Hot Hot Heat: 5 Steps to Melt-Proof Makeup

Hot Hot Heat: 5 Steps to Melt-Proof Makeup

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than looking in the mirror halfway through the day only to find your makeup running down your face.

So, with what seems like half the population headed to the desert this weekend for Coachella, I thought I’d share a few tips for keeping your makeup in place.

Whether you’re going to Coachella or preparing for an upcoming summer getaway, it’s important to adjust your beauty routine as the temperature starts to rise. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your makeup won’t cake and your mascara won’t run—even in the hot-and-stickiest of weather. Here are my 5 melt-proof makeup tips:

1. Prep with primer. For a fresh and dewy complexion that truly lasts all day, always prep with primer before applying foundation. Look for a primer that contains silicone (the key ingredient in most long-wearing formulas), which will act as a barrier between humidity and your skin.

2. Choose a silicone-based foundation. As with primers, silicone-based foundations are truly the longest wearing and the very best option when met with moisture.

3. Cream, please. Play off the heat and use a cream shadow and cream-based blush instead of powder versions. Cream products give you a nice, natural looking glow and they won’t get cakey. Look for long-wear versions for added insurance.

4. Use a waterproof concealer. If mascara is the only waterproof product in your makeup bag, then it’s time to do a little shopping. A densely pigmented, waterproof concealer will hide dark circles and blemishes, even in extreme heat.

5. Mind your lashes. For lush lashes and liner that won’t run, use a waterproof liquid liner and waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes are never a cute look.

Bonus tip: Since heat and humidity usually entails sun, don’t forget the SPF! I also always keep some blotting papers in my bag to deal with shine. If you start to sweat, piling on more powder will only look cakey.

Is your makeup bag music festival ready?

Share your own sweat-proof tips in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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  • Femme25

    I use smashbox primer and they have all different kinds: color correcting, sensitive skin, anti-aging, etc. that all work great :-)

  • Femme25

    Do you guys have any good cream blushes to try?

  • debora f

    thanks for tips lauren!
    I always fear with foundations with silicone … I fear come impurities …
    that foundation do you use lauren?? kissss

  • Aly

    Awesome Tips!!! I live in Miami and yes all these tips are great! :)

  • Miss Limon

    Great tips! I’m going to South Beach for Memorial day, so Ill definitely need to invest in some waterproof items! Any suggestions for waterproof concealers that aren’t too pricey?

  • Miss Limon

    How long have you lived in Miami? I am visiting there for my first time on Memorial Day. Any suggestions for good places to eat, shop or go out? I want a “”local’s”” opinion.

  • Aly

    Hi Miss Limon

    Well all my life I was born here. What part of Miami will you be staying at? Beaches? South Beach and Miami Beach are gorgeous.

  • Rachel Trampel

    I never thought about cream shadows and cream blush for heat/humidity! These are great tips and I will have to stock up for summer days :)

  • yesi.medel

    These are amazing tips! I would finish it off this a Make-up setting spray. Urban Decay’s De Slick is great for oily skin!

  • Femme25

    I suggest smashbox primer…they have a lightweight one, color correcting, etc…it’s a bit pricey but generally sephora or ulta have samples up at the front for cheap you could try in a sample size. They are silicone based and go on really smooth and help your make up last longer!


    One of the ladies here at HQ was just telling us how much she ADORES smashbox primers! Thanks for sharing :-)


    Thanks for helping her out!!! We’ve heard great things about Smashbox as well.


    Ooh yes! Good call, Yesi!! Thanks for the tip :-)

  • Liv

    I often buy silicone-free products because my skin typically breaks out when I use silicone-based products. Any suggestions?

  • Laley

    I have the same problem so I use urban decay’s setting spray. I love it!

  • Amelie Schmehl

    Hi Lauren,

    I really appreciate your tips since I have oily skin which is always a challenge in the summer. But can you tell us specifically which products you use? For example which foundations and primers are silicon-based and where I can find a waterproof concealer? It would be great, if you could add some examples, thanks!


  • Rafael Centenera


  • Liv


  • Val The Spa Gal

    So simple, yet these suggestions can make the difference. I used to abide by these tips when I lived in NY (can you say humid?) but now that I’m a desert gal (Santa Fe), I can relax them a bit. But primer is a gem no matter where you live. Thanks, Lauren!

    -Val The Spa Gal

  • Albert Peter

    These are really nice and very simple

  • Dayna G

    I have heard good things about Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Cream Blush but have yet to try it personally. I think it would be worth giving a try though!

  • Samia

    Hey! If you’re looking for a nice creamy blush go for NARS, you can’t go’s great!

  • Christie Gaines

    I am 46yrs old and need some help! I have fair skin and occasional breakouts(Giving my age because yes it does matter :) I have never used anything with silicon in it, foundation or concealer. Can you recommend something? I would love any suggestions :)Please help…

  • Ashley

    These tips are so perfect for this time of year!!
    Silicone, cream, waterproof. Got it! :)

  • Dana Kay

    great tips! i hate when its super hot outside and your make up just feels like its melting off. Any suggestions for what type of primer product/brand is best to use?
    Dana Kay

    • Ayesha (Rude&Chic)

      Benefit and Smashbox make the best primers on the market now.

  • Courtney

    anyone know brands that sell these types of makeup ?

  • Cindy•


  • Lesley Johnston

    thanks – i live in florida (SO humid)

  • Mary

    Using a silicone primer and foundation and cream shadows are the WORST ideas ever for heat proof makeup. Cream formulas are extra prone to creasing, so wearing it in the heat where you’re prone to more oil and sweat would only exacerbate this issue. A better suggestion would have been mattifying primers and foundations, with an eyeshadow primer under your powder shadow. Also, setting spray and setting powder are your best friends!

  • Krystal

    Silicone primers stretch out your pores. Don’t use anything with silicone, simethicone or dimethicone. The trick is that your pores stretch when using the product which makes you use it more because primer is supposed to help conceal pores and fine lines.

  • brenda rodriguez

    Helllo Lauren,
    I have oily skin on my T of the face and i live in the tropic, but creamy make up base seem to work perfectly, i also use my make up to cover all imperfections, and a little shiny powder on top for those little intense days, when you look tired. It gives you a very natural look!
    love, Brenda Ro.

  • georgina backhouse

    My oily skin is terrible in the summer but tbh its like that all year!
    Anyone have any powders primers they recomend ?? Also does anyone
    Knkw if the rimmel lindon 003 primer works??/im thinking of buying it!
    Also what does makeup setting spray do?? Does it stop oil?? X plesea comment !

  • Maria

    I’ve gone to multiple festivals and have gone through the pain of make up melting off because of the heat. Those are great tips Lauren, but if someone need extra help I would definitely recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. Trust me its a life saver!

  • Amy

    I am going to live on an ashram in the Bahamas for 3 monthes.
    I always were makeup.
    What is the best makeup to Bring.



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