Primp Tip: My Lipstick Trick

Primp Tip: My Lipstick Trick

Red lips will always be a classic in my book—and if you look to the runways, the trend is here to stay. While a rouge pout is perfect for a first date or a romantic dinner, leaving a lipstick stain behind on your glass isn’t exactly glamorous. Luckily, there’s an incredibly easy solution! Here’s the trick: Stealthily lick the edge of your glass right before you take a sip. That’s it! This way your lipstick won’t tack-down to the glass and you won’t ruin your color.

Speaking of lipstick, what’s your favorite color this season?

XO Lauren

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  • JoJo Beauty

    Will be of great use to me! I am currently loving MAC Diva and Kate Moss Rimmel London #11

  • Martin M

    Really good idea. But I think on a date it can be good to leave a bit lipstick on the glass :)

  • Melissa Panici

    Great trick! I need to stock up on my lipsticks. Right now I just wear lip gloss:)

  • Mariana M

    Thanks for this trick Lauren! My favorite lipstick color is pastel pink

  • Mallory

    Great trick! I’m currently loving Maybelline’s new vivid lipsticks in Pink Pop and Hot Plum!

    xo, Mal

  • Sarah Bella

    Guava!! I have a beautiful light guava color from Clinique that I use almost everyday!

  • Rachel Trampel

    WOW! Who knew?! I didn’t haha :) Great trick! I wish I would have known this last weekend, my champagne glass was all red within 5 min.!

  • Samantha Catapano

    Loving Russian Red by MAC. great trick, but I’m dying to find a way to keep my lipstick on all night and avoid reapplying constantly!! Help! :)

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I really like light, natural colors. I think they look best with my skin tone. But I also have this deep gold/brown color that I wear constantly

  • Flor Garcia

    Smart trick! I love Dior’s reds!

  • hooleywithaz

    my favorite color in the winter is a blue-hued magenta. it pops against all the dreary weather and makes me so happy!

  • Meghan Conard

    Great tip! Check out my new post featuring my fave lipstick!

  • Kylie Miller

    Great trick! Check out my blog:

  • My Style Diary
  • Brittany Corpuz

    red with a nude eyeshadow patted over it. and then, taking the same red lipstick, patting it around the edges of my lips and patting it so it’s no so harsh.

  • Taanjaa

    Thank you for the tip!!

  • Shellz

    here are my top 10 fave lipsticks:

  • shawnee rajala

    cool tip! personally, i think a lipstick stain on a glass is glamorous. :) xo

  • Gina Mackey

    I have always used powder to lock my colour in. But, licking the glass is something my mom taught me and it does work! :)

  • Mikaylah Brooke

    I love this tip, it is awesome for future references! My favorite shade for winter is a soft maroon, and for spring/late winter is pearly pinks/peaches, along with glossy nude shades (I probably like that look the best, and Yves Saint Laurent is perfect for nude lipsticks…)

  • Monica Wach

    I am loving wine coloured lipsticks right now. My current favourite is the colour Rebel by MAC!

  • Giselle Escamilla

    Coral is my favorite lipstick right now:)

  • Leanne

    Clever tip!

    Love from South Africa

  • Lovelikewhy
  • Shellz
  • Taylor

    Matte Diva by MAC. It’s perfection.

  • Heleen

    Chanel rouge allure velvet color no. 40: sensuelle. Love that dark pink-ish colour!

  • selena

    Russian Red-MAC

  • Amanda Garner Burgess

    Beautycounter “Scarlet”



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