Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears
I don’t know about you, but my bank account is looking extra pitiful post-holiday. Imagine a dried up lake with nothing but a pathetic puddle of water in its core. Now take away the puddle and that’s my shopping budget. Bare to the bones. And I’m totally okay with it. Why, you ask? ‘Cause nobody knows how to rock re-wears like a fash lover without a trust fund. Channeling your inner stylist to create new looks with familiar pieces is a wardrobe survival must and can be a total blast. When it comes to creating different looks, one thing is for sure, creativity is essential. Try creating new combinations like a standout silhouette, new color combinations, pairing new patterns and prints, anything that screams DIFFERENT.

When I spotted this LC Lauren Conrad blazer on a mannequin in Lauren’s New York Showroom at the Kohl’s Design Center over the summer, I simply knew it was destined to hold a high rank in my wardrobe once it hit stores. Every season there tends to be a star piece in my closest that I simply can’t get enough of. This season… it’s without a doubt this extremely versatile and classic red blazer, (I also have it in blue) which just so happens to be on sale for $34.99. Get it quick, ladies. You can thank me later.

Below are just a few of the ways I styled my LC Lauren Conrad blazer this season. Which look is your favorite?

Retro Red

Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

 Blazer –  LC Lauren Conrad , Blouse – Equipment, Skirt – DKNY
Sunglasses – House of Harlow 1960, Heels – ShoeMint
Handbag – Little Black Bag, Necklace – Derng

Tip #1: Go with a theme. Imagining a decade or a certain theme is a great way to pull inspiration. Classic polka dots and knee high socks always remind me of this fabulous retro Barbie I had growing up. Pulling inspiration from the things around you is always a great jumping off point if you feel you’ve hit your styling limit.Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Edgy Chic

Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad, Blouse: Blaque Label, Handbag: R&J Coutur
Pants: Loft, Heels: ShoeMint , Necklace: Loft*sold out

Tip #2: Add Patterns. Whenever I find myself style-stuck with a piece I’ve worn multiple times, I always turn to patterns. A bold print will steal the focus and become the new centerpiece of your look, allowing you to get away with wearing your favorite item again.Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Party Classic

Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Dress: LC Lauren Conrad, Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad, Necklace: T+J Designs
Bow Ring: Posh Locket, Leaf Ring: Posh Locket, Handbag: ShoeMint, Heels: ShoeMint

Tip #3: Silhouette Switch. One of the most effective ways to change up a look is by changing the silhouette. While a piece may look casual and fun when paired with skinny jeans, it can just as easily look chic and elegant with a fabulous dress. Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Americana Casual

Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad, Shirt: Splendid, Necklace: Derng
Link Stone Bracelet: Fragments, Ring: Pop of Chic, Boots: Pink and Pepper

Tip #4: Up/Down Method. Whenever you buy a statement piece it’s important to remember that you will have far more opportunities to dress down an item rather than dressing it up. When styled appropriately, the up/down method is the easiest way to re-wear a piece. Go dressy the first time, with a skirt or dress and casual the second time with shorts or pants. It works every time and will instantly breathe new life into your re-wear. Style Guide: 4 Tips For Re-wears

Which piece in your wardrobe do you love to re-wear?

Fash Boulevard

P.S. For more re-wear inspiration check out how I styled my little black dress four ways here!

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  • My Style Diary

    The last outfit is my favourite, love it!

    I re-wear everything in my wardrobe but my favourite piece has to be my little black dress :)

  • Samantha Curtis

    I just LOVE your posts and your style!

    ♥ Samantha

  • JEMhearts

    Great post!

  • T Girl

    omg, how did I miss this post. I love your style Anna. These are such great tips.

  • Lovelikewhy

    Every outfit is so cute, I love it! I need to try and re- wear lots of my items!! :)

  • Leanne

    Love your style, Anna!

    Love from South Africa

  • Amber Welles

    This is my favorite post you’ve done Anna. So helpful. I love all the outfits, but I think the gold dress one is my fave. xx

  • debora f

    lovely post anna!!!!

  • Martin M

    The party classic outfit is my favorite one! I think its important to use the same pieces for several looks. Thats what makes a realy fashinista :) Greetings from Europe :)

  • Jenna D

    Love these! xx

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Love all the looks! The first and last are my favorites.

  • Liz

    I love this blazer and totally own it! Thanks for all the great ideas on how to wear it. :)

  • Sarah Lawson

    Anna, I have to say, I just recently started a blog and it’s so much harder than I thought. I have a new found respect for you. I don’t know how you manage to do it. Congrats on everything. Love these tips. The adding patterns is such a good idea. Thanks, girl.

  • Cluny Grey

    Genius! I had to laugh though at this: “” ‘Cause nobody knows how to rock re-wears like a fash lover without a trust fund.””
    How very true! People with great style often went through a period where they had to be very creative because of a lack of resources.
    I especially love the edgy look and the classic Americana!

  • Shannon H

    LOVE the edgy chic look. So stylish and fun. Fab tips.

  • Shellz

    love u Anna.. love this outfit!

    Ladies check out my 10 BEST DRUGSTORE LIPSTICKS :

  • Ally Powell

    Fabulous tips, hun. The party look and American casual are my favorites. I can see myself wearing either of these. Hope your dog is doing better. I’ve been praying.

    xoxo, Ally

  • Kelby Peachey

    I love summer dresses as a staple. In the late fall, winter, and early spring you can layer it so easily. You can pair any dress with a shirt – long or short (over or under), add a belt to cinch the waist, add tights, add boots and knee socks, add a cardigan, scarves, and hats; The possibilities are endless which is why I can’t stop buying dresses!!


  • Beauty to Sparkle

    My favorite looks would have to be the americana causal and the party look! They are very wearable looks that everyone can pull off with stuff in their wardrobe! I think my best golden finds when I go shopping are the ones that I know I can wear with so many outfits!

    Check out my beauty and motivational blog to find out my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions and an gel eyeliner review! If you like what you see, please don’t forget to follow :) Here is the link:
    Thanks, Dina

  • Varsi Stockwell

    Inspired by this whole post, Anna. I love how different all the looks are. I have the blazer in blue as well, but I’m gonna have to get the red. I love how it pops. Thanks!

  • Melissa Panici

    I really like the last one! I love how put together it looks:) Thanks for the tips Anna!!

  • Alexandra VanBuren

    this is so inspiring (: way to go Anna. I don’t have that exact blazer. but i do have a red blazer and i’m so excited to recreate these outfits with my own things! xoxo so fun!

  • marry kelly
  • Bunhead

    Wow, girl. This post is so inspiring. Wonderful tips, wonderful outfits. You always look so put together. So happy I scrolled down and found this. I don’t know how I missed it last week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  • Nathalie Maxey

    Love all of the looks! You look Great! :)

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love

  • Taanjaa
  • Dina Karivalis

    Love how you styled this blazer! I have an LC blazer too and I love it!
    xo Dina

  • ASassyWoman

    Love the 4 looks!! I actually own the same red blazer from Kohls. Its one of my Favorites :)

    I did a post wearing it on my blog, ASassyWoman.Com. Please check it out

    With Love,

  • Kate Noto

    I love all of the looks. I would need to find a size 18 blazer in black for me but otherwise the looks are cute.

  • window covering

    Wearing anything that attracts is lovely. The blazer is sexy!

  • Sarah Chase

    I love pieces that can be used in different ways- rock, preppy, girly. My style changes with my mood so they’re the best investment for me!


  • Rachel Trampel

    Love the way you styled your red blazer, HOT!

  • Alyssa

    I love to re-wear my leather jacket. It adds a little “”rocker”” to any outfit.

    Visit my blog! :)

  • Emily

    I love party classic style – looks so pretty!
    xo Emily @

  • Sabah Williams

    Of course I love the Edgy Chic and Americana Classic looks Anna!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Love love love! I need more blazers! Cute post! Check out these spike statement necklaces I’m currently in love with:

    So fun!

  • typicallytali

    love this! I’m definitely a rewear-er



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