Picture this: You’re graduating college soon and you’re nervous about upcoming job interviews. You’re about to be thrown out into the big, bad “real” world, and you just aren’t sure what to expect…

This transitional period of life is one that everyone goes through. And the best way to tackle it is by being prepared for any job interviews that may come your way. Lucky for you, today I’m recapping my favorite interview etiquette tips that will help you nail the job of your dreams. This is a topic I’ve covered before (read about it here!), but it’s definitely one worth brushing up on. Whether you’re about to land your first job or you’re just looking to refine your business professional skills, check out these 10 tips for mastering an interview…

  1. Research the company.
    If you are really serious about the position you are interviewing for, researching the company is a must. Nothing looks worse than a prospective employee who doesn’t know the background facts. Do your homework by reading up on the company’s history and mission statement, and keep a running list of questions you’d like to ask your interviewer as you go.
  2. Update your resume.
    Double check that your resume is up to date, and make sure it looks clean and tidy. I recommend printing at least three copies on linen resume paper. Using thick, expensive paper will leave a lasting impression on the company, and it will make your resume feel important.
  3. Dress the part.
    Research the company before your interview to help you decide what to wear. If you read my style guide on the perfect interview outfit, you might remember that artistic companies are more casual while buttoned-up businesses (banks, etc.) tend to be more formal. However, no matter how casual you may think the company is, always err on the on the side of dressing professional. Think about it this way: You should always dress for the position you aspire to have one day—not just the position you’re interviewing for.
  4. Arrive on time.
    Ladies, this one is a no brainer… Always arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your interview. Don’t show up too early (you might look over-eager) but definitely do not walk into your interview late. Showing up last minute will come off as unorganized and disrespectful.
  5. Give a solid, confident handshake.
    A firm handshake shows that you are self-assured and it will make a lasting impression. I think it’s safe to say that every business professional will tell you that a solid handshake is a sign of confidence.
  6. Make eye contact.
    From the moment you walk through the door, keep eye contact and smile whenever you meet someone. Eye contact is a major factor that companies look for in a potential employee. And be sure to be polite and energetic, even to the receptionist or an assistant. You want to make a great impression and you never know who might put in a good word!
  7. Prepare your questions and answers.
    Don’t get tongue tied when a tough question comes up. Make sure you are prepared to answer the following questions:
    •    “Tell me about yourself.
    •    “How has your experience prepared you for this job?
    •    “What is your greatest weakness? (Tip: Whatever your weakness is, always present it as something that
    you are “working on.” For example, “I’m working on talking less when I am nervous.”)
    •    “Why do you want this job?
    Similarly, when the interview is about to end, your interviewer you will probably ask if you have any questions for them. This is an important step of the process. Asking a few pointed questions lets the interviewer know that you are curious and eager about the position. Here are a few examples of questions to ask:
    •    “Why is this position open?
    •    “Is there an opportunity for growth with this position? If so, where does it lead?
    •    “What was your career path to this job?
  8. Maintain good posture.
    Definitely, definitely do not slump when you’re in an interview. Your posture will reflect your enthusiasm for the position. Sitting up straight is a subtle yet influential way to make a positive impact during an interview. Click here to read up on my 5 tips for improving your posture.
  9. Ask about the next step.
    When the interview is about to come to a close, ask about the next steps of the process. Let your interviewer know you are very interested in the position, and ask them about the appropriate time for you to follow up. You can also ask about when they are thinking about making a decision. This will give you a timeline for when to follow up.
  10. Write a handwritten thank you note.
    The minute you get home from the interview, write a handwritten thank you note and send it out in the mail that day. An old-fashioned thank you note will show the company that you are polite and professional, and it will keep you on their radar.

These 10 interview tips should have you feeling confident enough to land your dream job! And if you’re still searching for more interview advice, check out my posts below:
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Do you have any etiquette tips for making a good first impression?

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XO Lauren