Each time a new season comes around, I try to sit down and write a little bucket list. I like having a few goals and adventures to try. It keeps my weekends busy and it reminds me to take advantage of how fast times flies by. Today I’ve come up with a few ideas that are sure to inject a little spontaneity into your summer. Take a peek below and feel free to “borrow” any of these ideas for your own bucket list too…

  1. Update your summer reading list and be a bookworm.
    Summer is the best time of the year to dive into great books (the holidays are a close second). I am going to challenge myself to read at least three new books this summer. Stay tuned for Lauren’s summer reading list later this week for a few great reads you’ll want to add to your own list.
  2. Host a beach bonfire party.
    I can’t remember the last summer that has gone by that I haven’t put on a beach barbecue. And I’m not about to let this tradition slip away. I’m planning on keeping it alive this year by hosting a bonfire with family and friends, complete with a few refreshing cocktails.
  3. Wear a bikini sans cover-up.
    Even if it’s just for one day, wear a bikini on the beach without a wrap or kaftan. Let go of your self-consciousness and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with flaunting it in a tiny two-piece.
  4. Write out a lofty list of long-term goals…
    …And make them pretty ambitious. Even if you don’t land your dream job or lose 20 pounds, it’s nice to have a record of what aspirations are important to you. And summer is the perfect time to reflect on these big objectives.
  5. Master the art of grilling shish kabobs.
    This might sound silly, but this summer I am determined to grill a perfect platter of shish kabobs for dinner one night. Grilling hasn’t always been a walk in the park for me (I usually leave it to my dad or boyfriend to handle). But this year I’m taking matters into my own hands. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…
  6. Take a vacation—leave your phone behind.
    These days, people are way too attached to their phones. I’m guilty of it too. I vow to take a vacation this summer that does not involve answering emails and texts 24/7. However, an Instagram here and there may be allowed under extremely picturesque circumstances.
  7. Go salsa dancing on a Saturday night.
    This won’t exactly beat the heat (more like fire it up), but salsa dancing seems like the perfect summer evening activity. Research the closest salsa club and round up your best friends. Margaritas are a must.
  8. Go on a hunt for a floppy hat.
    Each season I like to narrow down my shopping list to one style essential, and I make it a priority above other frivolous clothes and accessories. This summer, it’s a bohemian floppy hat. They look cute when worn with a bikini or a blouse and white jeans.

  9. Take a painting class.
    Creating something artistic can instantly brighten up your mood and help you discover a new hobby. Whether that means writing poetry or making pottery, art can be very therapeutic. This summer I’m going to broaden my horizons and try taking a painting class. You never know when you might uncover your hidden talent…

What summer adventures and activities are on your bucket list?

If you still need a few more ideas, check out my Spring Bucket List.

Team LC