Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk

Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
As one might imagine, we LaurenConrad.com editors spend a fair amount of time at our desks. And as we’re blogging away, it’s important that our workspaces inspire us. Whether you’re clocking in from 9-5 like us or burning the midnight oil studying for midterms, having a chic and tidy workspace will insure that your creativity and productivity are at optimum levels. (Plus, a cluttered desk is no way to impress if you’re gunning for that promotion.) Here are a few of our favorite tricks for decorating your workspace…

1. Clear the Clutter Weekly. Don’t wait for springtime to do all of your desktop cleaning. To keep your desk tidy year-round, spend a few minutes every Friday tossing or filing old papers and putting loose objects where they belong.
Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
2. Find storage solutions that don’t make you cringe. Desk storage is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. From file cabinets to bookshelves, look for pieces with both form and function to foster your creative instincts.
Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
3. Keep cords out of sight. Nothing will taint your beautiful workspace like a tangle of cords. To keep loose cords at bay, take this tip from Martha Stewart:  Feed cords though a hole drilled in your desk, and mount a surge protector on the underside. Or, if you’d rather manage cords sans any permanent damage to your furniture, use Velcro strips or zip ties to secure them into an organized cluster.
Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
4. Pick pretty stationary. Call us old-fashioned, but we’re nothing without our notepads. If you still like to jot things down with good old pens and paper too, invest in chic post-its and other pretty paper goods.
Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
5. Accessorize. Investing in desk accessories that you actually like is as important as finishing off your outfit with that chic statement necklace or perfect pair of earrings. So if you’ve had your eye on a Lucite paper tray or printed pushpins for a while now, go ahead and indulge in your desktop cravings. Coordinating containers not only look pretty, they’ll help keep you organized, too.
Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
6. Make an inspiration board. Instead of letting loose papers flutter around your space, keep a board of all the odds and ends that inspire you. A bulletin board is also a great place to pin small details you might otherwise lose like photographs and business cards. And while virtual boards are nice, nothing beats seeing it all in front of you while you work.
Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk
Do you have any of your own tips when it comes to organizing your workspace?

When we’re in need of a little extra of desktop inspiration, fresh flowers usually do the trick!

xo Ilana
Team LC

Photos: Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Notebook Magazine via Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart, I Am The Lab, Brunch at Saks, decor8 via Flickr, Design Darling
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  • Rachel

    These ideas are AMAZING!!


  • Rachel Trampel

    These are all great! And going through your clutter weekly is the best thing you can do! I try to do this on Friday afternoons when the office is getting pretty quiet and I am not feeling as motivated to work on “”work”” things! Having some fake flowers, a cute calendar and photos always helps brighten up my space too. You can see more photos of my office space here: http://rachelslookbook.com/red-purple-office/

  • Vicky

    I loove this blog. I’m 8-5 and this really helps!

  • Sarah

    Where is that flowered file cabinet from?? I love it, exactly what I need!

  • LaurenConrad.com

    Isn’t it adorbs? It’s actually a DIY wall-papered filing cabinet. You can find the How-To here: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-wallpaper-a-filing-cabi-63250

  • LaurenConrad.com

    Haha! You are SO right, Rachel. Fridays are perfect for organizing when you don’t really want to dive into any more work. Great tip 😉

  • Sarah

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait to try it :)

  • Rachel Elkins

    Love these! Even though I’m in school, these will totally make the desk in my room my own instead of it being there as a piece of boring furniture. Thanks!
    xx, Rachel

  • Luxie Colburn

    Thank you so much!

  • Alw8986

    Where is the desk in the top picture from??

  • Meghan Silva

    This has given me so many great ideas.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • NoHandStand

    Operation Organize

    I love this category! Just dumpster old night life attire, purses, and fragrances. It wasn’t in a office space, but my room is my tiddy!! I’m not a mess or bug attracter. That’s first when career objectives are given. Thanks these photos are a definite Pin.


  • La Petite Gigi

    I NEED to know who makes those business cards! This whole post is so feminine and inspiring!


  • Mrs. Rickman

    Where can I find the desk chair with the polka dots??? Too cute!

    • Belinda Sullivan

      just go to your local fabric store and buy the material and a staple gun 😀

  • Charli

    This is Fab! xx

  • Rafael Centenera

    \(^_^) ///

  • Jade Edwards

    i have now made my desk space look like this, so much more functional! love it, white, clean and neat, super organised and feminine.

  • Emilia Alexandra

    After perusing Pinterest on a daily basis in search of desk inspiration, I realized that my dream white provincial desk came with a heafty price tag. I decided to redo a second hand find with a fresh coat of paint and new knobs. So inspired to DIY more furniture pieces! You can find pictures under my photos:


  • DaphBaham

    Quick and *cheap* way to make the “”To Do”” list a little more attractive: http://laurenconrad.com/user/photo/4132463/quick-spring-sprucing

  • Chelsea McGovern

    Love thiss!

  • debs

    Where can i get the gorgeous desk from in the last photo????

    Thanks in advance!

  • Francheska Irizarry

    Can’t wait to move to my own place and try this ^.^

  • Sarah Chase

    very nice! thanks for the tips. cute space



    nice !!!it looks very cosy.

  • Jenna Yarbrough

    Love it!! <3

  • Rebecca Perera

    The inspiration board idea is amazing definitely trying it

  • Mindy Faith

    Do you have any suggestions for having a desk in your living room? In our one bedroom apartment, there’s really no other space for it?

  • sunsets829

    Thank you for sharing! My desk space always gets too cluttered even after trying everything to declutter it! But after seeing this post, I don’t think that will be the case anymore. :) I especially love the inspiration board idea- the perfect little pick-me-up. I also agree that it is a good idea to invest in storage/stationary items that you actually LIKE & will USE as I know from experience I always get the cheapest thing on sale & I never use it because I hate it. And thanks for the tip about the cords- I love the labels on them! No more randomly unplugging for me! Thanks! :)

  • Morgan H

    Where is the desk underneath the inspiration board in the last picture from?

  • Jacqueline Jax

    I love to discover ways to organize. My life is super busy with multiple projects going at once so staying clean and tidy is a challenge. Thanks for the tips. I post all my projects from fashion videos to photography here. http://www.jacquelinejax.com xoxo, jAX

  • Olivia charnet

    Hi ! Two questions : where’s the vintage phone from ? And also what is the inspiration board made of ?
    Thank you so much, amazing article, amazing blog overall, and of course amazing LC !!! Love her !

  • Bpkitchen

    I absolutely love the simplicity and the colour scheme of the desk and accessories! The white makes it so crisp and clean looking and the bright green and pinks make it so girly and chic!
    Thank you for this inspiration…with school starting next week it reminds me that I should tidy up my desk and school area.

  • Mia Boyd

    I absolutely love the last desk picture! So pretty, fun, decorative!

    • http://www.smart-twenties.com/ Samantha Brown

      I love it too! I think workspaces always look best when they’re clean, white and simple with a little something to brighten it up!

      I’d love to have that board behind my desk (and I’m sure my pinterest addiction will help with the images)

      Sam xx
      http://www.smart-twenties.com – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Joanna gillespie

    I love these ideas, this will help me make my uni desk well organised but chic at the same time!

  • Lovely Crafts

    I love your inspiration board!! Going to make a motivational sign with your tips on it thanks

  • Belinda Sullivan

    Hey LC.com I have a really small bedroom and a lot of clutter —- can you post a blog Operation Organise with a small spaces please!!!!! I am drowning in clutter!!!!

  • http://www.beautifille.com/ Beautifille

    Great tips! My desk is an absolute mess – I REALLY love the tip of tagging the cables, such a good idea!

  • http://www.constantiamom.co.za Constantia Mom

    Such inspiring, beautiful office spaces! Thanks for the great post.

  • Jessie Hartmann

    Love this. My desk at school is a mess! I especially like #2, why do all office supplies have to be gray, clunky, and ugly? The file cabinet in the picture is super cute!


  • Ali Quigley

    Another great solution to manage cable clutter is Zendock. It hides all the cables that normally go in your macbook behind your desk and leave you with a simple plug that perfectly matches your macbook. Not quite to market yet but will be soon: http://www.zenboxx.com

  • Rebecca M

    Love these ideas! I’ve done this for my home, but I’m stuck on how to use these ideas for my office at work. I have a long desk in a “U” shape, dual widescreen monitors, and all of it is black or varying shades of grey. Any tips for bringing life to this workstation?!?

  • Akamatra

    I have to seriously get down to re-organising my studio!!! Thanks for the useful tips!

  • Jacqueline Joyce

    The inspiration board is next on my to do list in my study, virtual boards just cannot compare!

    Jacqueline xx


  • Konstantina Bourtzou
  • Kelsey

    I share an office with my 3 other managers– all guys. It’s nearly impossible to keep the space clean, organized, & free of their dirty laundry (yuck). Help! What do I do?

  • nisa

    love your blog and ideas! anyway, i have a different type of study table where there are cupboards attached on top of the table. my table is kinda like an ‘L’ shape. ykno. i tried cleaning it but heck i have less space and im so interested in the memo board. what am i supposed to do? any ideas where i can put memos, reminders etc on one place but also showing on my table? x

  • felizady

    Love the décor and the tips, especially that polka dotted chair! Where did you buy that chair?

  • Ally

    Where did the hanging flower print come from? I saw one very much like that on etsy and really wanted it, but when I went to buy it, it was gone.

    • ally

      I have a feeling it might be the same one I was looking at unless she knows where to find another vintage vera neumann print. I’d like to find another one…

  • Emilie Clarke

    SO cute!

  • http://peaceinvintage.wordpress.com Jocelynn

    I think it’s time to go shopping! And for once, it’s not for clothes.

  • Creamy Bunny

    Wow, my pc desk is so messy… I have some stuff that belong NOwhere…so they just sit here and there… but it fustrates me >.<

    Thank you for your inspirational post.



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