The Off-Limits List: No Fried February

The Off-Limits List: No Fried February

Hi everyone, it’s Alex and I am checking in to see how everyone did without the first item on our Off-Limits List for our Bikini Body Countdown: No sweets! I fared much better than I expected. Even though I am a baker, I kept my spatula at bay and managed to curb my sugar cravings with a few of Lauren’s sugar-nixing tips. How about you?

I wanted to post this reminder today since February is all about cutting out fried food here at the LC offices. (We’re still trying to comprehend the idea of going a month without French fries, but I think we can manage.) I know that many of you created your own list, so be sure to let us know what you’re giving up this month in the comments below.

How did you do last month? Are you going to give up fried foods with us?

If you do decide to join us for No Fried February, be sure so share your favorite non-fried foods and treats too.

Cheers to #NoFriedFebruary, ladies!

Xx Alex
Team LC

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  • Lauren P.

    I am really going to try it this month.

    I wonder if this includes bacon LoL

    Happy February!

  • Tiara

    Rocco DiSpirito’s solution that works for most food is to “”oven fry,”” which consists of coating what you’d normally fry in non stick cooking spray (no calories! Unlike the 120 in a tbsp of oil) and baking it on a wire rack so that you still get the crisp! I almost never cook anything actually fried anymore and still enjoy the taste I want :)

  • prey pray

    I’d give it a go. Going to be very hard. I think it would be easier in the summer when I could grill everyday.

  • HistoryBeauty

    I pretty much don’t eat all that much fried food as it is, just french fries.

    Check out my beauty channel and blog!!

  • Rachel Trampel

    January was not a hard month for me… I don’t really like sweets… this month will be hard though!

  • Cassidy Nelson

    I am definitely going to do this! January not so good cause it was birthday month which means lots of cake!

  • Ashley Mercer

    This is a great idea, but I don’t see how avoiding gluten is going to get anyone bikini ready. Many gluten free options are just as caloric or fatty as their gluten-filled counterparts.

    Going gluten free isn’t a diet; it’s a necessary way of life for people who suffer from gluten intolerance, allergies or celiac disease. Unless you suffer from any of those things, you’re not going to really experience any benefits of going gluten free.

  • Courtney Ryan

    Did you guys really choose the month of St. Patrick’s to not drink alcohol?? You crazy gals!

  • Lynsey

    In january I wanted to stay away from soda and juices. It was really easy, hope the next month will go this easy as well.

  • Taylor Bonar

    Hopefully this goes well! Sweets aren’t much of an issue for me, but I am on vacation now and have had sweets twice since I’ve been here…oops! Fried foods – I already try not to eat much of them, but this will be a challenge! Challenge accepted!

  • My Style Diary

    The first item on my list was snacks after dinner since I stopped eating sweets a few years ago. I’m very happy to tell you that I did really well! I had a big mug of herbal tea if I wanted something after dinner and sometimes and apple or a bit of yoghurt. Much healthier thancookiesor chips and I will definitely be able to keep this up. :)

  • Alysa

    this is my first time seeing this fun challenge, but I think I am going to participate in it this month, and for the rest of it (March is gonna be super easy!!)
    just wondering.. If I make a stir fry, does that count as fried?

  • Melissa Panici

    I did the no alcohol for January and did perfect! I will definately be joining you on the no fried foods for February. This is awesome. Thanks Team LC!

  • Katarina Milen

    what defines fried food? anything deep fried, or breaded…

  • Melisa Beleli

    Great! I will be doing thiss!! 😀 <3

    Please check out my youtube channel? I put a lots of efforts in each and every single one of my videos!

  • Jen N

    I did cave a couple times and gave in to some chocolate cookies & chocolate ice cream but no candy! Let’s see how I do this month.

  • Meg

    Has anyone seen those oil-less friers? I am wondering how those make food taste…

  • Giselle Escamilla

    no fried food that will be a breeze;P

  • Michelle Goebel

    I did no Fast Food for January I caved twice with french fries. February – no fried foods – looking forward to the challenge. I am still trying to eliminate dairy. I am about 85% dairy free!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I can’t say that January was 100% successful. But I anticipate February will much more so. I am not the biggest fried food consumer.

  • Kristen Doelling

    Giving up fried food AND sweets, since I missed out on the “”No Sweets”” for January!
    Doubling up on cutting out, doubling up on working out!

  • Erika Jeanine

    I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to live without juice :///// and I’m curious if the “”no juice”” means already made juice, because I had a delicious Kale/Strawberry/Apple/Guava blended juice smoothie the other day

  • Kellie Norton

    I’m definitely to try this.. key word, TRY! I love chicken tenders and waffle fries a little too much. Luckily, February is the shortest month :-)


  • Jaclyn Last name

    Kellie- great point about February being the shortest month! I think can manage this now 😉

  • sofis

    Im going to follow this too!
    Feburuary – no fried foods.

    I did change it a little the whole list because i was far in january when i read the list so i swappade januarys no sweet to july – no sweets :)

  • Laura B

    On a whim, I decided to do “”no fried Feb”” on my own last year. I didn’t think I ate a lot of fried food, but it really does make you more aware of what you are ordering. Chips at Mexican food restaurants were the hardest thing to pass on for me! Make sure you also bring baked chips to your Superbowl party. Glad to see no fried Feb is becoming a “”thing”” now- and here I thought I was original :) I have a bandwagon of ladies at the office joining in this year. It’s a great thing to do together!! Now March would be hard- a month without an IPA or red wine?!

  • Leanne

    I somehow missed last month’s off limit list. I don’t eat friend things so I think I’ll start at the beginning while everyone skips fried foods!

    Love from South Africa

  • Cathy Trinh

    Oh goodness, this is gonna be a tough one! (:

  • hooleywithaz

    i think i’ll be doing this challenge with everyone. it feels easier to cut something out when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but a lot of times it sticks with you even after the month is over. i’m all for it!

  • Taanjaa

    February going to be hard!

  • Allison

    I think March will be harder. I have one glass of wine with dinner four nights/week for its benefits. No more than that, ever. How about no more than one glass red wine/day?

  • Ashley

    No fried foods? I think I will be okay. :) I don’t eat a lot of fried foods as it is, but when I get a craving, I usually give in, so we’ll see!! Check out my blog! February is all about LOVE and I’ll have a weekly post about being heart healthy!

  • Deanne Castro

    Love this!!! Great idea!

    For more beauty and fashion inspiration, check out my blog: Today’s post: Neutral Hues Can Be Exciting Too…

    Follow My Fash Avenue on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter: @MyFashAvenue


  • Felicita

    I didn’t do January….But I’m starting today! Better late then never! :)
    March might be a little difficult….It’s my birthday month lol

  • Maggie White

    I started a little late so I didn’t do January but no fried foods I’m definitely in for. It hard in a crispy loving family, so just pray for me to stay strong.

  • claire livia

    My new years resolution is to get healthy, and actually stick with it this time. Because of it, I’ve started doing a series on my blog for Sunday Salads! Check it out for great ideas

  • Cat_Grav

    This is a great idea but LC what are ya nuts?! 😉 (I obv mean that jokingly). March is St. Patrick’s day MONTH and giving up alcohol would be like chopping off my right arm. I propose switching march and june. There are no holidays in June.

  • Alysa

    Can you be more specific?
    what counts as fried food? does that mean just DEEP fried food, or does it include things you prepared yourself on your frying pan?

    I want to do this, but i don’t know how


  • Ashy8520

    I just saw this i think i will beable to do this wait let me revarse that i will do it i know i can and i hope it will work

  • Kate Noto

    So far I have stayed away from sweets and now I’m staying away from fried foods. I even got my boyfriend to stop drinking soda for the month.

  • Ash

    I was very good about staying away from fried foods until I got to college…sweet potato fries are my weakness…but I’m going to give it my best shot

  • Jill Forrest

    This is such an awesome idea! I’m a little late for february but definitely will start this and continue it into june.

  • marry kelly

    Keep it up Alex!

  • reeree

    For the no juice or soda month what is classed as juice? Fresh fruit juice or juice you add water to? If anyone knows could they as am due to go on holiday on that month and would like to know what i can substatue for. Xxx

  • Fernanda Webster

    How did I miss this? Guess I will be giving up alcohol and fried foods in March.

  • Ashley McDougall

    I didn’t see this until now but I’m definitely on board to continue this until the summer…not only for a physically good body but to feel great as well!

  • Laura D.

    I MADE IT!!! All the way through February without a single french fry. I’m so proud of myself!

  • Brooke Winger

    just starting this up next month no juice or pop this one is gonna be super hard for me!!!!!!!!!

  • Robs

    What a great way to keep yourself in check without cutting everything at once, I only wish I had found this sooner!

  • libby.

    Just found this! I know what I’ll be doing in April! It’s going to be a challenge, for sure.

  • Crimarkable

    I’m sorry but it is highly irresponsible to tell people that they should avoid gluten entirely. The only people who should be gluten free are those who are intolerant to it and have actually been diagnosed as celiac. It is perfectly fine for people to eat it otherwise and telling them to avoid it completely can be detrimental and trigger a food sensitivity.

  • ARG :)

    I’m so late on discovering this!!! It’s already late May… What can I do?

  • jacky

    So down.

  • howie

    How about replacing the gluten month with no red meat month! Red meat production is havoc for the environment compared to white meats. No need to avoid gluten unless you have a diagnosed intolerance.

  • Balanced Eating only!

    This post makes me really sad. As a lifestyle blog, nutrition sounds like a given topic of discussion. However, it is extremely diminishing to post about a topic that can drastically change the health of individuals without providing evidence. I understand that this list is simply an inspiration for the followers of Lauren Conrad to get ready for “bikini season”, but it is still incredibly dangerous. Please start talking about how to live a healthy life the real, scientifically proven way, by eating a balanced diet. I am so tired of these silly buzz words and cutting specific foods out of the diet. There are so many reasons why this is harmful to women that I cannot go over them all, but I just hope that we can move towards supporting each other through living healthy lifestyles, opposed to strange diet regiments.



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