Currently Craving: Leather & Lace

Lace was a major trend on the Spring 2013 runways. It was spotted everywhere from Valentino and Burberry to Elie Saab and Saint Laurent (formerly known as “Yves Saint Laurent”). I love the idea of returning to delicate, feminine dressing. And lace is just the material for this fashion comeback. Like all runway trends, translating an all-lace ensemble to everyday life isn’t exactly realistic for most of us. (Could you imagine showing up to class or your internship clad in an all-lace pantsuit? I didn’t think so.) To work this look into your wardrobe I suggest styling lacy elements with more tailored or masculine pieces, such as a sharp blazer or a relaxed moto jacket. This way you can give a nod to this ultra ladylike trend while providing yourself with some coverage. Plus, I just love the combination of super feminine pieces with masculine items. It creates an interesting contrast and gives an outfit more depth.
Currently Craving: Leather & Lace
In this outfit I styled together a button up lace blouse with one of my favorite Topshop jackets. (By the way, Topshop has a great selection of affordable leather/faux-leather jackets. I believe the top is from Urban Outfitters…) I love the contrast between the tough jacket and the soft lacy blouse and how it’s offset by my deep red manicure. It all ties together and it’s a great go-to outfit for a variety of occasions.

How will you style leather and lace?

For more tips on how to work leather-like pieces into your wardrobe, check out Anna’s post.

XO Lauren

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