then I only touch up.
    It’s an amazing product.

  • Victoria Bennett

    That’s discrimination, especially if your work ethic has not changed.

  • Isabel Jane Rhoades

    I had really oily hair until I started shampooing every other day. It really does decrease how much oil your scalp produces in about a week… Using some dry shampoo until it seems to settle down

  • Christa

    I shampoo once a week and my hair is amazing, soft and healthy. It wasn’t always like this. I use to shampoo every day. I had to gradually work my way up to one week though because at first my hair was super greasy after just skipping one day.

  • Rafael Centenera

    on a NORMAL DAY… every other day! 🙂 <3