5 Things to Try This Weekend

Happy Friday, everyone! These five inspired ideas should help to kick off weekend the right way. I love seeing which tips and tricks our readers decide to try so be sure to leave some love in the comments below! So watch out weekend, here we come…

  1. Keep your hair up and off your face in a chic head wrap. Use a printed scarf for a little extra flair. Don’t know how to tie it off? Watch this short video for three different step-by-step tutorials.
  2. Grill fresh summer corn at your beach barbecues. It’s as all-American as you get—especially served alongside juicy slices of watermelon. To spice yours up, give this Parmesan garlic grilled corn recipe a try.
  3. Ditch driving for a few days. Instead, hop on your bike to go to a nearby brunch, the supermarket, or your favorite local bar. Not only will you clock in a little exercise, you will also reduce your carbon footprint (hey, every little bit counts). Note: Wearing an all-white outfit makes beach cruising extra chic.
  4. Add a little glitter to your nails with a starry manicure. It’s subtle, chic and it seems pretty easy. Just sprinkle star-shaped sequins on your nails after applying a base coat and seal it off with a clear, glossy topcoat. Voilà!
  5. Write a love letter. It doesn’t have to be romantic—tell your father how much you appreciate him or let your sister know how lucky you feel to have her as a best friend. It will make someone’s day and it will make you feel good inside too.

How will you spend your days off?

Team LC