Today we are excited to be sharing a story from one of our favorite beauty websites,! This post will show you how to recreate a creative and cool mixed media manicure that you can do in minutes:

Nail Files: Mixed Media Manicure Tutorial

One of our favorite nail trends this spring is the mixed media manicure. Whether it’s a balance of matte and shiny or metallic and flat, we are loving this fresh textural spin on nail art. We particularly adore the matte and shiny French manicures spotted at Angel Sanchez so we took matters into our own hands and decided to put our own twist on the look: The Metallic & Matte French Tip Manicure. Check our tutorial below and get ready to be inspired!
Polished: Mixed Media Manicure

  • metallic nail polish
  • regular nail polish
  • matte top coat
  • tape


  1. Paint nails with two coats of your base color. We used essie california coral.
  2. Paint one coat of a clear mattifying top coat to each nail. We love essie matte about you, although NYC Matte Me Crazy works well too.
  3. Allow nails to dry completely. While you wait, check out our 2-minute makeover for an instantly flawless complexion.
  4. Once nails are dry, place a piece of tape over the nail bed leaving only the tip of the nail exposed. See image above.
  5. Brush the exposed nail tips with your favorite metallic nail polish. We used our favorite shade from the new essie mirror metallic collection, penny talk.
  6. Remove tape guides (preferably while paint is still wet), and get ready to show off your new trendy talons!

Are you going to give this manicure a try? 

XO Team LC

Photo: Angel Sanchez via Glamour