Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been traveling in India with my friend Hannah for the past few weeks. I tried to snap as many photos as I could so I could share with you, so check them out below and enjoy!

First things first… Passport: Check.

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India


Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Things got colorful at the Holi festival (read more about the celebration here):

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

…And I mean really colorful:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

So, I took a paint-splattered selfie for proof:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

My bestie Hannah rocked the painted lady look too:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Sported pink locks for a few days after the festival (apparently the paint doesn’t wash out very easily):

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

I was captivated by all of the dahlias everywhere:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Had a chance to cross a few things off my bucket list, like getting a lesson in block printing:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

…and getting an ornate henna tattoo:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Snapped this photo with my favorite travel companion (Hannah and I traveled to Africa together last year…you can see photos here, here and here):


There were beautiful details everywhere we looked:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India
Photo Diary: My Adventures in India
Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

I loved the Indian architecture:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Made a statement, all the way from India…#equality:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Shopped the colorful markets. Found so many treasures!

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Took in the view at the Taj Mahal:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

…then played photographer for a bit:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India
Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Got a new perspective on “street style”:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Then, I made my way to Delhi with this shutterbug:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Took in the gorgeous glow from these Tibetan butter lamps:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

So we headed to Nepal and shopped for beautiful flower necklaces:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

…where I made a new friend:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

…and discovered a new word to live by:

Photo Diary: My Adventures in India

Overall, my trip was an incredible, eye-opening experience. I already can’t wait to go back.

Do you have any exciting vacations coming up?

Tell me about your travel plans in the comments below!

XO Lauren

Photo: LaurenConrad via Instagram

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  • Rachel Trampel

    I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go to India and I actually know someone really well who lives there! Someday :)

  • debora f

    wow nice pictures! I’d like to see well your hair pink lauren!

  • Marine Boussage

    Now I want to go to India because of you.
    Next month I’m going to London with my best friend and her dad.

  • Aly

    Looks like you had an amazing time! Picture’s are gorgeous. Would love to visit India one day as well as Australia. :)

  • Victoria Tarbard

    Im off to India in the Summer to volunteer in an orphange. The pictures are making me even more excited now about my trip!!!

  • Maggie

    I’m going to Washington, D.C. with my boyfriend for a week at the end of April! We both love history, and we could both use a break from our lives.

  • Adena Bowlin

    Omg! Such awesome pics Lauren! Super jealous of all the traveling you get to do! India looks amazing! I just LOVE the elephant sculptures!!! :)

  • Malisa

    Lauren, you are simply amazing!

  • Lilly

    Hello Laurent..I’m going to The Italian Riviera, or Ligurian Riviers.. It is the narrow coastal strip which lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain chain formed by the Maritime Alps and the Apennines.. I can’t wait for the May 1st to come :)

  • Hailey Reed

    I’m going to India in July on mission trip :) can’t wait to see and experience a different culture!

  • Lilly

    By the your photos from India :)

  • Rucha Ghag

    please come to mumbai on your next visit to india

  • Hailey Reed

    What part are you going to? I’m going as well and we also might work with an orphanage!


    Jealous! London is amazing.


    Thats so cool to hear, Victoria!! Share pictures of your trip :-)


    Sooo soon!! How exciting!


    So exiting! :-) Take lots of pictures and make sure to share! We’d love to see your experience!!

  • Lara

    Heading to Mozambique for a road trip with my parents and boyfriend in July… so excited to leave cold South Africa behind and get all brown. Working on getting my bikini body read at the mo :)

    Lara x

  • Rafaela dos Santos Guimaraes

    Great pics! You should come to Brazil.

  • Ada E

    Amazing pictures! I visited India last february and it was amazing! After watching these pictures I miss India again!

  • Hanners

    I’m going to a fashion camp in NYC this summer then flying straight to Israel to see my dad :)

  • Sree

    Love the pictures. Looks like you had fun. Next time I suggest you go during Festival Season during October. Its lot more colorful. Also try to visit few places in South India. I am from southern India and there are a lot more temples to visit….

    Please check my latest post at

  • Emma Brown

    So glad you posted this! I am going to India in August and I am soooo excited- especially for the food.

  • Brynn Rathsack

    Love the pics! Looks like so much fun, I am actually traveling to Germany in about a month for a 2 month internship :) It will be my first time traveling out of the U.S., very excited!

  • Jessie

    I’ve been loving all of your instagram posts! This trip looks like it was amazing!

  • San Lichtenberg

    Hi, where in Germany?

  • Brynn Rathsack

    Hello! I will be in Allendorf and will be interning at Viessmann :)

  • Taylor Bonar

    This trip looks incredible! You captured some amazing shots! I have a friend in India right now and I am mesmerized by her photographs and adventures!

  • Cagimo

    I loved all your instagram posts. At India are a really good stuff for photograph. months ago, I was at Patagonia on the etremely soth of South America, It was amazing! The landscape is so magical, beautiful and there are a lot of nature, guanacos, birds everywhere, puma de los Andes. It’s a travel for recomending to do.

    Those are the links where we put our photos and I wanna put some here about my experiencie.

  • Beth

    I just got back from an amazing vacation. I went to L.A. and loved it! I won a contest to see Alex Band in Santa Monica. It was awesome. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Jessica

    Love going back to India !! So glad you had a great time !

  • samanthasn

    Which is this effect??

  • Kiran Kandola

    We were in India at the same time haha I went from March 8 to the 18th and I think you went to Taj Mahal a day or two after me because I remember coming back and looking at your instagram and seeing the pictures of you there! haha :) Hope you had an amazing time like I did.

  • Kendra Murphy

    I will be going to Honduras on sunday! This will be my third time going and when I do, I team up with a orphanage there that has a free dental and medical clinic that helps their surrounding villages get the care needed. I will also be going into local schools and doing an assmebly with my team. Every time I go, I come back changed. Looking at your pictures makes me want to head to India next!

  • riddhi khara

    Your Trip to India looks amazing! Great Photos! If you ever feel like wearing some indian jeweled pieces or a sari rent or buy from Borrow it A online site where you can rent or buy the lastest in Indian Fashions-saris jewelry clutches and more!

  • Jacqueline Foster

    Looks great! I’m going to India for 2 weeks in a month and am pretty excited. I’m a little sad I didn’t get a chance to experience Holi. Right now I’m grappling with what to pack..any suggestions?

  • Simone Sen

    lauren i cant believe you came to india! you have such a fan following here! the pictures are beautiful! next time you could come to bombay then work your way through beachy goa to kerela. :) xxxx

  • Chastity Martin

    Hope you enjoy D.C. Would love to hear what you think. It would be good to get a visitors perspective of the city.

  • dresses4us
  • JudeBattle

    I think you have enjoyed a lot in India. Really nice photos! However, if anyone who is travelling to this place and has no knowledge of travel companies, restaurants, hotels, shopping stops and many more can take help of review site like that has detailed information of them. It will make your tour easy and exciting without any trouble. Hope you like it.

  • Neeraj sethi

    Nice work AP SSC Result Thanks Admin for information



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