Ladylike Laws: On PDA

Affection is a normal, healthy way of expressing your love for someone special. It’s a good thing to have in a relationship. Very good! And how you choose to show your love behind closed doors is entirely up to you. However, there are certain standards when it comes to publicly displayed affection (commonly known as “PDA”) that I think far too many people ignore when showing their honey some street side love…

I’ll be honest–I’ve been one of those people who roll their eyes after catching a hot and heavy couple smooching in line at the movie theater. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. But then again, I’m sure I’ve been guilty of such social transgressions myself. At the end of the day, there’s a fine line between a sweet moment and a grotesque public groping. Unfortunately this is a line that is blurred for many couples. That said, I’ve decided to take on the subject of PDA today in my newest installment of Ladylike Laws and lay down the law once and for all on public displays of affection. Here goes…

PDA-Approved Moves

  1. Hugs
  2. Holding hands
  3. Quick kisses (in good taste…no drawn out make out sessions please)

Bottom line: Don’t do anything in public that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. Also, do not do anything in excess.

It’s really quite simple. And if you are looking to squeeze, grope, or smother, then get a room.

Sadly not everyone has gotten the memo on this… So be sure to pass this post around. Hopefully your PDA-offending friends will get the hint!

How do you handle an awkward PDA moment? Do you think PDA is okay? Where do you draw the line?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to share them in the comments below.

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XO Lauren


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