In honor of it being the first week of May, we’re kicking off a brand new Friday blog series today. Each Friday, along with our Chic of the Week and Friday Favorites, we will be sharing five fun ideas to try in the upcoming weekend. This simple list should leave you feeling inspired and excited to tackle your weekends head-on. So without further ado, here are five things to try…

  1. Ditch your buttoned-up office wear for a pair of knee-high boots and a flouncy skirt. This look is the perfect off-duty weekend uniform and it’s a fun way to play with proportion.
  2. Make Saturday breakfast a snap with this fried egg avocado pizza recipe. It takes less than five minutes to whip up and it’s the perfect way to enjoy breakfast in bed on a lazy Saturday morning. Yum.
  3. Enjoy a late lunch al fresco with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. Consider Sunday your diet cheat day and indulge in a few mimosas…and dessert!
  4. Spend a Saturday afternoon crafting your own herb wall with an old wooden board, mason jars and brass ring hangers. We love sage, rosemary and thyme… What would you plant? (Instructions via Camille Styles.)
  5. Create your own signature cocktail to have ready to serve any weekend guests that come your way. It’s fun to create something that’s entirely your own! I love this recipe for citrus champagne sangria, but you can try one of these creations out for starters too: Tuesday Ten: Creative Cocktails

What will you try this weekend?

Team LC

Photo: Vanessa Jackman, Justina Blakeney, Vogue UK, April 2004, Camille Styles, Kiran Tarun