Shop Smart: 3 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Shoestring

 Today I am going to be sharing my first post that I put together as the E! Online Guest Editor of “The Trend.” Below, I share my best tips for looking fashionable without breaking the bank. Here are my top 3 tips for staying stylish on a shoestring:

1. Pick the right places.
When shopping on a budget, flash sales, online outlets and vintage stores are the way to go. The Outnet, eBay and J. Crew Factory are all great fashion outlet options for online shopping experts. If you’re into the vintage scene, a great consignment item can be as exciting as discovering buried treasure…and it’s even better when the price tag is wallet friendly. Check out my LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s line for some serious online eye candy (like this Dot Fit & Flare dress for under $50!).

Shop Smart: 3 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Shoestring

 2. Mixology master.
My favorite outfits are ones that mix mostly affordable pieces with one or two investment pieces. Splurge on one nice purse, a classic pair of pumps, and a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Then fill in the gaps with inexpensive separates and accessories. In my opinion, pieces to be on the lookout for this spring include a pair of patterned pants, a black and white dress, and a ladylike blazer. Since these trends may be out of style by next spring, buying styles that don’t break the bank, like these LC Lauren Conrad pants, is your best bet.

Shop Smart: 3 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Shoestring

3. Get fitted.
Nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting ensemble… This is a statement I have always lived by. Flea market finds can be exquisite pieces, but more often than not they will not fit your body properly. Take your clothing to a trusted tailor to make adjustments and create a custom fit. This will make your clothes appear more expensive. Plus, items that fit correctly will flatter your figure. You can also bring in an item that fits you perfectly for the seamstress to copy (this blazer from my Kohl’s line fits me like a glove!).

Shop Smart: 3 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Shoestring

What tips do you have for staying stylish on a budget?

Leave them below so I can learn a thing or two from you!

XO Lauren

P.S. I’m the Guest Editor for E!’s The Trend this entire month. You can check out the rest of my posts right here.

Photos: Kohl’s
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  • Catherine Donovan

    Where is the magenta and mint dress from you are wearing in your picture. It would go perfectly with my Kentucky Derby hat!!

  • Femme25

    Love those tips, thanks Lauren! Can you do a post about finding the right sunglasses? I’m having a hard time…there are so many colors and some are square…circle….I love the big look but how do I get that without looking bug-eyed?!

  • Erin Maree

    I always tend to go for classic styles and simple colours and prints when it comes to spurlging on clothes. I tend to spurlge on dresses, most of mine are in classic styles and block colours so that way they can last me a few seasons. I also keep an eye out for sales and pop up clearance stores. I recently picked up a royal purple dress in classic but flattering style (its like it was made for me) for $60 reduced from $120 as they only had a few left in that style. Its been a great investment piece, I have worn it to weddings (with silver heels, a jeweled necklace and a silver clutch) and when I did work experience in an office (black heeled pumps and a simple boho chick necklace). I have dresses from school dances that I still wear as they are classic and with a few new accessories (belts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces ect) they are like new!
    Every season I buy a few instyle pieces but set myself a budget and always make sure to try on the trend first some trends don’t look good on me at all others look good :)

  • Miss Limon

    Im pretty sure the dress is from her Kohls Spring Line.

  • Catherine Donovan

    I found it…thanks!


    We absolutely love this advice! It’s so true. If you learn to splurge on a couple key pieces that can last a few seasons, it’s a great investment. Dresses are always necessary, too. Just like you said, you can wear them to so many different occasions. Thanks for sharing, Erin!


    Thanks for the idea!! LOVE it. We’ll definitely do something like that for ya! :-)

  • Kaitlyn Jo

    I LOVE these tips I’m really on a budget right now and I can really use some of these tricks! :) thank you!!

  • anushka

    I love these clothes. where can i buy them because i live in ireland? is there a online website?

  • Casey

    Joined your blog today! I love what I am reading b/c I don’t really consider myself a fashionable girl. I just see something, decide I must have it and buy it. Problem is I get home and then I am unsure what to do with it. I purchased a maxi dress that is navy and turquoise. Now what? Shoes? Jewelry? I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl but I am about to be 39 in September and I would really like to dress up a little more than I do now. Not even dressed up maybe more pulled together is a better description. I really love the blazer but how do I decide on a color? I am just lost.

  • AnselSf

    Hey, Casey!
    I believe that going online to look for tons of inspiration outfits is a great idea. Even if you don’t mimic the exact same thing, you will have it stuck in the back of your mind, and it’ll give you a better eye and tons of creativity to come up with combinations of your own! :)

  • Tavia Elise

    Another great place to track down some amazing vintage/non-vintage finds is! So many people are under the impression that it’s mostly crafty things, but it’s this amazing community of handmade goods of all kinds including clothes! It does range in price for sure, but you can always find some amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. They can be tricky to track down, but you can always follow me, an Etsy addict and look at other user’s favorites to find some amazingly beautiful stuff!

  • NoHandStand

    Shop Smart: 3 Tips for staying stylish on a shoestring
    What tips do you have for staying stylish on a budget?…
    1. Pick the right places.
    Any appearl store is affordable the clearance rounder, the front display of the sales floor, and I teams that isn’t with the season, but are matchable with last purchases made within the last year in a half.
    2.Mixology Master.
    I disagree with Ms.Conrad stay under budget. Place a size goal for yourself invest into those pieces of the idea figure you want or need. That’s mixology master.
    3.Get fitted
    When your serious about your goal idea size.
    Congratz!!! E! Lauren Conrad published online once again 😉

    XOX Volume

    Inner beauty isn’t a budget it’s a must.

  • Jen Bozzo

    As a college student, I am on a pretty tight budget, so shopping can be a challenge at times. My favorite place to shop for inexpensive clothes are thrift shops. Most cities have at least one thrift shop that is strictly for young adults. There are two near Reno, NV where I live (Plato’s Closet and Crossroads) where I can find hidden treasures at times!

  • Meghan Silva

    Splurge on classic pieces like blazers jeans pants , but never splurge on trendy pieces unless you can afford it, trends change so often , but, classic pieces last a very long time.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • katliz

    Splurge on things that won’t got out of style that you can wear with a lot of outfits. So when you wear them repeatedly with less expensive options, it’ll upgrade your entire outfit. But accessories, there tends to always be a cheaper option out there somewhere.



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