Photo Diary: My Birthday Hoedown!


To celebrate my birthday this past weekend I hosted a joint-birthday hoedown at a local western-themed bar in Hollywood. Cowboy attire was encouraged and the guests did not disappoint: From ponies-on-a-stick and vintage bandanas to bolo hats and spurs, it was an unforgettable fete and we had the fashions to prove it. All in all, the party was a great success. We had live music provided by our friend’s band, Live Oak Revue, and a wonderful group of friends there to help us celebrate. Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments from the night with you…

Here I am with William and fellow birthday boy, Chad.


William even performed a song with the band…


Here I am with my brother and sister.


And of course, we had a “Giddy Up!” cake.


Last but not least, I closed out the night like a true cowboy and successfully hailed a cab with my pony-on-a-stick :-)


I hope all of you had a lovely weekend! And thank you for the sweet birthday wishes!

Have you ever had a themed party? Share the details in the comments below!

XO Lauren

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  • Selina Thomanek

    I actually had a PJ party just 2 weeks back :) I totally loved it, by everybody was so relaxed and felt comfortable in their clothes. My roomie and I created a room full of matresses and had another one with a couch and some chairs to relaxe.
    I also colored the tips of my hair (you can see it in my profile) with the dip dye method and I totally loved it.
    Also everybody else really enjoyed themselves and we are all still talking about what a great party it was :)
    I am already thinking about a theme for the next party 😉

  • Amy Breckenridge

    looks like you had so much fun! :) you all look adorable in your plaid shirts. here’s to another great year!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    AWESOME! lol Loved your outfit, too! And the ponies on a stick, I can only imagine! Thanks for sharing your pics! Loved your Giddyup cake! :) Glad you had a great time!

  • Franci Gire

    That’s so cute! Love your get-up too, with the pony on a stick and all!


  • Rachel Trampel

    OHHH so many amazing photos! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! What a fun theme :) :) :)

  • Kelby Peachey

    What a fun birthday bash! I’m glad people dressed up. I always have an issue with that whenever I do a theme.


  • Ambi s

    My 21st Birthday Party’s theme was…. “”The Hills.””

    I made my guests dress up in glitzy glam outfits and asked them to turn to LC and co for inspiration, it was such a fun night (and my friends even mentioned Lauren in my 21st Birthday Speech, it made my night!)

  • Kellie Norton

    Your birthday looks so much fun!! I’m glad you had an amazing day, you deserved it! :-) Hope to see you at NYFW!


  • kjandersen11

    Seemed like you had a great birthday party :)

  • Haylee Atkinson

    Your brother is a BABE just for the record. haha Happy Birthday Lauren!

  • AnselSf

    Last year my birthday was super-hero themed. It was quite fun! My second family dressed as The Incredibles! I went on the line of the unexpected and dressed as Superman; I loved it!

  • Fernanda Webster

    For my 30th, my BFFs threw my a Great Gatsby party to end the 20s. Everyone wore vintage 1920s attire and I took a page out of LC’s book and did a homemade photo booth. Themed parties are so much fun!

  • Sabah Williams

    Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you had a great birthday party! Congrats, and it is nice seeing you with your siblings!!!!!! BTW you were wearing those jean shorts!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!! LOLz

  • Linda Messina

    You had to hail a ride home? Where did all of your friends go?

  • Maya Shapiro

    last year I had a zebra theme birthday party and everyone got pink zebra onesies…. it was really fun

  • HistoryBeauty

    Glad you had a great birthday! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Check out my beauty channel and blog!!

  • Emily Bretas

    Happy Birthday Lauren!! :))

  • Vee

    Looks like you had such a fun birthday! Happy B-lated :)

    xx – Vee

  • Eva Kosec

    What a cool place to have birthday in!! You guys look great, awsome themed party :))


  • saffy bt

    What a cake …likea volcano on fire hahaha so big for a big girl like U.thanks for sharing ur party ur such a lovely friend to all ur fans. O:-)
    hope to see more Birthday party of U.:-D

  • Leanne

    Looks like so much fun! Hope you made a bunch of great memories!

    Love from South Africa

  • the blooming muse

    I love the pictures and the way you guys are styled.
    I think this is a great theme with a lot of fun and some great music! I’ve never had a theme party yet but I want to celebrate one day with a twenties girl theme because I love the attitude and the clothes in that time! Feathers, beautiful glittering dresses and all that stuff.

    Hope you had a great evening with many beautiful moments and situations to remember. <3

    Xo Deborah Chloe

  • Didenur Kazar


  • Gabriela Kerzhner

    Love the pictures! It’s seems like you had a super great time!

    “”46 days of insta outfit”” – visit my personal style blog!

  • Melissa Panici

    I’m so glad you had a good birthday Lauren! I love your outfit. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  • Lacie Blake

    I’m not a true cowgirl, but I am from Tennessee and you did it well. We have a music festival called Riverbend and this is pretty much the attire that goes down. Good Job Laurena nd Happy Birthday!!


  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I have had a luau themed party out on the back deck for my summer birthday.

  • redheadrachel

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Lauren! Looks like it was a blast! And I love that plaid shirt!


  • Jack Mills

    If I was a cabbie I would have wrecked seeing Lauren flagging me down. Awesome.

  • Courtland Klein

    So glad you had a great birthday weekend! Friends and family is always the best way to spend it! You look gorgeous like always! Hope to meet you one day. Xoxo court

  • Paulina Mo

    This is such a cute idea, and it looks like a good time with good friends. Happy Birthday!

    my style blog:

  • Jami

    I had a Roaring 20’s/Great Gatsby themed party in my backyard. It’s pretty big so I snagged about 7 wrought iron tables and chair sets from the cafe (that my mother conveniently owns), hung lanterns and a set up a dancing tent, played jazz, and my dad even played the bartender for the night! Of course I made everyone dress up, and there were no disappointments! I’ll have to use the hoedown theme sometime!

  • My Style Diary

    Great pictures! I hope you had a wonderful birthday Lauren, thanks for sharing!

  • Kylie Miller

    Very cute, hope you had an amazing birthday! Check out my blog:

  • Heather Henderson

    Looks like so much fun and something unique to do for your birthday! Love all the plaid!

  • daisyjanine

    Glad you had a great time! Awesome pictures :)

  • Mariella

    Fantastica Fiesta! happy birthday Lauren!

  • Taanjaa

    Seems like you had a wonderful day!

  • Shellz


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