Today I am going to show you how to remove gel nail polish at home! But first, some context…

I am a nail fanatic. And I am a bit OCD about my nails… For me, the sight of chipped polish puts me over the edge (okay not really, but it does annoy me to the point that I will peel away all of my polish until my hands are left ragged and bare—not a good look).

Since my job entails typing all day, I’ve learned that regular nail polish is not conducive to my lifestyle because it inevitably chips within hours after application.

Fun Fact: Apparently, some people are more prone to chipped nail polish because their nail beds have more oil in them, which prevents the polish from adhering properly.

My solution? Gel polish! I absolutely love it. My nails stay chip-free and perfect for up to three weeks. Amazing for an alleged “oily nail bed” gal like me…

While gel polish may be sunshine and rainbows when it is fresh, there is a very dark side to it: removal. Just as I pick away my regular polish the second it chips, I peel off my gels the minute they lift around the edges. This is NOT good for your nails at all and causes a lot of damage. The worst part about gels is that I always have to go back to the nail salon to get them removed, which I find annoying.

After going through this process dozens of times I finally took note of exactly how the nail technicians remove gels and decided to share their tricks with you today! Now you can remove your gel nail polish from the comfort of your own home…

Nail Files: How To Remove Gel Polish, At Home!

Gel polish removal is so simple—I cannot believe I used to drag myself to the nail salon to get them taken off… Now I just do it myself. It takes a bit longer than traditional polish, but at least now my nail beds won’t be ravaged by my compulsive need to peel off my polish the second it begins to lift!

Lately gel nail polish has been getting a bad wrap—some say it’s not good for your nails (which I can only assume is due to the fact that many people remove them incorrectly)… What do you think?

Do you wear gel polish? If so, what’s your favorite color and brand?

I’m a big fan of Gelish—I’ve found that their formulas stay on the longest and the colors don’t change over time.

Xx Alex
Team LC

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