In my opinion, there is nothing worse than looking in the mirror halfway through the day only to find your makeup running down your face.

So, with what seems like half the population headed to the desert this weekend for Coachella, I thought I’d share a few tips for keeping your makeup in place.

Whether you’re going to Coachella or preparing for an upcoming summer getaway, it’s important to adjust your beauty routine as the temperature starts to rise. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your makeup won’t cake and your mascara won’t run—even in the hot-and-stickiest of weather. Here are my 5 melt-proof makeup tips:

1. Prep with primer. For a fresh and dewy complexion that truly lasts all day, always prep with primer before applying foundation. Look for a primer that contains silicone (the key ingredient in most long-wearing formulas), which will act as a barrier between humidity and your skin.

2. Choose a silicone-based foundation. As with primers, silicone-based foundations are truly the longest wearing and the very best option when met with moisture.

3. Cream, please. Play off the heat and use a cream shadow and cream-based blush instead of powder versions. Cream products give you a nice, natural looking glow and they won’t get cakey. Look for long-wear versions for added insurance.

4. Use a waterproof concealer. If mascara is the only waterproof product in your makeup bag, then it’s time to do a little shopping. A densely pigmented, waterproof concealer will hide dark circles and blemishes, even in extreme heat.

5. Mind your lashes. For lush lashes and liner that won’t run, use a waterproof liquid liner and waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes are never a cute look.

Bonus tip: Since heat and humidity usually entails sun, don’t forget the SPF! I also always keep some blotting papers in my bag to deal with shine. If you start to sweat, piling on more powder will only look cakey.

Is your makeup bag music festival ready?

Share your own sweat-proof tips in the comments below.

XO Lauren