Tripping: How To Pack Your Beauty Essentials

Packing up your beauty essentials and toiletries for a trip is truly a science. Let’s be honest here—who hasn’t had a lotion explode on them at least once? Well today I am going to dish my best beauty packing tips and spotlight three of my favorite travel kits from my XO(eco) collection of sustainable travel cases for BlueAvocado

Pro Packing Tips

  1. Pre-organize. Compartmentalize your goods by separating types of makeup, toiletries, and hair accessories into different cases and baggies. This will make navigating your bag much easier!
  2. Separate liquids. Take all liquid products and put them into a reusable plastic baggie. That way if something spills, it won’t get everything in your suitcase.
  3. Protect your powder compacts. To ensure powder compacts arrive in one piece, put them into a baggie with beauty sponges placed on either side or wrap them up with a few tissues to help absorb the shock of being tossed around when travelling.
  4. Beware of loose brushes. Pack you beauty brushes into a separate plastic bag. These reusable baggies from my XO(eco) collection are big enough for brushes to lay flat and vertically so they don’t get bent or damaged during transit.
  5. Snuggle up! If you can, it’s best to pack your cosmetic cases in your carry-on. However, if you can’t stash them in your carry-on, be sure to sandwich your beauty bags between washable items, like socks and pajamas, just in case you have some spillage.
Tripping: How To Pack Your Beauty Essentials

For toiletries… I use my XO(eco) Beauty Kit where I keep deodorant, my toothbrush, toothpaste, tweezers, hair goodies, sunscreen, soaps etc. I love this case because it folds up flat, which is ideal for packing.

Tripping: How To Pack Your Beauty Essentials

For makeup… I don’t leave home without my XO(eco) Brush Boxe. It’s the perfect size for all my makeup, plus there is a section for my specialty makeup brushes so they don’t get bent out of shape.

Tripping: How To Pack Your Beauty Essentials

For curling/flat irons… I rely on my XO(eco) Hot Iron Cover. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s great because I can use my curling iron right before heading out the door since I can pack it right up without giving second thought to it causing any damage to the other items in my suitcase. If you’re a gal on the go, this is a must.

Do you have any tried and true tips when it comes to packing your beauty essentials? Share them below!

Also, if you’re going away for the weekend be sure to read my post about packing for a trip!

XO Lauren

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  • Rachel Trampel

    I really want to get some of these bags from your collection! They are so cute and stylish :)

  • Logan H.

    Another great way to ensure your liquids don’t spill is to take the cap off place a small amount of seran wrap and screw the cap back on. The seran wrap keeps the liquids from seeping out or exploding in the high pressure.
    Xoxo Logan

    Check out my beauty blog

  • Hayley Moore

    Amazing tips! Keep all these steps in mind next time lol

  • hooleywithaz

    i may have to invest in the hot iron cover. i travel for business A LOT, and the last thing i do before running out the door to a meeting with my suitcase is turn off my straightener….and it’s always my fear that it will burn everything!

  • Alex taylor

    Such a good idea!!

  • Amber

    Great tips. I use plastic sandwich/storage bags when I travel to put things in that might spill.


  • Tiera Kawaiola

    Every time I travel, I try to pack a little smarter (and hopefully a little less!). My new favourite tip is to use contact lens cases for things with a liquid/lotion texture. Even things like moisturizer, which I can find in a trial size, take up more space than the little contact lens cases, and you really need so little product anyway.

    I also paint my finger & toe nails the same shade, and pack that polish in case I need to do any touch-ups.

  • Shoegal Out In The World

    Great & useful ideas for packing up my make-up & beauty products… I will definitely use them in my next trip…

    xo, Violeta

  • My Style Diary
  • Kate Noto

    I will definitely try this tip when I travel. But when I travel I put my liquid make-up in my suit case.

  • kjandersen11

    Unfortunately not. But loved these tips!

  • everything5pounds

    thank you for sharing .!!!!leather shoes

  • saffy bt

    My bag is small,i need to buy a big one.
    Thanks for sharing…. B-)

  • Monica_in_Heels

    Great ideas for packing and lovely cases!!

    :) xoxo

  • Jen

    Perfect timing for this post! I take off on a red eye flight tonight and am about to get packing!

  • Giulia Marchegiani


  • Miss City Chic

    such great tips!!!

  • redheadrachel

    I absolutely adore these travel cases you designed, Lauren! I need all of these!


  • Francy Conrad

    I always put my beauty essentials in three case like you, but I always find my brushes ruined because I don’t have yet a good case only for these. =(

  • Shellz

    cute travel case!

    stop by my beauty and fashion and say hello:

  • Ashley McDougall

    I’ve been traveling a lot lately so these tips are really useful! Usually I cram all of my makeup and toiletries into one bag and it can get pretty messy by the end of my trip…

  • Christina Graci

    ooh a flat iron case. need one!
    usually the last thing I use before heading out, and stick in the freezer to cool down :/

  • Kylie Miller

    Awesome post, I don’t travel with makeup well! Check out my blog:

  • Ara

    I’m going on vacation next week-this was helpful for me!

  • Amy Marie

    Thanks Lauren, this is great! :)

  • Kaitlyn Jo

    I love the orginazation!! It really helps for vacations when ur at hotels and stuff :-) another thing for traveling is I always make sure to have a medium sized mirror that can stand up bcc you’ll never know when you need it!!

  • Han11

    Wish you shipped to Australia



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