Beauty Note: Date Friendly Makeup
If you’re like me, the minute you turn your calendar to February, you immediately think of one thing: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re coupled up with a special somebody this year or planning a date night with girlfriends, Valentine’s Day is definitely a holiday worth celebrating—and getting a little dolled up for, too. In my opinion, the perfect date night beauty look should come off as natural and approachable, with a touch of romance. The goal should be to enhance your natural beauty, so there’s really no need to cake it on. No matter what plans you have in store for Valentine’s Day, these dos and don’ts for date-friendly-makeup will have you looking fresh and flawless…

The Dos and Don’ts of Date Friendly Makeup

  • Don’t take risks. This is not the night to experiment with bright blue mascara, dip dyed hair, and sparkly eyeshadow. Instead, stick to the basics and go with what always works for you. Read: Create a natural, glowy beauty look.
  • Do opt for a more natural lip shade. You want to be wearing the lipstick by the end of the night—not him. Veer away from dark lip colors like cherry red or dark berry. A nude or pale pink pout should do the trick.
  • Don’t wear too much perfume. Pick something understated that’s light and fragrant. According to an article from Your Tango, vanilla-based scents are a natural aphrodisiac. (Apparently, the sweet smell has a welcoming, euphoric effect.)
  • Do pick a simple hairstyle such as a flirty ponytail, a side braid, or simple, romantic waves. Don’t try tackling a complicated hairdo that will cause too much fuss… Avoid updos at all costs. Ideally you want to wear your hair down for a more natural, relaxed look.
  • Don’t use anything in excess. (I’m talking to you, bronzer lovers.) For any date night, less is always more. So keep your cheeks, eyes, lips and hair polished and pretty, yet subtle.
  • Do remember last minute prep steps. Squirt some eye drops into your eyes—whiter eyes are a sign of health and beauty. Brush your teeth—no one like’s bad breath! And don’t forget antiperspirant, ladies.

Overall, my ideal date night makeup look consists of natural, pale pink lips, lots of mascara, light shimmery shadow, a tiny bit of bronzer, and a touch of peachy blush with tousled hair. Just remember to show your true face and let your inner beauty shine through. The more natural you look, the better! And always remember to smile—happy girls are the prettiest.

What’s your signature date night look?

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