There’s nothing like a fabulous bit of (faux) fur to give any outfit an extra dose of luxury. Whether it comes in the form of a vest, a coat or even a scarf, faux fur is an elegant accent that also provides added warmth to a chilly-weather ensemble. In short, there is really no chicer way to bundle up than with a furry coat. Which is why this member’s un-fur-gettable outfit landed her a spot as our newest Chic of the Week…Congrats to the ever-fashionable Adrienne!

Chic of the Week: Adrienne's Fabulous Fur

Our Chic is cosmopolitan and cool in this polished winter look. I love how she paired her on-trend oxblood jacket paired with a short black skirt and tights. A little bit of leather—as seen in her purse and boots—makes this outfit appropriate for a casual daytime outing. But her fabulous black fur creates an overall effect that is glamorous enough for a night out on the town. And did I mention Adrienne’s cherry red pout? Perfection.

Congrats again to our newest Chic. You scored a perfect 10 in my book!

Are you going to give this furry trend a try?

Team LC

Photo: Adrienne