Photo Diary: Spring Fever

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a little Photo Diary for all of you, and I must say, a lot has happened since I returned from my trip to India. Memorial Day is on the very near horizon, which means that spring will soon be coming to an end and summer will be here before we know it. These last few weeks, I’ve been soaking up the spring sunshine, focusing on some exciting new projects with Kohl’s and Paper Crown, and enjoying life’s little pleasures. Here is a peek into what I’ve been up to:

Photographed the Paper Crown Holiday lookbook…a little sneak preview:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Took a springtime selfie:
Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Created this cinnamon roll crust for my apple pie…#yum:
Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Sported this messy masterpiece for my Kohl’s summer collection photoshoot…Photo Diary: Spring Fever

…And enjoyed a few treats on set:
Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Found a few lovely things while treasure hunting at the vintage expo:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

…And displayed them in the Paper Crown offices. Anyone who thinks playing dress-up ends at age 5 is completely mistaken:
Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Then, I packed my bags for the Kentucky Derby:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

I couldn’t wait until we landed to celebrate:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Wore this cream confection as my derby day hat:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

And indulged in a mint julep (or two) with my bestie Maura:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

No one should attend the races without their wooden bowtie:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

…Or leave without placing a bet (even if it’s a small one!).Photo Diary: Spring Fever

When the weekend was over, I flew back to LA and gave this little rascal a bubble bath:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

Then went back to my office where we finalized the Spring 2014 Paper Crown collection:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

And finished the day by taking in this view:Photo Diary: Spring Fever

What have you been up to this spring?

XO Lauren

Photo: Instagram